Solar power price slump casts shadow on India's green future

Yahoo News Solar power prices in India have hit rock bottom, but it is not all good news for the electricity-starved country as the phenomenon has hit investor confidence and threatens the country's

Saigon puts a price on sidewalks as cleanup campaign peters out

The transport department has proposed higher fees for businesses that wish to use the city's sidewalks ‘to serve demand’.

Gold, dollar price stable, preventing speculators from making money

Vietnamnet - The gold and dollar markets worth tens of billions of dollars have remained stable despite fluctuations in the world market.

Ceiling formula price for milk removed

Vietnamnet - After two years and nine months of applying the ceiling price, the price of formula milk products for children aged below six remained stable. However, the policy was removed on April

Price of pick-up trucks in VN predicted to soar next year

Vietnamnet - Vietnamese customers are flocking to buy pick-up trucks, prices of which are expected to increase sharply from next year. The price hike is predicted given the unreasonable price gap

Farm produce falls in price, farmers incur losses

Vietnamnet - Pineapple, watermelon and chili growers are complaining about the hot weather which has forced them to work hard to water crops. Meanwhile, farm produce prices have dropped dramatically.

Consumer price index unchanged in April

Vietnamnet - The consumer price index (CPI) in April remained unchanged from the previous month, but up 4.3 percent against the same period last year, the General Statistics Office (GSO) announced

Green bus operators worry about possible gas price spike

Vietnamnet - A plan of HCMC to treble the number of buses running on compressed natural gas (CNG) by the end of 2017 might be in jeopardy as the CNG price has increased this year and is forecast to

Tourism price competitiveness slipping

EN VietNamNet - Vietnam has climbed eight levels to 67th in rankings of competitive tourism destinations and also found its way into the Top 4 countries with the most-improved scores during the last

Vietnam’s GDP still relies on price of oil

Vietnamnet - Exploiting one more million tons of oil for sale to obtain higher GDP shows that the national economy still cannot gain substantial reform.

Vietnam locates in group of low petrol price countries

Vietnamnet - Vietnam’s retail petrol price is lower than neighboring countries and many ASEAN nations, said head of Tax Policy Department Pham Dinh Thi yesterday.

Vietnam’s rice price out of sync with rest of world

Vietnamnet - The rice price in the Mekong Delta has increased in the last couple of weeks, which has resulted in higher export prices.

VN Civil Aviation Authority considers applying floor price for domestic airfares

Vietnamnet - The transport ministry has instructed the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) to study the proposal for applying a floor price for domestic air tickets.

Domestic price hike hurts VN rice exporters

Vietnamnet - The abnormal surge in domestic rice prices in this year’s winter-spring crop has caused some rice exporters, who had signed export contracts before the harvest season, to suffer losses

New draft law sets minimum air ticket price

Vietnamnet - A Ministry of Transport (MoT) draft law, which is currently collecting idea contributions, would enforce a minimum price for domestic air tickets, a move opposed by fast-growing

Petrolimex promises HOSE price no lower than $1.7

Vietnamnet - Petrolimex promised that its stock price will not be lower than VND39,000 ($1.7) per share.Besides, it will not divest entirely from its insurance, finance, and banking arms.

Price ceilings or not, market regulation is a must

Vietnamnet - VietNamNet Bridge – If nothing changes, ceiling prices on dairy products for children under six will be removed on April, 1.

Rice exporters suffer losses due to sudden domestic price hike

Vietnamnet - The sudden surge in domestic rice prices in this year’s winter-spring crop has made a number of rice exporters suffer from losses in the first quarter.

Price up for VN high-end property

Vietnamnet - High-end and luxury housing continues to be an attractive segment in the national real estate market, with high demand and a good purchasing scale, experts have said.

VN to issue milk price rules

Vietnamnet - The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) will shortly issue a circular with specific guidance to manage prices of milk products for children under six years old, according to

Sale of cars down despite price drop

Vietnamnet - Members of the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (VAMA) sold more than 17,600 cars in February, down 13 per cent from the previous month.

VN adviced to remove price ceiling on milk products for kids

Vietnamnet - The European Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam’s Nutritional Foods Group (NFG) recommended that the Government remove the price ceiling on milk products for children under six years.

VN consumer price index rises 0.23 % in February

Vietnamnet - Consumer price index rises 0.23 % in February

Vietjet stock reaches ceiling price on first day of trading

Vietnamnet - Vietjet stock ended the morning trading session at VND108,000 ($4.74), 20 per cent higher than the initial price of VND90,000 ($3.95).