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Australian teen jailed over foiled plot to set off bomb

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — An Australian teenager who was planning to set off a homemade bomb similar to the one used in the Boston Marathon bombings was sentenced on Wednesday to seven years in prison.

Victoria state Supreme Court Justice Lex Lasry sentenced the 18-year-old over the foiled plot to set off the device in Australia's second-largest city, Melbourne. The teen had previously pleaded guilty to obtaining documents relating to an improvised explosive device and partially constructing the device in preparation for a terror act. He had faced a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The teen cannot be named because he was a juvenile at the time of the crime.

Police raided his home last year and found a pressure cooker, boxes of screws he planned to use as shrapnel, and a guide on how to make a bomb out of a pressure cooker.

Prosecutors said the teen's device was similar to the pressure cooker bombs used in the deadly 2013 Boston Marathon attack.

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