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Image : Fresh protest pushes defiant S. Korea president to resign

Fresh protest pushes defiant S. Korea president to resign

person Orange Themes access_time Nov 19,2016

Up to half-a-million protestors were expected to take to the streets of Seoul on Saturday for the fourth week in a row, demanding President Park Geun-Hye resign over a corruption scandal. The weekly mass demonstrations -- among the largest seen in

Image : Rajoy, the under-estimated survivor who wore his rivals down

Rajoy, the under-estimated survivor who wore his rivals down

person Orange Themes access_time Oct 30,2016

Spain's conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy won back power Saturday, at the age of 61, after a war of attrition against younger rivals who under-estimated his resistance after 35 years in politics. Just like in 2005 when he emerged from a

Image : 2 suicide bombers die in blasts near market in Nigerian city

2 suicide bombers die in blasts near market in Nigerian city

person Orange Themes access_time Dec 11,2016

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — Two suicide bombers died when they exploded Sunday in a crowded area near a market in Nigeria's northeastern city of Maiduguri, injuring 17 people, rescue officials said.

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Vietnamese gang charged for bribing police to get free passes for overloaded trucks

access_timeJun 11,2017 chat_bubble_outline26

The gang said they paid off 80 police officers, but none of them admitted to receiving any money....

Police detain Vietnamese man for trafficking endangered primate

access_timeJun 07,2017 chat_bubble_outline17

The dead bodies of a douc langur and four monkeys were brought into Vietnam from Laos, allegedly to make bone glue....

UK police reveal names of London attackers, say one investigated before

access_timeJun 06,2017 chat_bubble_outline29

One attacker was previously investigated by authorities....

Does Walter Scott verdict offer a path forward for justice in police killings?

access_timeMay 03,2017 chat_bubble_outline46

Yahoo News On Tuesday, a former police officer stood in a South Carolina court and pleaded guilty to a felony for shooting an unarmed man in 2015 – the first time that has happened in a string of high-profile deaths since 2014. In that light, “what...

How an art museum in Russia became the target of Kremlin police raids

access_timeMay 03,2017 chat_bubble_outline39

Yahoo News It is not hard to find the influence of Nicholas Roerich in this city if you know where to look. Not that the 20th century mystic and artist is obscure here – among Russia's cultured classes, he is well known for his visionary Tibetan...

Across US, states answering cries for police reforms

access_timeApr 20,2017 chat_bubble_outline60

Yahoo News The week that Freddie Gray died in a Baltimore hospital in April 2015, while the city burned and protesters across the country demanded police reforms, legislators in Colorado were gathered to deliver just that. The Colorado lawmakers...

Why Texas police are showing support for sanctuary cities

access_timeMar 16,2017 chat_bubble_outline40

Yahoo News Opponents of a Texas bill that would strip funding from so-called sanctuary cities have gained support from an unlikely source: local sheriffs. Some 600 people, including law enforcement officials from around the state, signed up to...

Police detained congressman who refused to leave ICE office

access_timeMar 14,2017 chat_bubble_outline32

Yahoo News Police placed Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D) of Illinois in handcuffs briefly on Monday after he refused to leave a federal immigration office without getting answers about the fate of several detainees facing deportation. Mr. Gutiérrez says he...

Kim Jong-nam killed by nerve agent, Malaysian police say, putting spotlight on chemical weapons

access_timeFeb 25,2017 chat_bubble_outline57

Yahoo News Kim Jong-nam, the North Korean Supreme Leader’s estranged and exiled half-brother, was killed by a VX nerve agent, which is classified by the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction, Malaysian police said on Friday. This latest...

Thai police begin raid on Buddhist sect's temple

access_timeFeb 16,2017 chat_bubble_outline72

Yahoo News PATHUM THANI, Thailand (AP) — Hundreds of police in Thailand are carrying out a raid on the headquarters temple of a controversial Buddhist temple sect to detain its chief, a monk facing criminal charges including accepting $40 million in...

Malaysia police arrest second woman over N. Korea killing

access_timeFeb 16,2017 chat_bubble_outline55

Yahoo News Malaysian police probing the killing of the half-brother of North Korea's leader on Thursday arrested a second woman over the spy novel-style assassination Seoul said was carried out by Pyongyang agents. A woman with an Indonesian...

Malaysian police say a Vietnamese woman has been arrested in the death of North Korean leader's half brother

access_timeFeb 15,2017 chat_bubble_outline65

Yahoo News KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysian police say a Vietnamese woman has been arrested in the death of North Korean leader's half brother....

Baghdad car bomb kills four: police

access_timeFeb 14,2017 chat_bubble_outline22

Yahoo News A car bomb exploded in an industrial area of south Baghdad on Tuesday, killing at least four people, Iraqi police said. "The blast was caused by a parked car bomb in an industrial area," home to many car maintenance workshops and...

7 Hong Kong police guilty in activist's 2014 filmed beating

access_timeFeb 14,2017 chat_bubble_outline24

Yahoo News HONG KONG (AP) — Seven Hong Kong police officers have been found guilty of a lesser charge in the assault of a pro-democracy activist whose videotaped beating during the height of 2014 pro-democracy protests sparked outrage....

Brazil police return to work after strike triggered violent chaos

access_timeFeb 12,2017 chat_bubble_outline27

Yahoo News Several hundred police returned to their patrols on Sunday after eight days of strikes in a southeastern Brazilian state that was plunged into violence during the work stoppage. Relatives of officers had blocked access to all military...

Hundreds of police back on duty in paralyzed Brazil state

access_timeFeb 12,2017 chat_bubble_outline26

Yahoo News SAO PAULO (AP) — Several hundred military police returned to duty in Espirito Santo on Saturday, but authorities said a weeklong strike that has paralyzed the southeastern Brazilian state and led to a wave of homicides was not over....

Gangs of French youth clash with police in Paris suburb

access_timeFeb 11,2017 chat_bubble_outline36

Yahoo News PARIS (AP) — A peaceful demonstration protesting the alleged rape of a black youth by police has degenerated, with small groups setting at least one vehicle afire and throwing projectiles at police in a Paris suburb. Officers responded...

Spain: police arrest 21 suspects u international drug ring

access_timeFeb 11,2017 chat_bubble_outline31

Yahoo News MADRID (AP) — Spanish police say they have made 21 arrests in an investigation of an alleged drug ring which is said to have been operating for almost 15 years from southern Spain....

17 dead in stampede at Angolan football stadium: police

access_timeFeb 11,2017 chat_bubble_outline25

Yahoo News At least 17 football fans died in a stampede at a stadium in northern Angola on Friday, police said, adding that scores of other spectators were injured, many of them seriously. "There was a blockage at the entrance to the January 4...

Brazilian state indicts police officers for refusing to work

access_timeFeb 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline39

Yahoo News SAO PAULO (AP) — The government of Brazil's southeastern state of Espirito Santo has indicted more than 700 military police officers for allegedly refusing to work as part of a pay raise movement that has led to a wave of violence and...

Hong Kong police arrest man after 13 injured in subway fire

access_timeFeb 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline49

Yahoo News HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong authorities say they have arrested a man for arson after a fire broke out in a subway car, injuring 13 people....

Military police shoot tear gas during violent Rio protest

access_timeFeb 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline44

Yahoo News RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Military police in Rio de Janeiro are shooting tear gas to quell a violent protest outside the state legislature....

Dutch police say seize materials to make one billion Ecstasy pills

access_timeFeb 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline41

Yahoo News Dutch police said they seized enough materials to make a billion Ecstasy pills in a truck near the border with Belgium on Thursday. The haul, which included 100 canisters of hydrogen, 15 tons of caustic soda and 3,000 liters of other...

Palestinian opens fire in Israeli market, injuring four: police

access_timeFeb 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline40

Yahoo News A Palestinian man opened fire in an Israeli market on Thursday, injuring four people, before being arrested by police, Israeli authorities said. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the man from the West Bank opened fire with an...

Thai police charge Australian in girlfriend's boating death

access_timeFeb 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline28

Yahoo News PHUKET, Thailand (AP) — Police in Thailand charged an Australian man on Thursday with negligence resulting in the death of his girlfriend when their personal watercrafts collided at high speed off a resort island....

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