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Packaging firms prepare for exhibition

Packaging firms prepare for exhibition

In Vietnam, packaging is among the fastest-growing industries thanks to increasing domestic demand for products as well as exports.

According to the German Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (VDMA), the Vietnamese packaging industry will grow at 38% annually from 2015-2020, and demand for packaging machinery will grow at 25%.

“The biggest challenge for the Vietnamese packaging industry is low technology,” Richard Clemens, CEO of the VDMA, said. “This prevents the industry from joining the international supply chain.”

At the seminar, German experts showed off new technologies and materials. German packaging machines have become popular in Vietnam, rising to second place last year with imports of nearly US$96 million, second only to Chinese ones.

Many Vietnamese enterprises have already registered to take part in the 2017 Interpack Fair and Exhibition next May in Duesseldorf, where they will jointly put up a 150-square-metre kiosk, hoping to enter the European market.

Interpack is seeing the highest demand from exhibitors in its more-than-55-year history.

It has already booked 20% more space than is available at the 262,400-square-metre exhibition centre. Around 2,700 exhibitors from 60 countries are expected to take part.