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Image : War with Russia imminent unless Britain and NATO heed Trump's warning to ...

War with Russia imminent unless Britain and NATO heed Trump's warning to ...

person Orange Themes access_time 11-11-2016, 02:33

War with Russia imminent unless Britain and NATO heed Trump's warning to ... WAR with Russia could be just round the corner if Donald Trump abandons NATO, military chiefs have warned. Three ex-British generals and an admiral said the UK together

Image : France visitor numbers up in 2015 despite attacks

France visitor numbers up in 2015 despite attacks

person Orange Themes access_time 13-04-2016, 13:48

The number of foreign visitors to France grew in 2015 despite jihadist attacks in Paris thanks to a sharp rise in tourists from Asia, Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Friday.

Image : Vietnam renews visa waiver program for Europeans

Vietnam renews visa waiver program for Europeans

person Orange Themes access_time 1-07-2016, 19:35

Citizens from Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Spain can continue to travel to Vietnam without obtaining a visa for stays of up to 15 days.Vietnam’s tourist arrivals grow 21 percent in first 6 monthsVietnam's newfound cave to open for tourism this

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Scientists just discovered a planet so hot it might actually evaporate

access_time6-06-2017, 18:39 chat_bubble_outline106

Yahoo News Here in our own planetary system, humanity has spent the vast majority of its time studying planets that are rather chilly. Jupiter, Saturn, and even Mars range from cold to downright frigid. But now, researchers have discovered an...

Scientists just destroyed our dreams of a real Jurassic Park

access_time3-06-2017, 17:18 chat_bubble_outline137

Yahoo News Jurassic Park — you know, that silly little novel-turned-movie about mankind bringing dinosaurs back from the dead that made a measly $1 billion — is science fiction, but could it ever actually happen? Researchers studying the remains of...

Just a 100 miles from the White House, Tangier Island is disappearing into the sea

access_time2-06-2017, 19:52 chat_bubble_outline120

Yahoo News On Virginia’s Tangier Island, about 100 miles and a ferry ride from Washington, the waters of the Chesapeake Bay are edging dangerously close to William Eskridge’s house. The island is under threat from rapid erosion that is being...

Nasa solar announcement: Just how close can we get to the Sun?

access_time31-05-2017, 19:56 chat_bubble_outline131

Yahoo News Nasa will announce a new and ambitious mission to the Sun, which will see one of the space agency's solar probes fly closer to the Sun than any other spacecraft ever has before. Nasa's historic Solar Probe Plus mission will involve the...

New potentially habitable 'super-Earth' orbiting star 21 light years away has just been spotted

access_time31-05-2017, 05:43 chat_bubble_outline156

Yahoo News Astronomers have found a new "super-Earth" circling an M-dwarf star, and it could be habitable. The dwarf star, designated as GJ 625, is around 21 light years away from our solar system and is around 1/3rd the size and mass of the Sun. ...

Democracy experts to Trump: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

access_time17-05-2017, 21:50 chat_bubble_outline113

Yahoo News Here’s a bit of advice for President Trump from experts who study the processes of democracy: Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. It can prevent partisans from locking into fights so bitter they risk tearing...

Franchise of Vietnamese brands just in initial stage: insiders

access_time5-05-2017, 04:52 chat_bubble_outline162

Vietnamnet - About 200 brands have been franchised in Vietnam over the last decade, but the franchise of Vietnamese brands is just in the initial stage at present, insiders said at a workshop in Ho Chi Minh City on May 4....

With asylum grant, did the US just reward hate speech?

access_time25-03-2017, 22:16 chat_bubble_outline129

Yahoo News When Singapore’s first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, passed away in 2015, 16-year-old Amos Yee made an obscenity-filled YouTube video denouncing the late leader as a “tyrant.” That and other postings earned him a four-week jail sentence...

It's not just Norway – some developing countries are seeing gains in happiness index, too

access_time21-03-2017, 22:34 chat_bubble_outline145

Yahoo News The World Happiness Report, an index that rates nations based on factors such as income and life expectancy, released its 2017 list Monday at the United Nations. The list doesn’t contain any surprises among the happiest or least happy...

Tourism growth is not just about numbers

access_time17-03-2017, 13:22 chat_bubble_outline119

EN VietNamNet - VietNamNet Bridge – Associate Professor Pham Trung Luong speaks to on how to turn the tourism industry into a spearhead economic sector....

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