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Quang Nam starts tourism year

The government of Quang Nam Province has kicked off the 2016 tourism year in the upland district of Tay Giang.

Quang Nam starts tourism year

Co Tu ethnic minority people perform a traditional dance in their village in Tay Giang District.

A wide variety of tourism, cultural and sport activities have been and will be held, including announcing Fokienia as a national heritage tree, and recognizing brocade weaving, folk singing and dancing of Co Tu ethnic minority people as national intangible cultural heritage.

The Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations will grant a certificate patronizing

Co Tu traditional villages in Tay Giang. Visitors to Tay Giang can tour a forest with 727 Fokienia trees and take part in traditional festivals and rituals of Co Tu people.

This is the first time a year-long tourism promotion program has been organized in the district to promote its tourism products and call for investments.

The event will create an opportunity for the district to introduce its beautiful natural landscapes, and raise public awareness of protecting the environment, preserving and promoting the values of the primitive Fokienia forest and Co Tu people’s culture.

Co Tu villagers, who make up 90% of Tay Giang District’s population, still preserve their distinctive cultural traits. Community values can be seen in each and every aspect of life in Co Tu villages and patriarchs are highly respected by villagers.

Co Tu villages were built by the skillful hands of local artisans, so they can be easily recognized with stilt houses made from wood, bamboo and rattan leaves.

The art of brocade weaving plays a vital role in the unique culture of Co Tu communities and Co Tu brocade products are favored by tourists.

Many travel firms offer tours in which guests can experience the culture of Co Tu people.

Local authorities have been making effort to preserve traditional craft villages and restoring traditional houses of Co Tu people as unique cultural features.

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