08:49 – Trash scares away beachgoers in Vietnam's 'resort capital' 08:48 – Israeli firm offers 'anti-terrorism' adventure to tourists 08:49 – Vietnam's former capital to ban vehicles from backpacker area on weekend nights 
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No pool, no problem: Mekong grandma spends 15 years teaching kids to swim for free
Vietnam spends $5 million daily on chemical imports
Hanoi spends $2 million on CNN ads to promote tourism, investment
Trump spends $70M in September, Lewandowski cashes out
Phu Tho spends over VND230 billion on sustainable agricultural development
Gov't spends billions of dollars to guarantee SOE loans
Vietnam spends modestly for tourism promotion
Vietnam spends nearly $1 million/day to import pesticides from China
ACV spends $1.1b for airport upgradation by 2018
Vietnam spends more than it can earn
Vietnam spends $2.3 billion to pay back foreign debts during Jan-Apr
Vietnam spends $2.3 billion to pay back foreign debts from Jan-Apr