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Image : Pemerintah Ajak Masyarakat Sukseskan Pilkada Serentak 2017

Pemerintah Ajak Masyarakat Sukseskan Pilkada Serentak 2017

person Orange Themes access_time Feb 14,2017

Pemerintah Ajak Masyarakat Sukseskan Pilkada Serentak 2017 "Maka pada kesempatan ini, masih ada waktu, saya mengimbau kepada masyarakat pemilih, pendukung paslon untuk mari kita bersama kita laksanakan Pilkada sebaik-baiknya," ucap Wiranto di

Image : Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Elicits Mixed Emotions on Ignition

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Elicits Mixed Emotions on Ignition

person Orange Themes access_time Mar 13,2017

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Elicits Mixed Emotions on Ignition Alfa Romeo brought out its first rear-wheel-drive sport sedan in 30 years, and Jason Cammisa has the enviable task of driving it on the latest episode of “Ignition.” But on what

Image : US horse Resolve wins Yonkers Trot

US horse Resolve wins Yonkers Trot

person Orange Themes access_time Oct 16,2016

YONKERS, N.Y. (AP) — Even-money favorite Resolve, representing the United States, set a world record as he led from start to finish to win the $1 million Yonkers International Trot on Saturday.

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A rise in critical skills for sharing news online

access_timeToday, 12:38 chat_bubble_outline5

Yahoo News A new survey by Harvard University finds more than two-thirds of young Americans disapprove of President Trump’s use of Twitter. The implication is that Millennials prefer news from the White House to be filtered through other sources,...

Diner tour: Appalachian voters talk pickles and politics

access_timeApr 28,2017 chat_bubble_outline11

Yahoo News At the popular local eateries the Monitor visited, the fare ranged from smoky brisket and “frickles” (fried pickles) to fresh blueberry muffins and raspberry hot chocolate. By 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning, Wilma Eldridge has already made...

John Kasich raises 'taking out' top North Korean leaders

access_timeApr 28,2017 chat_bubble_outline12

Yahoo News With that bold assertion, Gov. John Kasich (R) of Ohio raised a controversial argument for American action aimed at neutralizing the North Korean nuclear threat. “An ability to remove a number of the top people, and have a more benign...

Google activates company's first servers in Cuba

access_timeApr 28,2017 chat_bubble_outline10

Yahoo News On Thursday, Google activated a line of caching servers in Cuba, becoming the first foreign company with the ability to provide online content in the country. The new servers will help speed up internet access for the small percentage of...

US foreign aid cuts: what could impact be?

access_timeApr 28,2017 chat_bubble_outline9

Yahoo News When President Donald Trump’s budget director, Mick Mulvaney, presented the outlines of the new US administration’s first budget last month, he made no bones about its purpose. “This is a hard power budget. It is not a soft power...

As Trump addresses NRA, some gun owners concerned about going too far

access_timeApr 28,2017 chat_bubble_outline10

Yahoo News Jesse Nolte once had a federal firearms license so he could legally sell guns. The Pittsburgh native was awaiting President Trump’s speech here at the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in downtown Atlanta – the first time a sitting...

Why fewer states are trying teens as adults

access_timeApr 28,2017 chat_bubble_outline8

Yahoo News When New York this month raised the age at which young criminal offenders would still be considered juveniles, it was a major change for a state that since 1824 had considered everyone 16 and older as an adult. New York’s decision to...

Amid Venezuela's protests, 'Green Cross' medical students are here to help – and to stay

access_timeApr 28,2017 chat_bubble_outline10

Yahoo News An antigovernment protest was well under way on a recent afternoon in Caracas when suddenly, the chanting stopped and a hush fell over the crowd. Meet the Primeros Auxilios UCV, or the first responders of the Central University of...

On 'sanctuary cities,' Trumpian hyperbole runs up against legal precision

access_timeApr 28,2017 chat_bubble_outline14

Yahoo News The order was merely an example of the president’s use of the “bully pulpit, serving the purpose of highlighting President Trump’s focus on immigration enforcement,” the administration’s council told US District Judge William Orrick in...

Can Colombia’s peace help Venezuela’s conflict?

access_timeApr 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline13

Yahoo News Five months after ending Latin America’s longest guerrilla war, Colombia has finally set up a truth commission, a type of panel that other post-conflict countries have tried in hopes of healing social wounds. Colombia’s peace process...

She re-created a medieval trail in Germany, drawing thousands of hikers

access_timeApr 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline9

Yahoo News It had been more than six decades – 60 long years – since Erhard Zeinert last pulled the ropes that rang the bells of his village church. Esther Zeiher had, accidentally, come across an old map of Europe. It showed the Via Regia, a...

Trump's steep learning curve

access_timeApr 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline9

Yahoo News President Trump has learned plenty in his first 100 days in office. Mr. Trump has learned that health-care reform and North Korea are complicated, that NATO and the Export-Import Bank are worth preserving after all, and that China, in...

North Korea: Can US lead global 'village' toward diplomatic solution?

access_timeApr 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline5

Yahoo News For years, China has been pegged as the sole country with the heft and influence to dissuade North Korea from its pursuit of nuclear weapons – and of missiles capable of carrying those weapons to targets as far away as the United States. ...

New Silicon Valley perk: paid time off to protest

access_timeApr 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline8

Yahoo News Like thousands of Bay Area residents, software engineer Risha Mars skipped work on International Women’s Day to rally for women’s issues on the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall. About a month before the protest, Mars’s company – a San...

Sen. Orrin Hatch, Trump's tax reform ally on Capitol Hill

access_timeApr 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline6

Yahoo News As Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah emerged from a Senate floor speech April 24, reporters peppered him about tax reform. While he voiced strong support for President Trump, he doubted his proposed 15 percent corporate tax rate would get through...

Berkeley paradox: Birthplace of free speech now offended by it

access_timeApr 26,2017 chat_bubble_outline9

Yahoo News What started as a debate over conservative pundit Ann Coulter's scheduled talk at the University of California, Berkeley, has become a nationwide showdown over freedom of expression, with a lawsuit filed and riots in the offing. “We...

Attack on Afghan base a reminder: Taliban pose the greater threat

access_timeApr 26,2017 chat_bubble_outline9

Yahoo News Disguised perfectly as Afghan soldiers, the 10 attackers launched the Taliban’s spring offensive in spectacular fashion, rolling undetected into one of the most secure army bases in northern Afghanistan, and killing some 170 recruits as...

Hear this, oh those who listen

access_timeApr 26,2017 chat_bubble_outline6

Yahoo News In a recent skit on “Saturday Night Live,” two actors in a mock TV ad invite Americans to live in a new planned city called The Bubble. A video of this skit might be useful to show before many public events in the United States these...

What's left out of Trump tax plan? The 'D' word

access_timeApr 26,2017 chat_bubble_outline6

Yahoo News Mr. Trump’s election campaign included both pitches for tax cuts and pledges to tame federal debt. It’s not yet a detailed plan, but Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin set goals and principles Wednesday that include slashing corporate tax...

To fight domestic violence among Syrian refugees, an outreach to men

access_timeApr 26,2017 chat_bubble_outline9

Yahoo News Aaref fled to Lebanon from Syria five years ago to escape the war raging in his homeland. Life as a refugee in Lebanon is grueling. The stress soon led to conflicts between Aaref and his wife, of the type they hadn’t experienced since...

A middle way forward for a divided France? Macron voters hope so.

access_timeApr 26,2017 chat_bubble_outline7

Yahoo News France has a well-earned reputation for being quick to protest over everything from labor laws to Uber to increasing the age of retirement. The pair are convinced that Mr. Macron, who will face Marine Le Pen in France’s May 7...

Hezbollah's defiant signal to Israel, Lebanon, and the UN

access_timeApr 25,2017 chat_bubble_outline13

Yahoo News The stated objective of the Hezbollah-coordinated press tour of southern Lebanon was to see new Israeli defensive installations on the border – indications, according to the powerful Shiite Lebanese militia, of Israeli fears of...

Republicans control all of Washington. Why aren't they winning more?

access_timeApr 25,2017 chat_bubble_outline13

Yahoo News Republicans have a majority in both the House and Senate, and there’s a Republican in the White House. Like many US chief executives before him, President Trump is discovering that partisan dominance isn’t a magic button. There are...

Trump’s possible logic on North Korea

access_timeApr 25,2017 chat_bubble_outline11

Yahoo News As North Korea moves to own more nuclear weapons and missiles, will Japan and South Korea seek nuclear weapons rather than rely on the United States – as the preferred cop on the beat – with its deterrence threat of nuclear retaliation? ...

Edible insects give Mexicans a taste of history – and maybe the future

access_timeApr 25,2017 chat_bubble_outline6

Yahoo News There are crispy brown grasshoppers cooked into that bread. Eating bugs “is confused with being something exotic,” not just by foreigners, but by many city-dwelling Mexicans as well, says Isaac Sandoval, co-owner of the Época de Oro...

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