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Russian architect has deep passion for Traditional Vietnamese Martial Arts

Isaev Ilia, 25, won two gold medals in the “Ngoc Tran Quyen” and “Sieu Xung Thien” events, two quintessential but technically difficult forms of Vo Co Truyen. He also snatched two silvers at the championship that took place from Tuesday to Saturday.

Ilia started learning Vo Co Truyen at 14 when he saw the people in his hometown of Balashikha flock to the local Vo Co Truyen academy.

Vo Co Truyen, with its myriad complicated moves, was initially hard to learn. But the more Ilia learned, the more he loved the Vietnamese style of martial arts.

To him, Vo Co Truyen distills the best from all martial arts styles in the world.

He has already been on three pilgrimages to the original land of Vo Co Truyen.

To afford trips to Vietnam, he worked part-time at an architecture firm in Moscow, in addition to his full-time commitment as a student of architecture.

His passion for Vo Co Truyen is contagious, as his two siblings have also been initiated into the cult.

The Russian martial artist, who graduated from an architecture university over one month ago, looks forward to the next Vo Co Truyen tournament in Binh Dinh, a province in south-central Vietnam.

His dream is to accumulate enough knowledge and experience to become a Vo Co Truyen master in Russia.

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