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Image : French candidate Fillon faces questions over wife's work

French candidate Fillon faces questions over wife's work

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Yahoo News PARIS (AP) — French presidential hopeful Francois Fillon's so far smooth campaign hit its first hurdle Wednesday after claims emerged that his wife was paid about 500,000 euros (more than $535,000) with parliamentary funds.

Image : Chelsea yang Semakin Mengerikan

Chelsea yang Semakin Mengerikan

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Chelsea vs Everton, Prediksi Chelsea vs Everton Chelsea yang Semakin Mengerikan – Di pekan ke-11 Premier League musim ini, Chelsea tampil trengginas. Skuat asuhan Antonio Conte membuat lawan-lawannya makin waspada setelah menang telak

Image : Dog's dinner: DNA clue to how dogs became our friends

Dog's dinner: DNA clue to how dogs became our friends

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Dog's dinner: DNA clue to how dogs became our friends "As it was absent in samples coming from hunter-gatherers' contexts, we linked it to the development of agriculture in early farming society," Dr Ollivier told BBC News. "This probably

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Want to get rid of VR sickness? A zap to the head may help

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Want to get rid of VR sickness? A zap to the head may help

If you’ve experienced the thrill of playing around in VR, you also know that it comes with a significant bit of nausea. As the sights around you mimic motion and speed, your inner ear gets tricked into thinking you’re moving when you’re actually not. You try to push past it, but before long you’ve bought yourself a one-way ticket to puke city.

But researchers at the Mayo Clinic have been developing a way to stop you from getting sick in the first place. But with one catch: it involves zaps of electricity to your head.

It’s not as dangerous as it sounds, but it does involve well-placed electrodes in addition to the VR headset. Essentially, a steady stream of electricity in the direction of the motion onscreen stimulate the inner ear to help the brain match pictures with action.

The Mayo Clinic has licensed this technology to a Los Angeles company called vMocion, so it’s much closer to reality than fiction. But whether it becomes popular is another thing.

I mean, between throwing up and zaps to the head, which would you choose?

Zapping Your Skull Could Alleviate Virtual Reality Motion Sickness on MIT Technology Review

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Vegas Golden Knights hire Gerard Gallant as first coach

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Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher dies aged 60

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US condemns Russia's 'aggressive actions' in Ukraine

United Nations (United States) (AFP) - US Ambassador Nikki Haley on Thursday condemned Russia's "aggressive actions" in Ukraine and pledged strong US support to Kiev even as the new US administration seeks to improve ties with Russia."We do want to better our relations with Russia. However the dire situation in eastern Ukraine is one that demands clear and strong condemnation of Russian actions," she said in her first public remarks at the UN Security Council.A surge in fighting in eastern… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Mexican peso plunges 7.64% on Trump win

Mexico City (AFP) - The Mexican peso plunged by 7.64 percent to a record low against the dollar on Wednesday after Donald Trump's shock US election win, market data showed.The Mexican currency weakened to a level of 20.3 pesos to the dollar, according to trading data from private bank Citibanamex. World - Yahoo News chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Conan’s ‘Clueless Gamer’ picked up for a full series, but Conan won’t host

Over the past few years, Conan O’Brien has endeared himself to the gaming community with the Clueless Gamer segment on his TBS talk show. If you’ve somehow missed it, the segment is fairly self-explanatory — Conan doesn’t know how to play games, but he tries to anyway (typically with a celebrity guest). Don't Miss: Will ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ be ready for the Nintendo Switch launch?In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter this week, TBS president Kevin Reilly revealed that, following… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

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