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Image : Vietnam shipping execs sentenced to death for embezzlement

Vietnam shipping execs sentenced to death for embezzlement

person Orange Themes access_time Feb 23,2017

Bao moi - HANOI: Vietnam on Wednesday (Feb 22) sentenced two executives from its scandal-hit shipping industry to death for embezzlement, official media reported, the latest punishment meted out for the spectacular collapse of a state-run firm that

Image : Timbers loan Lucas Melano to Belgrano in Argentina

Timbers loan Lucas Melano to Belgrano in Argentina

person Orange Themes access_time Jan 09,2017

Yahoo News PORTAND, Ore. (AP) — The Portland Timbers have loaned midfielder Lucas Melano to Atletico Belgrano of Argentina.

Image : To Mosul and back: Sunni Arabs seek place in a shifting Iraq

To Mosul and back: Sunni Arabs seek place in a shifting Iraq

person Orange Themes access_time Nov 18,2016

By John Davison NEAR BASHIQA, Iraq (Reuters) - When Kurdish forces began rounding up his relatives and friends, 23-year-old Iraqi Omar Abdallah fled with his pregnant wife and four brothers to Mosul. At the time, life under Islamic State seemed

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This homestay near Saigon has just what you need for a city break

access_timeYesterday, 11:20 chat_bubble_outline5

En Vnexpress - Experience waterway life just 30 minutes from downtown Saigon at this riverside resort in Binh Chanh District....

Serving up a storm: Da Nang market gives you a true taste of Vietnamese street food

access_timeJul 13,2017 chat_bubble_outline10

En Vnexpress - The city’s biggest market is the place to go if you fancy getting your chops around real Vietnamese food....

The internet loves this flowery Saigon ice cream. Do you?

access_timeJul 12,2017 chat_bubble_outline16

En Vnexpress - Inspired by the Italian original, this gelato has blossomed into a shower of delicious petals....

Catch it while you can: US travel site urges tourists to explore Vietnam 'before it's too popular'

access_timeJul 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline21

En Vnexpress - Pollution and construction are threatening to ruin top sites such as Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa, and it's not gone unnoticed....

10 Hanoi delicacies you can track down in Saigon

access_timeJul 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline16

En Vnexpress - Whether it's steamed snails or pig's trotter noodles, a taste of the north is there for those willing to look for it....

Seven signature dishes you shouldn't miss out on in Hoi An

access_timeJun 21,2017 chat_bubble_outline19

En Vnexpress - Chicken rice, baguettes and the legendary Hoi An cao lau noodles all await gourmets in the ancient Vietnamese town....

How cool for the summer are you?

access_timeJun 18,2017 chat_bubble_outline52

En Vnexpress - Water is the savior as it's now hot and sunny for most of the world. Unless you're in Antarctica or Australia....

French PE teacher invites you for pizza in Hanoi garden orchard

access_timeJun 17,2017 chat_bubble_outline43

En Vnexpress - On the other side of the Red River, a father of four has decided to share his homemade wood-fired pizza with the rest of Hanoi....

Do you feel lucky? 50-cent rail tickets up for grabs in Hanoi

access_timeJun 17,2017 chat_bubble_outline23

En Vnexpress - Think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but minus the tasty treat with your golden ticket....

This Vietnamese rice cake will take you by surprise

access_timeJun 17,2017 chat_bubble_outline23

En Vnexpress - It’s not just a cake, it’s an art....

The Full Moon For The Month Of June Is Called The Strawberry Moon And You Can See It Tonight

access_timeJun 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline58

Yahoo News June's full moon, called the Strawberry Moon is visible tonight....

You Won't Want to Miss This Week's Unique Strawberry Moon

access_timeJun 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline51

Yahoo News It's going to be a pretty sweet sight....

Trump on existence of Comey recordings: ‘You’re going to be very disappointed’

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline44

Yahoo News “I’ll tell you something about that maybe in the very near future,” said Trump when asked if any recordings of his conversations exist....

MIT and Harvard's biosensing tattoos will change color when you're dehydrated

access_timeJun 07,2017 chat_bubble_outline15

Yahoo News A new collaboration between MIT and Harvard Medical School researchers, these biosensing tattoos will change color according to changes in the body's metabolism. Here's how they work....

Dying is 'happier than you might think', say scientists

access_timeJun 07,2017 chat_bubble_outline28

Yahoo News As we all know, part of the human experience is a general feeling of dread at our own inevitable demise. Researcher Kurt Gray from the University of North Carolina studied the final blog posts of terminally ill patients noting many were...

Everything You Need To Know About Celebrating The Upcoming Summer Solstice

access_timeJun 06,2017 chat_bubble_outline41

Yahoo News The June Solstice is typically acknowledged as the official start of summer. The summer solstice occurs in the northern hemisphere, when the sun is at its northernmost point in the sky — the Tropic of Cancer. According to The Old...

Eat till you drop: Lawmakers say unsafe food giving Vietnamese 'long, slow death'

access_timeJun 06,2017 chat_bubble_outline22

A food safety supervisor claims unhygienic food is the cause of 60-70 percent of diseases in the country....

When You Eat Can 'Reset' Your Biological Clock

access_timeJun 05,2017 chat_bubble_outline35

Yahoo News Want to reset your biological clock? New research suggests that shifting your meal time can also shift your body's internal clock, meaning that recovering from jet lag or adjusting to a shift-work schedule might be easier if you also...

The extraordinary ‘Stratolaunch’ is the largest airplane you’ve ever seen

access_timeJun 04,2017 chat_bubble_outline41

Yahoo News No, you're not seeing double. The Stratolaunch is a single airplane and, with its 385-foot wingspan, six 747 jet engines and 28 wheels, is surely the largest one you've ever seen. So what's it for?...

This Month You Can See 3 Planets With No Telescope

access_timeJun 03,2017 chat_bubble_outline45

Yahoo News Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will be clearly visible this month with no telescope....

Marriage can fight poverty – but how do you promote it?

access_timeJun 01,2017 chat_bubble_outline41

Yahoo News At the Maclellan Shelter for Families, Gena Roberts Ellis stands in front of about two dozen residents, blending humor with what she views as an urgent mission: helping these families stay intact. The jovial and freckled Ms. Ellis holds...

One email to the UK visa service from abroad will now cost you almost £6

access_timeMay 31,2017 chat_bubble_outline30

Yahoo News The UK Home Office has said a new outsourcing contract means that a single email to its UK Visas and Immigration department from abroad will cost you almost £6 to send. In an announcement, UK Visas and Immigration said that all customer...

You've Never Seen a Photo of Jupiter - and Its Cyclones - Like This One!

access_timeMay 31,2017 chat_bubble_outline31

Yahoo News Even if you're not a fan of science, you've gotta admit this epic photo of Jupiter's south pole is insanely cool. The close-up photo was taken during NASA's six year Juno mission to Jupiter, and what the space agency...

Cassette comeback: For fans, 'a yearning for something you can hold'

access_timeMay 19,2017 chat_bubble_outline35

Yahoo News Like the original, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” is endearingly retro. The hero Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) cherishes a vintage Sony Walkman and his mixtape of 1970s pop gems such as “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” from the band Looking...

Democracy experts to Trump: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

access_timeMay 17,2017 chat_bubble_outline27

Yahoo News Here’s a bit of advice for President Trump from experts who study the processes of democracy: Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. It can prevent partisans from locking into fights so bitter they risk tearing...

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