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China's June factory price inflation subdued on modest raw materials recovery
Solar power price slump casts shadow on India's green future
Saigon puts a price on sidewalks as cleanup campaign peters out
Gold, dollar price stable, preventing speculators from making money
Ceiling formula price for milk removed
Price of pick-up trucks in VN predicted to soar next year
Farm produce falls in price, farmers incur losses
Consumer price index unchanged in April
Green bus operators worry about possible gas price spike
Tourism price competitiveness slipping
Vietnam’s GDP still relies on price of oil
Vietnam locates in group of low petrol price countries
Vietnam’s rice price out of sync with rest of world
VN Civil Aviation Authority considers applying floor price for domestic airfares
Domestic price hike hurts VN rice exporters
New draft law sets minimum air ticket price
Petrolimex promises HOSE price no lower than $1.7
Price ceilings or not, market regulation is a must
Rice exporters suffer losses due to sudden domestic price hike
Price up for VN high-end property
VN to issue milk price rules
Sale of cars down despite price drop
VN adviced to remove price ceiling on milk products for kids
VN consumer price index rises 0.23 % in February
Vietjet stock reaches ceiling price on first day of trading