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Homes unpossessable for foreign owners made public

The Government has ordered the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of National Defense to co-operate closely with all Provincial Departments of Construction to make public the lists of real estate projects which foreign organisations and individuals will be unable to own.

Homes unpossessable for foreign owners made public

Under the 2014 Housing Law, all foreign organisations or individuals are eligible for homeownership in Viet Nam. 

In order to put the law into practice, the Ministry of Construction (MOC) has sent letters to all municipal and provincial People’s Committees nationwide, asking them to facilitate conditions for foreign organisations and individuals so they can apply for homeownership at their place of residence.

According to the MOC, all information relating to foreign homeownership must be posted on the web sites of local Provincial Departments of Construction.

If any foreign organisation or individual is facing problems in the pursuit of owning a house in Viet Nam, they should send their concerns to the MOC.