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Image : Fresh protest pushes defiant S. Korea president to resign

Fresh protest pushes defiant S. Korea president to resign

person Orange Themes access_time Nov 19,2016

Up to half-a-million protestors were expected to take to the streets of Seoul on Saturday for the fourth week in a row, demanding President Park Geun-Hye resign over a corruption scandal. The weekly mass demonstrations -- among the largest seen in

Image : Rajoy, the under-estimated survivor who wore his rivals down

Rajoy, the under-estimated survivor who wore his rivals down

person Orange Themes access_time Oct 30,2016

Spain's conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy won back power Saturday, at the age of 61, after a war of attrition against younger rivals who under-estimated his resistance after 35 years in politics. Just like in 2005 when he emerged from a

Image : 2 suicide bombers die in blasts near market in Nigerian city

2 suicide bombers die in blasts near market in Nigerian city

person Orange Themes access_time Dec 11,2016

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — Two suicide bombers died when they exploded Sunday in a crowded area near a market in Nigeria's northeastern city of Maiduguri, injuring 17 people, rescue officials said.

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Uproar as new action movie casts Jackie Chan as Vietnamese father

access_timeToday, 03:40 chat_bubble_outline2

En Vnexpress - 'Jackie Chan is not Vietnamese nor does he understand the struggles of Vietnamese people.'...

New mural village paints tourism opportunities in central Vietnam

access_timeYesterday, 13:54 chat_bubble_outline11

En Vnexpress - They might not be ninja turtles, but vivid wall-paintings on an islet in Quang Ngai Province are proving a hit with tourists....

Race is on to turn flying car into reality

access_timeYesterday, 12:52 chat_bubble_outline7

En Vnexpress - Aeronautics giants are treating the idea of a flying car with caution, as such a project raises more questions than it answers, experts say -- it's a child's dream, a millionaire's toy....

Meet the new last word in English: zyzzyva

access_timeYesterday, 12:52 chat_bubble_outline5

En Vnexpress - If you need to look up any of those words, the unofficial custodian of the English language now has the answers....

Vietnamese ‘Glee’? Cheers and jeers as remake of hit TV show announced

access_timeJun 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline15

En Vnexpress - As if to prove the untested theory that you can always find a Vietnamese version of everything....

Meet the Willy Wonka of Vietnam's lotus kingdom

access_timeJun 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline13

En Vnexpress - In a village not far from Hanoi's busiest streets, a man builds a flowery paradise that can match pure imagination....

Trump claims victory as court partially reinstates travel ban

access_timeJun 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline13

Bao Moi - The US Supreme Court on Monday partially reinstated Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban targeting citizens from six predominantly Muslim countries, prompting the president to claim a victory for national security....

The rise of the tourism mafia in Da Lat, Vietnam’s holiday heaven

access_timeJun 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline7

En Vnexpress - The government has ordered a crackdown on the so-called tour guides who behave like gangsters....

HCM City eyes boost to dental tourism

access_timeJun 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

Bao Moi - Dental tourism has been identified as one of HCM City’s five main medical tourism products, according to its Department of Tourism....

Six reasons why summer (kinda) rhymes with sugar in Vietnam

access_timeJun 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline7

En Vnexpress - There are millions of ways to enjoy the cool, sweet taste of summer in Vietnam, so here are some of our favorites....

Hot and steamy: The delicious semi-dried fish of central Vietnam

access_timeJun 26,2017 chat_bubble_outline21

En Vnexpress - For generations, Vietnamese fishing villages have turned to creative ways to stretch the shelf life of their catch....

Flying over the sea and mountains in Da Nang

access_timeJun 26,2017 chat_bubble_outline15

En Vnexpress - More than 100 paragliders from around the world joined a championship....

Are motorbikes to blame for gridlock in Hanoi?

access_timeJun 25,2017 chat_bubble_outline6

En Vnexpress - Car-driving legislators blame motorbikes for clogging Hanoi streets, and want to ban them by 2030....

Saigon's first metro line steams through city's green canopy

access_timeJun 25,2017 chat_bubble_outline21

En Vnexpress - Then and now: How the city center has been transformed....

The global booze trip: How the world drinks

access_timeJun 24,2017 chat_bubble_outline24

En Vnexpress - Alcohol consumption is reportedly fizzling in many parts of the world as health concerns mount. But for now, the party goes on....

This untouched beach in central Vietnam will take your breath away

access_timeJun 23,2017 chat_bubble_outline7

En Vnexpress - The newly-discovered Bai Dong Beach is wowing locals with its sparkling blue waters, white sands and delicious seafood....

Prepare to sit the biggest exam in Vietnam

access_timeJun 22,2017 chat_bubble_outline11

En Vnexpress - In just three days, the future of nearly one million teenagers will be shaped....

Done and dusted? Vietnam's chicken feather cleaners face stiff competition

access_timeJun 22,2017 chat_bubble_outline23

En Vnexpress - Cheap synthetic dusters have flooded the market -- the latest influx of mass-produced goods to chip away at traditional artisans' profits....

Show must go on: Saigon's Bui Vien Street stays open under construction rubble

access_timeJun 22,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

En Vnexpress - Vendors are trying to cover up the construction mess to stop visitors from turning away....

Hanoi's five-star hotels booked up until next year

access_timeJun 21,2017 chat_bubble_outline10

En Vnexpress - The rising number of tourists with big budgets has left the city scouring fresh investment in new luxury hotels....

Seven signature dishes you shouldn't miss out on in Hoi An

access_timeJun 21,2017 chat_bubble_outline10

En Vnexpress - Chicken rice, baguettes and the legendary Hoi An cao lau noodles all await gourmets in the ancient Vietnamese town....

Pop star Ariana Grande to bring her 'Dangerous Woman' world tour to Saigon

access_timeJun 20,2017 chat_bubble_outline22

En Vnexpress - It remains very rare to see an international artist of her caliber pick Vietnam for their stadium concert tour....

Vietnamese lawmakers back new tourism fund, reject controversial hotel surcharge

access_timeJun 20,2017 chat_bubble_outline18

En Vnexpress - Tourism officials have been blaming a dearth of cash on ineffective PR efforts....

Go your own way: Tourists eager for Saigon’s second walking street

access_timeJun 19,2017 chat_bubble_outline13

En Vnexpress - Excitement is building weeks before the backpacker street of Bui Vien officially becomes pedestrian-friendly....

Groom for hire: The dark secrets of Vietnam’s strange wedding service

access_timeJun 19,2017 chat_bubble_outline14

En Vnexpress - In a country where marriage is an institution still perceived widely as sacred, there’s always room for commercialization....

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