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Image : Vietnamese breeder sells long-tailed chickens for $2,800 a pair

Vietnamese breeder sells long-tailed chickens for $2,800 a pair

person Orange Themes access_time Dec 25,2016

Of course, the Lamborghini of poultry doesn't come cheap.

Image : Premier League: Ranieri turns back the clock to make Leicester champions

Premier League: Ranieri turns back the clock to make Leicester champions

person Orange Themes access_time May 03,2016

Harking back to a previous era and ripping up a text book full of received wisdom, Leicester City's …

Image : Clinton, Trump deploy big guns as race focuses on must-win states

Clinton, Trump deploy big guns as race focuses on must-win states

person Orange Themes access_time Nov 04,2016

Hillary Clinton unleashed top surrogates including campaigner-in-chief President Barack Obama to bolster her case Thursday in the election's homestretch, as rival Donald Trump deployed wife Melania to soften his image in crucial battleground states.

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The story of prisoner 5770102414

access_timeJun 11,2017 chat_bubble_outline42

Yahoo News When she was inmate 5770102414 in a Thai prison, Prontip Mankong had ample opportunity for despair. Each night she slept with 70 to 80 other women, mostly drug offenders, on the linoleum floor of her cell. Her sleeping space was just over...

Tennis: Nadal wins record-breaking 10th French Open

access_timeJun 11,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

'Rafa, I have nothing to say -- you were too good,' said his opponent Wawrinka....

Trump to make room soon for Melania and son at White House

access_timeJun 11,2017 chat_bubble_outline41

Melania Trump and the boy are reportedly moving to Washington next week to take their place in the White House....

Readers write: Prior colonization, new plan, travel experiences

access_timeJun 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline48

Yahoo News Regarding the May 29 OneWeek article “To colonize space, start close to Earth”: Establishing an outpost on Mars is in no way comparable to the settling of North America. Finally, settlement in North America had a lot of loss of life. ...

G7 nations should increase coordination, Macron a 'worthy partner' for Merkel on Russian affairs, Netanyahu must listen to moderates on both sides, Death penalty isn't the answer, New Zealanders ready for a new approach to drug addiction

access_timeJun 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline34

Yahoo News “Avoiding the isolation of the United States and solidifying unity is a way to maintain the influence of the Group of Seven major industrialized countries...,” states an editorial. “Since the inauguration of the administration of U.S....

US forces assist Philippines in battle to end city siege

access_timeJun 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline33

Military help follows months of strain between long-time allies....

Protesters urge Hong Kong restaurant to stop selling shark fin

access_timeJun 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline33

With more than 70 million sharks killed each year, over a quarter of species have been driven to extinction, the WWF says....

Trump says US committed to NATO's mutual defense pledge

access_timeJun 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline41

'I'm committing the United States to Article Five. Certainly we are there to protect.'...

For denizens of D.C., life and work in unusual times

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline25

Yahoo News From Senators to low-level staffers workaday Washington is dealing with the drama and disruption of Donald J. Trump's singular presidency. A Trump tweet or sudden statement can blow up months of legislative or lobbyist planning, on any...

Eyeing Beijing's backwater, China sees next megacity as a game-changer

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

Yahoo News Su Jiaxing has had a busy spring. Soon after April 1, when the Chinese government declared plans to create a megacity from scratch in this industrial backwater 70 miles south of Beijing, he hit the road to find a new location for his...

Macron's strong start impresses the French. But will it launch his party?

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline27

Yahoo News No sooner had Emmanuel Macron won the French presidency that doubts about his ability to govern clouded the victory. The real race would come in June, when a man without a political party would attempt to win legislative elections to...

Keeping the global promise of a quality education

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

Yahoo News One example is an investigation of test scores at some 200 American colleges by The Wall Street Journal. The World Bank is expected to devote its upcoming World Development Report solely to the topic of education – a first for the bank. ...

Three questions raised by the Comey hearings

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline22

Yahoo News Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on Thursday about his interactions with President Trump riveted Washington like no such congressional appearance in decades. Trump and his surrogates moved to attack Comey as a “leaker” for the...

China says it is vigilant as two US bombers fly over South China Sea

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline23

The exercise comes after a U.S. warship carried out a 'maneuvering drill' within 12 nautical miles of an artificial island built up by China in the troubled waters....

Philippine war refugees facing deadly health risks

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline35

'The health situation is not yet critical at this point, but we fear that this may worsen in the coming days with prolonged displacement.'...

Hunt for missing Myanmar plane enters third day; total of 31 bodies recovered

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline21

'We have not received any information about survivors.'...

UK election deals May a crushing blow, blurring Brexit talks

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline19

Brexit talks are more uncertain than ever....

May's grip on power in doubt as UK election heads for stalemate

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

Pound sterling falls sharply on unclear outcome....

Qatar says it won't 'surrender' in Gulf row

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline28

'No one has the right to intervene in our foreign policy.'...

Comey: 'I hope we love America equally'

access_timeJun 08,2017 chat_bubble_outline30

Yahoo News “There should be no fuzz on this whatsoever,” Mr. Comey said Thursday. “It is very, very serious, which is why it’s so refreshing to see a bipartisan focus on that,” Comey told the bipartisan Senate Select Committee on Intelligence,...

Dreamers' limbo: Granted protection but still facing deportation

access_timeJun 08,2017 chat_bubble_outline29

Yahoo News After a two-hour hearing in Courtroom 1905 at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building and United States Courthouse in Atlanta, Jessica Colotl found herself mobbed by friends. Ms. Colotl, who nearly a decade ago became the face of...

Comey hearings fallout? Depends on the listener

access_timeJun 08,2017 chat_bubble_outline50

Yahoo News Former FBI director James Comey’s testimony in the Senate, a moment of high anticipation like few in recent Washington history, put questions about unorthodox presidential behavior at center stage. At its heart, the hearing raised a...

This theater director gets at the big issues of the day – with young actors

access_timeJun 08,2017 chat_bubble_outline27

Yahoo News Martina Droste guides her young actors at the Frankfurt Theater. After the mindfulness exercise, the 15 youths are ready to perform “Frankfurt Babel,” their version of the biblical story that deals with language and people understanding...

Why a gay, Indian-heritage prime minister isn't a sign of a 'new' Ireland

access_timeJun 08,2017 chat_bubble_outline19

Yahoo News Rarely does the appointment of a new Irish prime minister make global headlines. Openly gay and the son of an Indian immigrant doctor, the 39-year-old Mr. Varadkar will be Ireland’s youngest ever prime minister, or "taoiseach," when he...

Forget Mexico. Could solar energy pay for Trump’s border wall?

access_timeJun 08,2017 chat_bubble_outline18

Yahoo News By floating a simple suggestion, President Trump has single-handedly improved the prospects for his border wall: If Mexico won’t pay for it, maybe the wall can pay for itself. In a meeting with Republican congressional leaders Tuesday,...

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