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National Symbols of Thailand

There are three national symbol of Thailand , they are featured in the national culture. They are Golden Temple, Tuk tuk and MBK

Golden Temple

National Symbols of Thailand

As a Buddhist country, golden temples are the most prominent symbol of Thailand. Temples with pointy, towering and yellow peaks rose blue sky. In addition, architecture is meticulous and fussy, which can impress unforgettable with any visitors

Tuk tuk

National Symbols of Thailand

Tuk tuk is a common and favorite transport mean in Bangkok, Thailand. This is a type of compact cool and cheap tricycle. When choosing to visit the city by tuk tuk, tourists should be prepared psychologically because drivers often drive very fast. You also are careful to say the place you want to go firstly, in case they drive to the jewelry shop, poor quality cloth to take commissions.


National Symbols of Thailand


MBK is one of the most famous shopping center in Thailand. It has thousands of items of all kinds, the unique architecture of the booths are also a featured attraction. As a believer of shopping, when traveling Thailand, you cannot ignore MBK, Siam Paragon, Central World.


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