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Image : Asian-American voters, once Republican, are turning Democrat

Asian-American voters, once Republican, are turning Democrat

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FALLS CHURCH, Va. (AP) — At a shopping plaza in the Washington suburbs, the flag of the long-defunct South Vietnam flies beside the Stars and Stripes. Former refugees who congregate there hold fast to their roots, but their political allegiances are

Image : Islamic State group claims Ohio State University rampage

Islamic State group claims Ohio State University rampage

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Islamic State group claims Ohio State University rampage The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for a car and knife rampage at a US college on Monday that left 11 people injured. The attack at Ohio State University was carried out by

Image : Gorgeous landscapes reveal idyllic tranquillity in Central Highlands

Gorgeous landscapes reveal idyllic tranquillity in Central Highlands

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Here are some great images taken by amateur photographer Manh Hung of the quiet foggy rivers, peaceful rice fields, and other landscapes of the Central Highlands region.

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Ninh Thuan - sand, sun, sea and scintillating sites

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Pakistan withdraws 6 diplomats from New Delhi amid tension

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan on Wednesday withdrew six diplomats from its embassy in New Delhi, officials said, amid rising tension between the two countries over the disputed region of Kashmir.In another mark of the increasing animosity and suspicion between the nuclear-armed neighbors, two Pakistani officials said that they had uncovered an alleged "network of Indian spy agencies" working at the Indian embassy in Islamabad. They said authorities have sought Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's approval… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Never say never, Kanye -- 'The Life of Pablo' is now available on Apple Music and Spotify

So, about that… it’s now on Apple Music and Spotify[/url]. After its release, users clamored to Tidal to hear the new album, a move that pushed Tidal’s mobile app to the top of the iOS charts. Of course, most of those users weren’t paying for the service either — Tidal gives new subscribers 30 days free, plenty of time to listen to TLOP before bolting for your music service of choice. If that wasn’t enough, Jay Z and co. extended that introductory 30 day period by another 30 days after Kanye… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Hajj pilgrimage : More Than 700 People Killed in Mecca Stampede

Saudi officials said Thursday that At least 719 people have been crushed to death in a Saudi Arabia hajj stampede outside Mecca  at least 719 Hajj pilgrims are dead and 863 injured in a stampede near the Muslim holy city of Mecca, where an estimated 2 million people are undertaking the traditional hajj pilgrimage in a quarter of a century. More than 700 people are killed and over 800 injured in a stampede at the annual hajj in Saudi Arabia, in the second tragedy to strike the pilgrims this… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Mexican peso rises as US votes

Mexico City (AFP) - Mexico's peso rose Tuesday as traders appeared to bet on Hillary Clinton winning the US election against Donald Trump, who has vowed to upend economic ties between the neighboring countries.The peso fell as Americans began going to the polls, but later rose to close at 18.75 per dollar, up 0.53 percent from 18.85 to the dollar on Monday, according to the private bank Banamex.The Mexican stock market, meanwhile, opened 0.2 percent higher.The national currency has had a… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Gravitational Wave, Proxima b Scientists Nab Year-End Awards

Two of the 10 most important scientists of 2016 are space researchers, according to the prestigious journal Nature.Nature has named physicist Gabriela Gonzalez, part of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) Scientific Collaboration, and astronomer Guillem Anglada-Escudé, leader of the team that discovered the exoplanet Proxima b, to the journal's annual list of "10 people who mattered in science."In February, LIGO spokeswoman Gonzalez and the rest of the team announced… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

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