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Image : Will Vietnam become an emerging market in three years?

Will Vietnam become an emerging market in three years?

person Orange Themes access_time Nov 20,2016

The Vietnamese stock market has been listed by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) as a frontier market. Will it be upgraded into an emerging market in three or five years?

Image : US unemployment rate falls to 4.9% on solid job creation

US unemployment rate falls to 4.9% on solid job creation

person Orange Themes access_time Nov 04,2016

The US economy added a solid 161,000 jobs in October while the unemployment rate fell to 4.9 percent, according to Labor Department figures released Friday. In a show of steady momentum in the world's largest economy, the department revised upward

Image : Local airlines plan new services, more seats in peak summer travel season

Local airlines plan new services, more seats in peak summer travel season

person Orange Themes access_time May 31,2017

Bao Moi - Domestic airlines are planning to launch new routes and operate additional flights to meet growing demand during the peak summer travel season.

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Mass Grave from Thirty Years' War Battle Reveals Soldiers' Fatal Wounds

access_timeJun 05,2017 chat_bubble_outline30

Yahoo News In November of 1632, the townspeople of Lützen, Germany, were stuck with a grim task: They had to bury some 9,000 soldiers who were left dead on a battlefield after a bloody fight during the Thirty Years' War. A few years ago,...

What Trump’s ‘covfefe’ moment reveals

access_timeJun 01,2017 chat_bubble_outline27

Yahoo News President Trump’s “covfefe” moment says it all. After his apparent mistake sent the political universe into a day of jokes, Trump turned it into another “look at me" moment, tweeting: “Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’ ???...

Narwhals Use Tusks to Stun Prey, Drone Footage Reveals

access_timeMay 31,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

Yahoo News Narwhals are sometimes known as the "unicorns" of the ocean because of the long "tusks" that protrude from the animals' heads, but scientists have long been stumped about the function of this mysterious appendage — until now. Drone...

'GMA' reveals Summer Concert Series opening act

access_timeMay 19,2017 chat_bubble_outline23

Yahoo News "Good Morning America" reveals the first performance of the 2017 GMA Summer Concert Series....

Survey reveals Vietnamese prefer American cosmetics

access_timeApr 20,2017 chat_bubble_outline55

Vietnamnet - The cosmetics industry in Vietnam has experienced a burgeoning demand for premium products over the past decade, driven by a fast-growing market of women who increasingly want to buy luxurious products, say market researchers....

What new video reveals about the Michael Brown shooting

access_timeMar 13,2017 chat_bubble_outline68

Yahoo News Previously unreleased video of Michael Brown hours before he was shot by police in 2014 has a documentary filmmaker and an attorney for the convenience store at odds over the significance of the footage. One of the filmmakers, Jason...

Sunrise reveals stunning beauty of the northwest

access_timeMar 01,2017 chat_bubble_outline55

EN VietNamNet - The stunning beauty of the northwestern region at dawn inspires many visitors, especially young people and photographers....

Valve reveals Steam’s top 100 best-selling games of 2016

access_timeJan 02,2017 chat_bubble_outline49

Yahoo News - As stressful and difficult as 2016 was for the real world, it was an incredible year for video games . Some of the most anticipated games of the decade — Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian — finally saw the light of day, Nintendo...

Amazon reveals Echo devices were the best-selling holiday products this year

access_timeDec 27,2016 chat_bubble_outline43

Yahoo News - E-commerce giant Amazon has revealed the best-selling products across Amazon this year, boasting record-setting sales of its Echo gadget line. According to the company, customers "gifted a record-setting number of devices from the...

Ministry of Health reveals top 10 events of the year

access_timeDec 23,2016 chat_bubble_outline52

The Ministry of Health has announced its 10 most outstanding events for the year....

Google reveals what Vietnamese searched for in 2016

access_timeDec 15,2016 chat_bubble_outline59

Games, lottery and pop culture were among the year's hot topics besides international news like U.S. elections, Zika and Syria....

Paris exhibition reveals secret agents' tricks

access_timeDec 14,2016 chat_bubble_outline57

PARIS (AP) — Lipstick pistols, poison pens, explosive rats — a new Paris exhibit reveals real-life spy gadgets and tells the story of how secret agents around the world were recruited, trained and equipped during clandestine missions from World War...

Not just a port town: Hai Phong reveals her hidden charms

access_timeDec 10,2016 chat_bubble_outline80

Perhaps because no one considers Hai Phong a great place to visit, it is....

Wave of Mexico violence reveals hidden graves, severed heads

access_timeNov 25,2016 chat_bubble_outline44

ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) — Soldiers and police fanned out Friday across the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, chasing a wounded gang leader and trying to quell a wave of violence that included the discovery of hidden graves holding dozens of bodies...

Jordan reveals latest archaeological wonder at Beit Ras

access_timeNov 23,2016 chat_bubble_outline82

An ancient tomb has been discovered in Jordan in the northern town of Beit Ras during an excavation project to expand a local waste— water sanitation network. The tomb includes a cave with two burial chambers. The larger chamber contains a basalt...

Few Nazi crimes suspects lost pensions, review reveals

access_timeNov 22,2016 chat_bubble_outline37

BERLIN (AP) — Tens of thousands of Nazi war crimes suspects may have been able to continue receiving disability pensions despite a law passed nearly two decades ago ordering them revoked, but only 99 people lost their payments, according to an...

HRW: Satellite reveals big destruction in Rohingya villages

access_timeNov 21,2016 chat_bubble_outline90

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Human Rights Watch group says high-definition satellite images show 820 newly identified structures destroyed this month in five Rohingya Muslim villages in the Myanmar's troubled Rakhine state....

French priest reveals IS child jihadist training

access_timeNov 19,2016 chat_bubble_outline65

Islamic State group may be teetering on the brink of collapse but the jihadists are creating an entire new generation of would-be terrorists, according to a book written by a French Catholic priest describing the daily lives of three young boys. The...

Starwood reveals plans for W Algarve

access_timeNov 11,2016 chat_bubble_outline68

Starwood Hotels Worldwide, now part of Marriott International, has announced it will open W Algarve in 2018 on Portugal’s stunning sun— kissed Algarve coast. Developed in partnership with Nozul Algarve, the vibrant oceanfront oasis will overlook the...

Yahoo reveals more details about massive hack

access_timeNov 10,2016 chat_bubble_outline63

Yahoo provided more details on Wednesday about an epic hack of its services, including that the culprits may have planted software "cookies" for ongoing access to users' accounts. In revelations that could jeopardize the company's pending $4.8...

Obama reveals private living areas of White House

access_timeNov 01,2016 chat_bubble_outline80

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama likes to say the White House is the "people's house." Now, the people are getting a look at the rooms where he lives....

Williams reveals founder battle pneumonia

access_timeOct 29,2016 chat_bubble_outline45

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Williams team says founder Frank Williams has been fighting pneumonia since the Italian Grand Prix and remains hospitalized....

Big data reveals mixed authorship in 17 Shakespeare plays

access_timeOct 25,2016 chat_bubble_outline57

Seventeen plays attributed to William Shakespeare were written in collaboration with other playwrights, according to an edition of his works coming out this month that uses "big data" to reveal the mixed authorship. Shakespeare's reputed rival...

South Dakota Democrat reveals rape in condemning Trump

access_timeOct 19,2016 chat_bubble_outline63

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — South Dakota's Democratic U.S. House candidate has shared the story of her sexual assault in condemning Donald Trump for making predatory comments about women in 2005....

ibis Hotels reveals London Roundhouse partnership

access_timeOct 14,2016 chat_bubble_outline124

ibis Hotels is proud to announce that it will be the Official Hotel Partner of the Roundhouse, Camden for the duration of 2016. The partnership centres on cultivating a collaboration that's deeply rooted in the brands’ shared passion to provide...

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