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Amazing Time For 3 Most Palatial Temples In Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is known as the land of golden temples. For those who travel to Thailand for the first time, they will be overwhelmed by all the palatial and splendid temples there. Discovering one of the most famous temples in Thailand is also a amazing experience.

Wat Traimit

Wat Traimit is a famous temple with the most largest golden statue in the world (height of 3m and weight of 5.5 tons). It is very easy to find the wonderful temple. Wat Traimit is located on Yaowarat Road, near Hualampong station, Samphanthawong district, Bangkok, Thailand.

The most largest golden statue in the world

Wat Phra Kaew

This is a unique temple in Bangkok as well, is located on the campus of Thailand's Royal Palace. Wat Phra Kaew is the only temple without monk. But only the whole buildings is decorated sacred scenes with 945,000 m² area,, including more than 100 high-rise buildings. The most attractive point is the made-jade statue of Buddha - the holiest in a large number of Buddha statues in the kingdom.

Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Yannawa

Bangkok continues to own one temple with interesting shape of a boat. It not only has the unique architecture but also keeps the most relics. After worshiping, tourists may beg monks to bless pardon and give peaceful lotions and many other religious belief activities. The temple is located at Charoen Krung Road Sathon district.

Wat Yannawa - shape of a boat

There are still many fascinating secrets of Bangkok. Enjoying the special temples and waiting for the next great destinations.