• 11:42 – Nghe An Vissai wharf put into operation 
  • 08:22 – Childhood obesity in major cities rise 
  • 07:56 – Healed former cancer patients give advise to fresh patients 
  • 07:12 – Forum seeks to promote export of Vietnamese pork 

Thai Dance - Traditional dance of Thai culture

Who has ever traveled to Thailand without enjoying traditional dance across, it would be a major shortcoming. It is a typically traditional dance of Thai culture. The beautiful dancers are very attractive with gentle moving.

There are 3 types and they are often performed in various festivals. Apparel and jewelry are indispensable elements to make up the beauty of the dancers. These steps' virtuosity mixed with music, dancers as fairies in glittering costumes make a flawless Thai dance. It not only has high artistic value but also symbolizes sincere heart and hospitality of the people here.