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APEC representatives talk start-ups for youth, women and athletes

APEC representatives talk start-ups for youth, women and athletes

Opening the APEC 2017 Workshop on Linking Education and Start-ups: Youth, Women and Athletes, Le Thi Hoang Yen, Deputy Director General of the Vietnam Sports Administration under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said APEC now focuses on linking education and promoting start-ups for youth, women and athletes, in order to serve its common target of building a dynamic, sustainable and harmonious Asia-Pacific community.

She appreciated all ideas which help to promote and support post-retirement life for female athletes, thus contributing to the overall economic development in the region.

She expressed her hope that after the workshop, the APEC member economies would promulgate suitable and effective policies in the field.

The workshop discussed government policies that are vital in advancing the comprehensive education of athletes and female athletes in particular. Thanks to these policies, athletes will have a well-rounded education that supports their future career development.

Delegates shared the leading practices of APEC economies in youth start-ups as well as the uses for the APEC Sports Policy Network (ASPN)’s 2018 sports newsletters which are scheduled to be published in April, July and October in 2018.

The workshop formed part of the APEC 2017 Second Senior Officials Meeting (SOM2) and related meetings.