Eric Trump on father’s critics: ‘To me, they’re not even people’

Yahoo News President Trump’s son used striking language Tuesday night while accusing Democratic lawmakers of obstructing his father’s agenda.

T. rex was not feathery, study says

A long-held contention says lbodied dinos had no feathers, requiring them for neither warmth nor flight.

8th-grader who skipped Paul Ryan photo op: We’re not brainwashed

Yahoo News One of the students who skipped a photo with House Speaker Paul Ryan last month penned an op-ed defending her peers’ decision, writing that "we have our own thoughts and opinions."

Does Trump believe in climate change or not? Aides won't say

Yahoo News WASHINGTON (AP) — Does he or doesn't he? Believe in climate change, that is.

Biden, forming a PAC, is gone but not … actually, he’s not even gone

Yahoo News Former vice president Joe Biden formally rolled out a political action committee Thursday, a sign that the 74-year-old may be weighing a bid for the presidency in 2020.

Is US downplaying the threat of a nuclear disaster? Scientists slam regulators for not doing enough

Yahoo News A group of scientists have slammed the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) over underestimating the threat of a potential nuclear disaster and for not taking enough measures to ensure

Last show for Ringling: Why it’s not really the end of the circus

Yahoo News On May 21 the circus long promoted as “The Greatest Show on Earth” is closing down with a final performance in Uniondale, N.Y. – attended by no small dose of bittersweet nostalgia from

Cyber defense alone not enough

Vietnamnet - Cyber insurance makes a lot of sense but it’s expensive and as a fledgling industry lacks established standards.

The man who is 'not Le Pen' – and would be president of France

Yahoo News The love story of Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte, who is 24 years his senior, has long generated gossip. It was the singular bond he shared with his late maternal grandmother,

VN shrimp brand: difficult, but not too late

Vietnamnet - Viet Nam is the third largest shrimp producer and the largest giant tiger prawn producer in the world. Shrimp is a major export item, but it lacks brand value.

How Trump's Syria strike could affect North Korea, Egypt attacks must not divide Christians and Muslims, Improving protection of older people's rights, Investing in STEM education can aid development, Are citizens of a democracy obligated to vote?

Yahoo News "The bombing of one of Bashar al-Assad’s airfields must have sent premonitions through the minds of Kim Jong-un and his generals: they could be next," states an editorial. "The deployment

Health minister claims unsafe food not major cause for cancer

Baomoi - Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien said that dirty food is not the major cause of cancer in Vietnam, but it is acute infection and chronic diseases.

The next O'Reilly: Why young conservatives may not want a Papa Bear

Yahoo News Papa Bear is gone from the airwaves. “Papa Bear” is Bill O’Reilly, of course – the 8:00 p.m. star who helped make Fox News the right-leaning network of choice. Comedian Stephen Colbert

Trump voters discontented? So far that's not what polls say

Yahoo News President Trump’s rocky first months in office haven’t much bothered his voters. Yes, there have been lots of stories from the Rust Belt about stirrings of discontent among the Trump

Sustainable tourism not sole responsibility of travel firms: conference

Bao Moi - The 8th scientific international conference on sustainable tourism with the participation of many professors in the world wrapped up its three days of working on April 14.

Uber’s permission from ministry not yet a call for celebration

Vietnamnet - Judging by the barrier that Grab encounters in Danang, the recent approval by the Ministry of Transport is not yet a clear step forward for Uber.

US-Russia diplomacy: Why one airstrike does not leverage make

Yahoo News Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives in Moscow Tuesday with an unexpected card in his hand – after the US airstrike in Syria last week signaled President Trump’s willingness to use

Vietnam should not aim to become industrial power: economist

Vietnamnet - Vietnam should not continue to try to become an industrial power and instead should shift to developing agriculture and tourism, according to economist Le Xuan Nghia, head of the

Inquiry into chemical weapons attack should leave from Damascus, not Turkey, says Syrian minister

Yahoo News The Syrian government set conditions on Thursday for any international inquiry into a suspected chemical attack that killed scores of people, saying it must not be "politicized" and should

Syria is not a black hole for international law

Yahoo News With the Syrian conflict entering its seventh year, United Nations officials are asking if the country has become a war zone empty of international norms. Chemical weapons are used in

Price ceilings or not, market regulation is a must

Vietnamnet - VietNamNet Bridge – If nothing changes, ceiling prices on dairy products for children under six will be removed on April, 1.

It may not be the White House, but Clinton declares she is 'out of the woods'

Yahoo News Several months after losing the 2016 presidential election in a surprise result, Hillary Clinton may be ready to return to the political arena. On Tuesday, the former Democratic

Franchising doors still not open in many business fields

Vietnamnet - Franchising has become popular in many business fields in South East Asian countries, but not in Vietnam.

Vietnam does not import meat from embattled Brazil plants

Nhan dan - NDO - Officials have confirmed that Vietnam has not imported any meat from Brazil’s 21 meat-packaging plants under police investigation for allegedly selling unsafe products for years.