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Image : Pakistan may expel two Indian diplomats in Islamabad for spying: media

Pakistan may expel two Indian diplomats in Islamabad for spying: media

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By Syed Raza Hassan ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan may expel two Indian diplomats in Islamabad for spying and has revealed their names, Pakistani media said on Wednesday, the latest tit-for-tat measure amid worsening ties between the nuclear-armed

Image : Vietnam falls in global innovation rankings

Vietnam falls in global innovation rankings

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Vietnam ranks 59th in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2016, down seven notches compared to last year.

Image : Motor roda tiga 'wah' bikin ibu-ibu 'ngiler', beneran ada nggak sih?

Motor roda tiga 'wah' bikin ibu-ibu 'ngiler', beneran ada nggak sih?

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Motor roda tiga 'wah' bikin ibu-ibu 'ngiler', beneran ada nggak sih? Antusias dengan kabar adanya motor begini. Karena dinilai menunjang mobilitas mereka tanpa khawatir kehujanan dan kepanasan. - Kendaraan murah memang sedang menjadi

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Special counsel appointed to investigate Russia-Trump ties: Three key questions

access_time May 18,2017 chat_bubble_outline 9 views

The Justice Department’s appointment of a special counsel to investigate ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russian officials should provide structure and some measure of order for a Washington situation that was threatening to spin out of control.

Indeed, the presence of former FBI Director Robert Mueller III at the head of a semi-independent probe may provide the White House something of a respite. It provides a ready answer to further questions about Russia on developments both old and new. “Mr. Mueller is looking into that. We defer comment until his work is complete.”

Mueller’s reputation may provide some comfort for ordinary citizens worried about the nation’s direction. He’s highly respected for probity on both sides of the political aisle. His personal presence may guarantee fuller independence for a position that remains nominally subservient to the Justice Department hierarchy, and thus the president himself. It’s true President Trump could fire his special counsel if he really feels like it, but that would result in a political explosion far beyond what we’ve already experienced.

That said, the country is now in the unknown, and the Trump administration faces a wholly different political future. Some questions on the path ahead:

How long will this take? For Trump, the tradeoff is a respite now, versus a process that suddenly appears never-ending. It could take Mueller several months to establish a structure and study what the FBI has learned to this point. Then he really begins. If past special investigations are any guide, the investigation will be lengthy. It is now certain to be in the headlines at least through the 2018 midterms, and quite possibly into the 2020 presidential election, with uncertain consequences. It’s conceivable that Mueller remains at work after Trump has left office.

What’s his focus? The statement from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein establishing Mueller’s inquiry clearly charges with him with looking at links between Trump officials past and present and Russia. Beyond that, is he supposed to consider larger issues related to Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election? That’s possible, but unclear. Mr. Rosenstein also states that Mueller has authority to pursue matters that arise in the course of his work. This aspect of a special counsel – the ability to extend and modify targets as they see fit – can become a huge problem for its targets.

Who’s in trouble? President Trump has insisted that he is not under investigation, and that there is no evidence of collusion between his campaign and the Kremlin. That may be true now, but given that the investigation will proceed, anyone connected to the campaign, including its head, remains a target of interest. In addition, the known legal problems of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and former campaign chief Paul Manafort appear to be serious. The job of a Justice Department special counsel, unlike that of a congressional committee, is to pursue people they believe broke the law, and prosecute them. That’s why the result of Mueller’s appointment could well be dramatic, however long it takes to appear.

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Rescuers save 301 boat migrants, recover five bodies in Mediterranean

ROME (Reuters) - Rescuers pulled 301 boat migrants to safety and found five dead bodies in five operations in the central Mediterranean on Wednesday, the Italian Coast Guard said.An Irish navy ship recovered the five dead from a rubber boat along with 118 survivors. Humanitarian group Life Boat saved 130 people from another rubber boat.Overnight, Italian Coast Guard vessels rescued 18 people from a wooden boat near the southern island of Pantelleria, a further 11 near the uninhabited island of… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

NBA Power Rankings: Cavs make statement vs. Warriors, who aren't super ... yet

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Finnair adds new departure to Astana ahead of Expo 2017

Finnair has announced that it will add a new short-haul route to Astana, Kazakhstan for the summer 2017 season. The award-winning airline will operate two weekly flights between Helsinki and Astana, from June 20th until August 11th, with travellers from the UK able to take advantage of the new route to visit the 2017 World Expo which starts in the Kazakh capital in June 2017. Finnair’s flights to Astana will be flown with an A319 aircraft and have a duration of four hours and ten minutes. … chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Boss delivers invitation to supporters

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