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Food everyone should try in HCM City

American blogger Mark Wiens introduced top Vietnamese food that anyone should try when they visit Ho Chi Minh City.

Mark Wiens is a well-known blogger who has widely travelled and shared his food experiences.

He was born in the US but his childhood was spent in France and he studied in Kenya for eight years. After finishing high school, he went to university in the US and then spends most of his time exploring the world.

He was impressed with the food in Thailand and this is also where he met his wife. He travelled to Ho Chi Minh City last year and was fascinated by Vietnamese dishes.

On the website, Wiens said he and his wife had had memorable trips in Ho Chi Minh City and had recorded almost all food they tried. And these are some of the most well-known food recommended:

Banh my

Food everyone should try in HCM City

Vietnamese baguette sandwich has been ranked as one of the most attractive street food by many magazines. The fillings can go from simple to combos of various elements including paté, cucumber or omelette.

Bun rieu

Food everyone should try in HCM City

This noodle bowl is one of Wiens' favourite in Ho Chi Minh City. The bowl contains crab broth, tomatoes, tofu, and coriander.

Banh cuon

Food everyone should try in HCM City

It is a thin wide sheet of steamed fermented rice batter and need to be dipped in sauce for full flavour.

Banh xeo

Food everyone should try in HCM City

Banh xeo is a type of Vietnamese pancake and often eaten as snacks. The filling which contains shrimp, pork, bean sprouts and egg is wrapped in rice paper and fried.

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