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Image : 'Sudden death' of Kim Jong Un's half-brother investigated

'Sudden death' of Kim Jong Un's half-brother investigated

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'Sudden death' of Kim Jong Un's half-brother investigated Kim Jong Nam believed his youngest brother, Kim Jong Un would fail as North Korea's leader, according to Gomi -- though the two brothers never met because of the ancient practice of raising

Image : Big Little Lies was fantastic. Don't ruin it with another season.

Big Little Lies was fantastic. Don't ruin it with another season.

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Big Little Lies was fantastic. Don't ruin it with another season. But the finale's brilliance has also inspired demands for another season of Big Little Lies, even though it was never intended to be anything more than a miniseries, and even though

Image : Ed Sheeran Reveals 'Cool' John Mayer Collaboration on New Album

Ed Sheeran Reveals 'Cool' John Mayer Collaboration on New Album

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Ed Sheeran Reveals 'Cool' John Mayer Collaboration on New Album If you listen closely to Ed Sheeran's new album, you might just hear a little John Mayer. Well, a guitar solo by Mayer, anyway. Sheeran, who performed with Mayer at the 2015 GRAMMYs, as

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Kosovo wants EU, NATO to warn Serbia against escalation

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PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) — Kosovo's president called on the European Union and NATO on Thursday to warn Serbia against inciting a new conflict in Kosovo and the Balkans.

President Hashim Thaci's request followed a Brussels meeting with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and the prime ministers of the two countries, which was convened by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.

In a statement Thursday, Thaci accused Belgrade of inciting inter-ethnic hatred in northern Kosovo. Tensions started to build there in December when ethnic Serbs erected a wall at a bridge, saying it was to prevent landslides. The barrier was seen as a provocation by the ethnic Albanian majority.

On Thursday, police said 200 ethnic Serbs gathered in northern Mitrovica, a Serb minority area, allegedly after reports of increased presence of Kosovo police there. Police said security was "generally stable."

"I again invite Serbia to leave aside such practices that do not serve the process of reconciliation and normalization of our relations," said Thaci.

Nikolic, a staunch pro-Russian politician, has warmed of an armed intervention if Serbs are "jeopardized" in Kosovo.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksadar Vucic held an urgent meeting with Kosovo Serbs Thursday night — attended by Serbia's defense minister — on the Serbian side of the border with Kosovo. Vucic, a former ultranationalist turned a pro-EU reformer, said the Kosovo government in Pristina is conducting a "dirty campaign."

"Don't be caught, peace is our interest," he said.

Mogherini has urged the countries to normalize ties "both to preserve peace and advance toward the European Union."

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, but Serbia has not recognized it as a separate country.

Serbia, backed by Russia, has sought to maintain influence in Kosovo's north, where most of the country's Serb minority lives. Thousands of NATO-led troops continue to control Kosovo's territory since a three-month air war in 1999 to stop a bloody Serbian crackdown against ethnic Albanian separatists.

Tensions between Pristina and Belgrade increased in early January with the detention of Ramush Haradinaj, a former Kosovo prime minister, on a Serbian warrant. Days later, a nationalist Serbian train with signs reading "Kosovo is Serbia" was turned back from the border with Kosovo.

Mel Gibson Reveals Where He Was During 'Exciting' Oscar Nominations: 'Holding ...

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Trump: Executives will run business empire with his children

NEW YORK (AP) — President-elect Donald Trump said in an interview Sunday that his executives would run his business empire alongside his children, pushing back against charges that his vast real estate holdings would pose a conflict of interest for him in the White House.Trump has said he will leave day-to-day control of his business but has not yet offered details of how he intends to separate himself. He is planning to hold a news conference on Thursday to discuss the future of his company.In… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

China says Vietnam investigation into steel imports should be fair

An employee works at a steel factory in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China, July 4, 2016. China Daily/via REUTERS China hopes Vietnam will exercise restraint and be prudent in its use of trade remedy measures, its commerce ministry said on Thursday in response to a Vietnamese announcement it will investigate safeguards against imported color-coated steel sheet. The investigation should be transparent, comply with World Trade Organization (WTO) procedures and protect Chinese companies' rights,… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Alison’s story: How $750,000 in drug ‘treatment’ destroyed her life

When she enrolled in a South Florida drug treatment program in 2015, Alison Flory had high hopes of getting her life in order and starting anew.But instead of receiving life-saving health care, the 23-year-old from a Chicago suburb found herself being recruited from one recovery residence to another as a string of shady drug treatment facilities systematically overcharged her mother’s health insurance policy for expensive, unnecessary procedures and tests.By October 2016, Alison was dead.This… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Sean Spicer Says Donald Trump Is A 'Champion' Of First Amendment

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