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Image : Vietnam shipping execs sentenced to death for embezzlement

Vietnam shipping execs sentenced to death for embezzlement

person Orange Themes access_time Feb 23,2017

Bao moi - HANOI: Vietnam on Wednesday (Feb 22) sentenced two executives from its scandal-hit shipping industry to death for embezzlement, official media reported, the latest punishment meted out for the spectacular collapse of a state-run firm that

Image : Timbers loan Lucas Melano to Belgrano in Argentina

Timbers loan Lucas Melano to Belgrano in Argentina

person Orange Themes access_time Jan 09,2017

Yahoo News PORTAND, Ore. (AP) — The Portland Timbers have loaned midfielder Lucas Melano to Atletico Belgrano of Argentina.

Image : To Mosul and back: Sunni Arabs seek place in a shifting Iraq

To Mosul and back: Sunni Arabs seek place in a shifting Iraq

person Orange Themes access_time Nov 18,2016

By John Davison NEAR BASHIQA, Iraq (Reuters) - When Kurdish forces began rounding up his relatives and friends, 23-year-old Iraqi Omar Abdallah fled with his pregnant wife and four brothers to Mosul. At the time, life under Islamic State seemed

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Serving up a storm: Da Nang market gives you a true taste of Vietnamese street food

access_timeJul 13,2017 chat_bubble_outline10

En Vnexpress - The city’s biggest market is the place to go if you fancy getting your chops around real Vietnamese food....

A taste of Cambodia at Saigon market

access_timeJun 18,2017 chat_bubble_outline62

En Vnexpress - Forced to flee civil war, these vendors returned to Vietnam bringing part of their second homeland with them....

Japanese products appeal to Vietnamese people’s taste

access_timeMay 04,2017 chat_bubble_outline26

Vietnamnet - Japanese commodities and food have become increasingly popular among Vietnamese consumers, creating opportunities for firms from both countries....

Edible insects give Mexicans a taste of history – and maybe the future

access_timeApr 25,2017 chat_bubble_outline65

Yahoo News There are crispy brown grasshoppers cooked into that bread. Eating bugs “is confused with being something exotic,” not just by foreigners, but by many city-dwelling Mexicans as well, says Isaac Sandoval, co-owner of the Época de Oro...

A true taste of Mi Quang

access_timeApr 24,2017 chat_bubble_outline40

EN VietNamNet - Among the unique dishes in Quang Nam, Mi Quang (Quang noodle) seems to be the famous dish that attracts visitors to this central province....

Taste specialties of central Vietnam right in Hanoi

access_timeApr 18,2017 chat_bubble_outline27

EN VietNamNet - The most popular specialties in central Vietnam are beef noodle soup, grilled spring rolls and rice paper cake wrapped with pork meat. Now tourists can taste these dishes in Hanoi....

Unforgettable taste of 'Xoi Khuc'

access_timeMar 28,2017 chat_bubble_outline26

EN VietNamNet - 'Xoi khuc', also known as khuc cake, has its name because the cake cover is made by glutinous rice powder mixed with brayed 'khuc' leaves, covering gram and pork....

Banh cuon - a delight to one’s sense of smell and taste

access_timeFeb 25,2017 chat_bubble_outline57

EN VietNamNet - VietNamNet Bridge – With a history stretching back thousands of years, banh cuon (rolled cake) still proves to be a popular choice for diners in Viet Nam, and has even inspired some of the country’s renowned writers....

A taste of southern cuisine: keo fish hotpot

access_timeJan 06,2017 chat_bubble_outline83

EN VietNamNet - VietNamNet Bridge – With an abundance of seafood, southerners have created a wide variety of dishes featuring fish in various modes - stewed fish, grilled fish, fermented fish, fish vermicelli and, of course, the ubiquitous fish...

Taste of the season: Flood brings famous delicacies to Vietnam's Mekong Delta

access_timeNov 29,2016 chat_bubble_outline76

From fish to flowers, the southern provinces surprise with specialties that cannot be found anywhere else....

A hostel in Sarajevo offers guests a taste of life in war

access_timeNov 17,2016 chat_bubble_outline110

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — A hostel in Bosnia is offering visitors a unique experience: the opportunity to live like civilians in a war zone....

Where you can taste the best banh mi in Hanoi

access_timeOct 19,2016 chat_bubble_outline94

Different fillings, pate, rolls, eggs with crispy crust and steak have all made Vietnamese bread (banh mi) sandwiches world-famous street food....

Chinese firms develop taste for Vietnamese tuna

access_timeAug 05,2016 chat_bubble_outline200

Export value surged by 107 percent in the first half of this year....

A taste of ethnic culture at northern Vietnam festival

access_timeJul 10,2016 chat_bubble_outline110

The one-day festival was held in Lang Son Province, home to Tay, Dao and Nung ethnic minorities....

Vietnamese firms get taste for Aussie beef amid animal cruelty scandal

access_timeJun 28,2016 chat_bubble_outline120

Following Hoang Anh Gia Lai JSC and Red Star Company, Vietnam’s leading steel manufacturer Hoa Phat Group has launched an $8 million investment into feedlots and abattoirs to fulfill the high demand for Australian beef in Vietnam....

"I would drink fish sauce": Vietnamese street food a hit in U.S. taste test

access_timeJun 25,2016 chat_bubble_outline163

Vietnamese food has been in the spotlight lately, and no, we are not talking about 'pho' and 'bun cha Obama'....

Leapfrogging the IPO gridlock: Chinese companies get a taste for reverse takeovers

access_timeMay 06,2016 chat_bubble_outline83

Chinese firms looking to jump a massive queue of companies seeking to do initial public offerings (IPOs) and start trading their shares on the Shanghai or Shenzhen markets are increasingly going through the backdoor by taking control of companies...

Google's self-driving cars will get a taste of the desert in Phoenix

access_timeApr 08,2016 chat_bubble_outline226

Google has announced that it will begin testing its autonomous vehicles in Phoenix, Arizona....

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