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Image : Preventing low-oxygen response stops flare-ups in bone disorder

Preventing low-oxygen response stops flare-ups in bone disorder

person Orange Themes access_time May 03,2016

PHILADELPHIA, May 2 (UPI) -- Researchers found oxygen starvation of cells in patients with a rare bone condition is responsible for bone growth in muscles, which may lead to a treatment.

Image : Unforgettable experiences of foreign tourists to Vietnam

Unforgettable experiences of foreign tourists to Vietnam

person Orange Themes access_time Dec 14,2016

Riding bikes to rural villages, enjoying street food in Hanoi, learning to cook in Hoi An or watching Water Puppet shows are unforgettable experiences of foreign visitors to Vietnam.

Image : Premier League: Vardy's rags to riches rise a victory for the dreamers

Premier League: Vardy's rags to riches rise a victory for the dreamers

person Orange Themes access_time May 03,2016

In years to come when people recall how Leicester's City intrepid Foxes turned sporting logic on …

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Everything You Need To Know About Celebrating The Upcoming Summer Solstice

access_timeJun 06,2017 chat_bubble_outline36

Yahoo News The June Solstice is typically acknowledged as the official start of summer. The summer solstice occurs in the northern hemisphere, when the sun is at its northernmost point in the sky — the Tropic of Cancer. According to The Old...

Trump offers help on London attacks, touts need for travel ban

access_timeJun 04,2017 chat_bubble_outline26

'We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!'...

A mother who knows from experience what families dealing with homicide need

access_timeJun 02,2017 chat_bubble_outline24

Yahoo News In the days and weeks that followed, members of Louis’s family found themselves on the receiving end of a flood of support from Boston city officials and the local community. “Our mission is that we’re a center of healing, teaching, and...

Scott Kelly Says View From Space Shows Earth Is Covered in Pollution and 'We Need Leadership to Protect it'

access_timeJun 01,2017 chat_bubble_outline22

Yahoo News Scott Kelly returned to earth last March after spending 340 consecutive days at the International Space Station, bringing his cumulative total up to 520 days in space. His unique perspective of our planet during those trips has led him to...

Does US need a new crime crackdown? Prosecutors see generational divide

access_timeMay 17,2017 chat_bubble_outline21

Yahoo News At the core of the debate over the role of prosecutors in keeping America safe, some experts and prosecutors believe, is a generational divide. Attorney General Jeff Sessions represents one view, epitomized by his decision to restore...

Farmers in need as pork prices plummet

access_timeMay 17,2017 chat_bubble_outline31

Vietnamnet - VietNamNet Bridge – Farmers need to be rescued again as prices of yet another item collapse...

Vietnam has trade surplus with US, but no need to worry, say analysts

access_timeMay 11,2017 chat_bubble_outline24

Vietnamnet - Vietnam ranks third among Asian countries which have the biggest trade surpluses with the US. Should this be a concern for Vietnam?...

VN insurers need capable agents

access_timeMay 07,2017 chat_bubble_outline26

Vietnamnet - Insurers need capable agents to fend off the challenge from insurance brokers....

Two dollar billionaires: does Vietnam need more?

access_timeApr 04,2017 chat_bubble_outline26

Vietnamnet - Experts hope that Vietnam's dollar billionaires will spur the development of several business fields and open new value chains....

Central Highlands need macadamia study

access_timeMar 29,2017 chat_bubble_outline49

Vietnamnet - The Central Highlands provinces have good potential for growing macadamia, but more studies are needed to grow the nut, according to the Central Highlands Steering Committee....

When a famine points to a deeper need

access_timeMar 02,2017 chat_bubble_outline42

Yahoo News Last week, the United Nations issued its first famine alert in six years, citing a dire need for aid to reach 100,000 people currently facing starvation in South Sudan. At least another million people in the East African nation are on...

Farming start-ups need more help

access_timeFeb 27,2017 chat_bubble_outline45

Vietnamnet - Pragmatic policies are needed for the Government to realise its goal of promoting start-ups in the agriculture sector....

Law to boost bank restructuring and settle bad debts: We need to be more critical

access_timeFeb 24,2017 chat_bubble_outline46

Vietnamnet - The State Bank of Vietnam’s (SBV) is drafting a 'special' law to boost bank restructuring and settle bad debts, which would remove all the obstacles in the existing legal regulations....

All you need to know

access_timeFeb 21,2017 chat_bubble_outline27

Vietnamnet - One successful startup found its way by providing a service that people actually require....

Coastal EZs need international competition policy

access_timeFeb 19,2017 chat_bubble_outline40

Vietnamnet - The Ministry of Planning and Investment has said investment attraction policy for coastal economic zones (EZs) should be made more inviting with international competitiveness for better development of these zones....

Austrian minister: need to shut Balkan route more completely

access_timeFeb 07,2017 chat_bubble_outline37

Yahoo News BERLIN (AP) — Austria's defense minister says his country wants to step up efforts with countries along the Balkan migrant route to plug gaps in border protection, arguing that the route "is still not as closed as it should be."...

China says police and judges need absolute loyalty to party

access_timeJan 19,2017 chat_bubble_outline65

Yahoo News Law enforcement and judicial officials in China must be absolutely loyal to the ruling Communist Party, state media said, in the latest warning about loyalty in the wake of the jailing of former domestic security chief Zhou Yongkang. Zhou...

Agriculture need more investments and technology, say experts

access_timeJan 18,2017 chat_bubble_outline61

Vietnamnet - It is essential to lower input costs and improve quality to enhance competitiveness of agricultural products and efficiency of investments in this sector, experts have said....

EU 'has no need for outside advice,' France's Hollande says of Trump

access_timeJan 16,2017 chat_bubble_outline42

Yahoo News French President Francois Hollande replied bluntly on Monday to Donald Trump's criticism of the European Union, saying the EU "has no need for outside advice" on its affairs. "I say it here, Europe will always be willing to pursue...

Russian, Turkish foreign ministers stress need to maintain Syrian ceasefire

access_timeJan 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline36

Yahoo News MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu agreed on Tuesday on the need to observe a ceasefire in Syria while continuing to fight "terrorist groups", Russia's foreign ministry...

Vietnam in dire need of low-cost condos

access_timeJan 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline54

Vietnamnet - VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam is predicted to continue lacking of low-cost condo units in the next 10-15 years, said real estate experts,...

Everything You Need to Know About the Office of Congressional Ethics

access_timeJan 04,2017 chat_bubble_outline70

Yahoo News In a quick turnaround, a GOP-backed amendment to make sweeping changes to the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) was swiftly withdrawn, after a wave of negative reactions. The amendment, which was adopted during a late-night session...

The Man in the High Castle loses its political edge when we need it most

access_timeDec 23,2016 chat_bubble_outline64

Spoilers ahead for Man In The High Castle seasons one and two. The Man in the High Castle was created by Frank Spotnitz as an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s 1963 novel of the same name. In the series, half of America was annexed by a victorious Nazi...

New war rules emphasize need to avoid civilian casualties

access_timeDec 14,2016 chat_bubble_outline60

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon has revised its rules of war to put more emphasis on the need to reduce civilian casualties and avoid "excessive harm" to people and property when planning and conducting attacks....

Everything You Need to Know About John Bolton, Trump's Expected Pick for Deputy Secretary of State

access_timeDec 13,2016 chat_bubble_outline69

John Bolton is the likely pick for deputy secretary of state in Donald Trump's administration — the No. 2 position at the State Department, sources told ABC News. A former diplomat and State Department veteran, Bolton will likely serve as an...

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