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Forum discusses development of agricultural enterprises

Forum discusses development of agricultural enterprises

The event, organised by the Party Central Committee (PCC)’s Economic Commission in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry under Ministry of Industry and Trade, was attended by Politburo member and Head of the PCC’s Economic Commission Nguyen Van Binh.

Addressing the forum, Politburo member Binh affirmed that Vietnamese agriculture has seen continuous developments and gained numerous outstanding achievements.

However, productivity, quality and the added value of agricultural products are still low, the sector has failed to achieve sustainable development goals and agricultural enterprises have not developed strongly, added the Politburo member.

According to the General Statistic Office, the number of agricultural enterprises accounted for over 1% of total businesses as of December 31, 2014.

Presentations delivered at the forum pointed out reasons for the lack in both quantity and quality of agricultural enterprises, such as not enough attractive State incentives to enterprises. They also emphasised that agribusiness requires a long-term payback period and faces numerous risks; therefore it is very difficult to attract enterprises to invest in agriculture and rural areas.

The delegates also proposed numerous measures to overcome difficulties including creating breakthroughs in settling procedures to access capital resources and credit, modifying policies on land, encouraging accumulation of land for producing agricultural products, forming commodity production farms in designated areas and encouraging agricultural activities under the contract.