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Two patients die before surgery at Hanoi hospital

Hanoi health authorities have suspended the four doctors and six technicians after a pair of patients died prior to surgery on Sunday morning.

The city’s health department has suspended all surgeries at Tri Duc General Hospital while police carry out their investigation.

One patient was a 37-year-old woman scheduled to have tumors removed from her thyroid gland. The other patient, a man of 34, was to receive an endoscopic surgery to treat his sinusitis and tonsillitis.

Doctors administered the anesthesia (both as a gas and injection) at around 8:30AM. Two doctors and three technicians oversaw the procedure.

Thirty seconds after the drugs took hold, both patients went into shock. Doctors administered urgent care before transferring them to a larger hospital, where they died soon after begin admitted.

Doctors familiar with the process of administering anesthesia believed the deaths most likely had to do with the drugs or the techniques used to administer them, rather than the patients themselves.