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Arsenal : Where title

(VietReader) - Arsenal are miles away from winning the Premier League title and their weaknesses were epitomised in the 2-0 defeat by Chelsea on Saturday, John Richardson told Sunday Supplement.

The Gunners fell to their second loss this week following to the 2-1 defeat at Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League on Wednesday, and ended the contest at Stamford Bridge with nine men after the dismissals of Santi Cazorla and Gabriel.

They have 10 points from a possible 18 in the Premier League this season, and the Sunday Express' John Richardson insists Arsene 

Arsenal : Where title

He told Sunday Supplement: "They weren't mentally tough enough and they didn't deal with the situation. Sometimes Wenger must look at that Chelsea side and think, 'I wish I had some of that aggression in my side', because it's needed.

"We all know Arsenal, very good and pleasing on the eye but they lack that mental toughness. Arsenal need players like that, someone with a bit of fight.

"I think Arsenal are very flimsy, and I'm afraid that was a defining moment for Wenger on Saturday. A lot of players let themselves down and Arsenal look a million miles away from winning the title, which is sad because we like the way Arsenal play at times.

Arsenal : Where title

"But you've got to have that bit of aggression in you, that bit of devil, and they lack that.

"It comes in a week where it was announced that Arsenal have £200m in the bank. Arsenal fans will be praying that he dips his fingers in there to buy a top striker, a top central defender, maybe a defensive midfield player.

"He hasn't done that, and I think the chickens are coming to roost now."

The Daily Telegraph's Matt Law echoed Richardson's words, admitting the lack of pressure on Wenger has had a negative effect on their success over the past decade, and that the Frenchman's overuse of attacking midfielders in his side leaves them weak in big games.

Arsenal : Where title

"He's got so many No 10s in that team. On Saturday you had Cazorla, [Aaron] Ramsey and [Mesut] Ozil all in the same team. I don't think you can play all those players in the same team. Ramsey started on the right and he clearly doesn't like that position.

"He's filled all these positions with the same type of player. Clearly against good opposition it does not work.

"You can't fit them all into one team. My big complaint from Arsenal for a long time is that Wenger is not under pressure. They just let him make all of the decisions. I'm afraid in the transfer market that has not proven to be that wise.

"He's just too stubborn. Who is his sounding board? He's not under pressure."

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