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Image : 25 bodies found in Colombia air crash, around 10 rescued alive: official

25 bodies found in Colombia air crash, around 10 rescued alive: official

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An aircraft with 81 people aboard, including a Brazilian football team, crashed in central Colombia.

Image : 25 people found dead in Mediterranean migrant boat horror

25 people found dead in Mediterranean migrant boat horror

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The French aid group Doctors without Borders (MSF) said Wednesday it had found a pile of 25 migrants who died in apocalyptic conditions, perishing in a pool of fuel and seawater aboard a crowded dinghy off Libya. MSF said its chartered rescue ship,

Image : Iran seeks more cooperation with Saudi Arabia

Iran seeks more cooperation with Saudi Arabia

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TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman says the Islamic Republic and its regional rival Saudi Arabia can and should cooperate to resolve regional crises.

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Election Night in America: what you need to know

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Election Night in America: what you need to know

Washington (AFP) - Americans are getting set for a long Election Night of waiting to see who the 45th US president will be -- Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Here are the key things to know: what it takes to win, which states are the ones to watch, and how long it all might take for the winner to emerge:

The magic number is 270

Rather than one big nationwide election, this is really 51 small ones -- in the 50 states and the US capital Washington.

As the results come in, they will form an electoral map that colors each state red for the Republicans and blue for the Democrats.

This shaded map is a fixture of American politics every four years, with news media and web sites fashioning them to give a real-time picture over the course of Election Night to illustrate how the candidates and parties are doing.

In the White House race, the winner needs at least 270 of the 538 electoral votes up for grabs.

Drama and surprises

The first polling stations close on the East Coast at 7:00 pm (0000 GMT Wednesday), and the last far out in Alaska at 0600 GMT Wednesday.

The drama begins at 0000 GMT when polling stations close in Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, Indiana and Kentucky.

The first surprises could come from Georgia if Trump loses that normally Republican-leaning state, and if Virginia, won by Barack Obama in 2012, eludes Clinton.

Half an hour later, the surprise could come from the battleground states of Ohio and North Carolina, which have 18 and 15 electoral votes, respectively. Ohio, a fallen industrial powerhouse, is historically Democratic territory while North Carolina tends to vote Republican. But either could swing the other way this year.

Over the next 90 minutes or so, a burst of results from some 30 states accounting for dozens of electoral votes will further fill in the red and blue electoral map.

All eyes will be on Florida -- an ethnically and politically mixed snapshot of America that accounts for a whopping 29 electoral votes. Obama won it narrowly in 2012. Back in 2000, in the historic disputed election that kept the nation on the edge of its seat for days, George W. Bush defeated Al Gore there.

Much attention will also be paid to the small northeastern state of New Hampshire, which normally votes for Democrats but is seen as possibly up for grabs this time, and Pennsylvania, another former industrial powerhouse that normally leans Democratic and holds a prize of 20 electoral votes.

Heading west, Arizona and Texas -- conservative states that border Mexico -- are seen as possible prey for Clinton.

And in the other direction, Colorado, Michigan and Wisconsin -- Democratic strongholds that account for 35 electoral votes between them -- are seen as maybe going to Trump.

How the results come in

US TV stations announce winners in each state one by one through partial vote tallies, exit polls and their own projections.

They tend not to bother to wait for word from heavily Democratic California and its 55 votes, where polls close at 0400 GMT, to call the race on who will be the next president.

But this year, the race could stretch well into the night if the final polls are correct and some of the states, especially Florida, are in near-dead heats.

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Davos forum chief: 'It's important to listen' to populists

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — The head of the Davos economic conference says "it's important to listen to the populists" and hopes to welcome Donald Trump "expressing his ideas" at the Swiss forum one day.Critics often accuse the yearly World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alps as a snowbound playground for well-heeled business and political elites.But founder Klaus Schwab said in an interview Sunday with The Associated Press that this year's event, which opens on Monday, is reaching out to populist… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Greece blasts EU over migrant sharing

Athens (AFP) - Greece condemned the European Union on Monday for failing to fulfil its commitments to help ease pressure on Athens over migrants, a year after a burden-sharing agreement came into force."We are angry with Europe (because) it must finally meet its obligations," both in terms of transferring migrants and in terms of helping implement an EU-Turkey deal, migration minister Yannis Mouzalas told the Ert1 public TV channel.He was commenting as a group of 111 Syrian refugees left Greece… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Munich mall shooting kills 10

Munich police say gunman killed himself; likely sole shooter. Ten people were killed, including one possible suspect, in a shooting attack at a shopping center in Munich,  a spokesman for the Munich police said early on Saturday. The number of wounded is undetermined. Munich police say gunman, who is believed to be the sole shooter, killed himself. His body was found about 1 km (0.6 miles) from the scene. Authorities told the public to get off the streets as the city - Germany's third… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Hanoi plans to build more luxury hotels

Hanoi will develop luxury hotels in the capital city’s prime locations in the next five years, as part of its efforts to promote tourism. A luxury hotel will be built on Le Thai To Street in Hoan Kiem District  According to the municipal People’s Committee, some 20,000 rooms are to be built in the city’s downtown areas. “Hanoi encourages investors to develop luxury hotels, as there is a shortage of hotel rooms. Developing luxury hotels is necessary to develop tourism into a spearhead… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Man stabs passenger in London then shouts 'I want to kill a Muslim': Daily Mirror

LONDON (Reuters) - A man stabbed a passenger on a train at a south London station and then chased people shouting: "I want to kill a Muslim", the Daily Mirror reported on Monday, in an incident police said was not "terrorism-related."Shoppers and other travelers ran away as the man roamed the streets for up to 15 minutes, the newspaper reported."A man has been arrested after a man was seriously assaulted at Forest Hill station this afternoon," British Transport Police said in a statement on… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

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