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7 Must-Have Items For Professional Dress Code

7 Must-Have Items For Professional Dress Code


A professional outlook based on a "summary" wardrobe.
Have you got all ticks for these must-have items before starting your professional career?
Item No1: A white blouse

Blouses are a mainstay in women’s wardrobes for their versatility. They are available in different cuts, flatter a variety of body types, and can be worn for formal and casual occasions. Choose one among types of blouse that fits your body, expresses your personality and creates you a formal apperance.

7 Must-Have Items For Professional Dress Code


Button-down blouses are prefered the most while other kinds such as surplice wrap blouses peasant blouses, patterns, ruffle and other embellishments may differentiate you from other colleagues.

7 Must-Have Items For Professional Dress Code

Item No2: A black Blazer (a white blazer or a colorful blazer are optional)

One great item for the mid-season is the blazer. Black blazers are a classic and timeless piece which make ANY outfit look more sophisticated and pulled together.

Basing on certain features of body shape, you may find the “right” blazer. If you have an athletic build with sturdy, board shoulders and slim hips, think of a cropped blazer. It may creat illusion of larger hips and curvier waist and de-emphasizing your shoulders. Similarly, you should choose a short blazer in case you hips are larger; fitted blazer for petite build and simpler blazer for full bust.

7 Must-Have Items For Professional Dress Code

Follow the hints below to build up different outfits with the same blazer:

    1. Blazer + Skinny (or Straight Leg) Jeans + Tee (trendy + easy to wear)
    2. Blazer + A Full Skirt (cute marvelous contrast)
    3. Blazer + Pants + Feminine Top (balance between top-bottom, masculine-feminine)
    4. Blazer + Shorts
    5. Blazer + Chic Dress
    6. Blazer + Relaxed Loose Dress (both short and long loose dresses are ok)
    7. White Blazer + Pants Of Any Color (hot trend)
    8. Colorful Blazer + Pants And Blouse with neutral colors (hot trend)

Item No3: A little black dress (known as LBD)

In 1926, “Vogue” declared that the little black dress is the “uniform for all women of taste.” Since then, it couldn’t be missed in any wardrobe of ladies all over the world.
A little black dress usually worn in night party, hot, misterious and sexy as it originally is. To avoid off-track professional dress code , you should wear longer LBD which doesn’t show “too much” of you.

7 Must-Have Items For Professional Dress Code

A LBD doesn’t require matches like blouse, pants or skirts; However, attached items such as pumps, bags and accessories must be carefully picked and should be ton-sur-ton.

Item No4: A pencil skirt

7 Must-Have Items For Professional Dress Code

Pencil skirts of all colors and different length are easy to go with blouse and blazer. Furthermore, pencil skirts this Fall 2015 are catching eyes while being matched with layer or oversized sweater and ankle boots.  Trendy and cozy at the same time.

Let’s see how beautiful the world is when we dress up floral and colorful pencil skirts.

7 Must-Have Items For Professional Dress Code

Item No5: Black pumps

You will be suprised by how shoes can express your style. According to "Forbes," black lace-up shoes for men and black pumps for women are must-haves for the workplace. 2 1/4-inch heels with rounded toes is recommended for professional women's footwear -- not too sexy and comfortable enough to wear in a typical office environment.


Item No6: A classic watch

The function of a watch is extended in professional working environment. It may help to create a very first impression about your personality, punctuality for instance.

7 Must-Have Items For Professional Dress Code

Item No7: An appropriate bag

A bag should be a follow-up items of you outfit. It’s easier to mix if your first bag is in neutral color. It also should be in appropriate size in consideration of its functions.

7 Must-Have Items For Professional Dress Code


Wish you all best luck for your first attemp at work. 

Ha Kate