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Survey reveals Vietnamese prefer American cosmetics
More Vietnamese prefer traveling abroad
Vietnamese prefer Thailand’s expensive rice to Vietnam’s cheap rice
More Vietnamese prefer holidays abroad
Vietnamese prefer to shop on e-Bay, Amazon, Alibaba
Vietnamese prefer Thai and Chinese fruit & vegetables
VN banks rush to enter bourse, prefer UpCom
Poll shows Israelis and Palestinians prefer 2-state solution
No country for old men: Japan's elderly inmates prefer jail
Coal piles up as VN firms prefer imports
Vietnam's skilled workers prefer jobs overseas: report
Netanyahu ally says he would prefer Arab Israelis not to vote
Saigonese, Hanoians prefer buying goods online via Facebook
To raise funds, large corporations prefer bonds to bank loans
Tadpoles Prefer Vegetarian Meals During Heat Waves
Vietnamese businesses prefer not to list on domestic bourse
Vietnamese consumers prefer ‘Made in Thailand’
Businesses prefer issuing corporate bonds to borrowing from banks
Businesses prefer Vietnam-EU FTA over TPP