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Two-headed pig astonishes village in Vietnam

Two-headed pig astonishes village in Vietnam
The two-headed piglet. Photo courtesy of the Nghe An Newspaper

Nguyen Ba Hien, 56, a farmer in Nghe An Province, reported that one of his sows had given birth to a piglet with two heads, four eyes and four legs.

Weighing in at healthy half a kilo, Hien says the piglet came into the world in a litter of 10 on October 5.

The animal had a hard time deciding which head to suckle with, Hien said.

Locals began flocking to his farm to get a glimpse of the rare animal. Some have even asked Hien to let them take photos with the piglet.

Nguyen Huu Dung, chairman of the People’s Committee of Hoi Son Commune says Hien has since given the two-headed pig to someone living in the same district.

The status of the rare animal remains unclear.