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Ba Na Hills named best resort in Vietnam

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism named Ba Na Hills Resort among the top five best resorts in Vietnam on July 9 in Hanoi.

Sungroup, the investors of the resort, said Ba Na Hills had been in annual awards of the administration for the second consecutive year.

A representative of the group said the award would not only affirm the prestige, quality of service and contributions of the growth of Ba Na Hills Resort, but would also help to attract domestic and international visitors to Da Nang City in particular and Vietnam in general.

In recent years, Ba Na Hills has continuously introduced innovations to improve facilities and infrastructure to make it a fun resort that offers excellent art and festival events.

Currently, a France Glimpse Week is providing visitors deep insight into French culture in Ba Na Hills.

The resort - located at an altitude of 1,487m above the sea level southwest of Da Nang - comprises a resort, restaurant and hotel, which offer entertainment, tourism and shopping opportunities and other activities.

The resort's cable car has been ranked third among the 11 most impressive cable cars in the world by British newspaper The Telegraph.


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