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Image : Powerful quake spares lives, but strikes at Italy's identity

Powerful quake spares lives, but strikes at Italy's identity

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NORCIA, Italy (AP) — The third powerful earthquake to hit Italy in two months spared human life Sunday but struck at the nation's identity, destroying a Benedictine cathedral, a medieval tower and other beloved landmarks that had survived the

Image : 'SNL': Melissa McCarthy's Best Non-Spicey Bits – Pies, Dames & Steve Martin

'SNL': Melissa McCarthy's Best Non-Spicey Bits – Pies, Dames & Steve Martin

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Snl Spicer 'SNL': Melissa McCarthy's Best Non-Spicey Bits – Pies, Dames & Steve Martin Sean Spicer, at least as long as he's the president's translator, is going to haunt Melissa McCarthy's Saturday Night Live appearances like a ghost in the woods

Image : Former child star addresses critics of previous viral performance in earnest ...

Former child star addresses critics of previous viral performance in earnest ...

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Former child star addresses critics of previous viral performance in earnest ... Feldman presided over the track with an equally scattershot vocal performance – crooning one moment, growling the next – and absolute abandon, inevitably throwing off

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Hanoi and its waters

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There is something that only a large body of water can offer. Lakes are part of what makes Hanoi the city it is now. VnExpress takes a look at the lakes worth visiting the most for Hanoi's first-timers.

West Lake

Long known as the most foreigner-familiar area among Hanoi’s expat community, West Lake has surrounded itself with everything necessary to become the first image to pop up whenever the word “lake” is mentioned. The lake area provides anything needed to sustain a decent Western lifestyle. Lake-view residency, convenience shops filled with imported foods, late openning bars, overnight food stalls, pet clinics, kindergartens and all kinds of services to mimic the vibe half-way around the earth. West Lake is also a rare place in Hanoi offering kayaking and a natural pool, making it the go-to place for aquatic sports lovers.

Hoan Kiem

It's the heart of Hanoi, literally. House numbers go up as the streets diverge from the lake. But it's also an unmissable place on any itinerary that includes the capital. The best of Hanoi flock there, begging to stay. We have the best dried beef salad, 'nom bo kho’, the original water puppet show that every tour agency touts as must-see, the lacquer shops and the one-of-a-kind Old Quarter. Even a walk round the lake can afford you the right to boast with anyone at home about “you feeling the spirit of Vietnam.”

Thien Quang

A bit farther from the center of Hanoi but still in the walking range, Thien Quang is small and quite void of a surrounding “ecosystem” like its above sister lakes. Walking here, one, if lucky, can encounter some street festival or running-based charity events held around the lake thanks to a large area adjacent to it. The lake also boasts a few cafes where bird lovers gather for both coffee and bird shows.

Truc Bach

Truc Bach sits opposite her bigger sister West Lake. The lake was once part of West Lake, where most fish converged to, which also was the reason for its separation from West Lake. Being adjacent to the famous West Lake doesn’t make Truc Bach any less worth visiting. The lake has itself a line of ‘bia hoi’ along one side, and a line of frog hot-pot shops along the other. One can find the famous ‘pho cuon’ in the Ngu Xa Street near the Lake. Truc Bach also shares with West Lake a shrimp cake shop and an ice-cream stall, both with their own fandoms.

Thu Le

Thu Le, distinct from all of the above, is not a stand-alone lake but part of the namesake zoo. Couples go here for the swan boats and water walking balls; locals, for jogging; children for the animals. And you, because we told you so?

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Founder of Sacombank to return after five years

In recent days, potential candidates have been lining up to participate in restructuring Sacombank, one of the largest joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam, drawing avid attention from the public. The appearance of numerous “heavyweights” have called even more attention, highlighting names like New York-based Evercore Group Investment Bank, M&A consulting firm Redsun Capital Limited, and Dang Van Thanh, president of Thanh Thanh Cong Group. This is the first time Thanh returns to the field… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

UN to vote on Aleppo ceasefire resolution: diplomats

United Nations (United States) (AFP) - The UN Security Council will vote Monday on a resolution demanding a temporary ceasefire in Aleppo and humanitarian access to residents trapped in the fighting, diplomats said.Egypt, New Zealand and Spain drew up the text calling for a truce of at least seven days following lengthy negotiations with a highly resistant Russia, a staunch ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.Spain has just taken over the council's rotating presidency for the month of… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Saigon, chasing the Silicon Valley dream, nurtures tech startups

U.S. President Barack Obama talks with a worker during a tour of the Dreamplex co-working space in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo by Reuters/Carlos Barria Vietnam has set an ambitious goal of turning Ho Chi Minh City into a major tech hub, with outstanding companies that can compete in the global economy. The startup ecosystem of the city, though nascent, is so vibrant that it has even managed to get the local government involved in creating and running incubators to support early-stage startups, a… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Discount giant TK Maxx is here

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Trump, Ryan to meet in search for Republican unity

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will hold an usual tete-a-tete on Thursday with Paul Ryan, the country's top elected Republican, to see if they can begin healing fissures in the party created by Trump's insurgent candidacy. Party leaders are normally eager to rally around a presidential nominee in order to unite forces for the general election battle. But Ryan, the U.S. House of Representatives speaker, has withheld his endorsement of Trump out of concern over his… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

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