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Guidebook on Vietnam-EU FTA launched

Guidebook on Vietnam-EU FTA launched

The EVFTA is seen as an opportunity for Vietnam's goods to penetrate foreign markets. As soon as the agreement comes into force, the EU has agreed to eliminate more than 85% tariffs for imports from Vietnam. After seven years, the figure will rise to 99%.

The European market has also committed to importing key commodities such as rice, shrimp, wood products, garments and handicrafts from Vietnam.

The EVFTA guidebook published aims to help the business community with useful information on the FTA in a simple and clear manner.

It introduces details of the EVFTA with comprehensible and concise information for Vietnamese enterprises to actively explore the most effective business and investment opportunities as soon as the agreement takes effect.

For the EU side, the EU Delegation to Vietnam also introduced a guidebook in English to provide similar information for European enterprises.

The handbook is the first step to ensuring the two businesses have a good understanding of the opportunities offered by the EVFTA, to help businesses take advantage of the opportunities brought about by the agreement.