• 11:26 – Sam Son asked to differentiate itself in tourism development 
  • 11:16 – How to watch Real Madrid vs. Barcelona in El Clasico 
  • 11:16 – Erin Moran, Who Played Joanie on 'Happy Days', Dead at 56 
  • 11:14 – Grey and Weller give Dockers a spark 

Spray Painting Supercars in London Prank

YO Shinwarriors! In this video, I decided to go around London with my mate Masieh and Pretend to spray paint Supercars/Luxury Cars and see how the owners would react. It went really wrong haha! This video was filming in London & involves Buggatis, Ferraris, GTRs & Many more epic cars! We even found a Lamborghini but unfortunately couldn't find the owner!