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Image : Vietnam shipping execs sentenced to death for embezzlement

Vietnam shipping execs sentenced to death for embezzlement

person Orange Themes access_time Feb 23,2017

Bao moi - HANOI: Vietnam on Wednesday (Feb 22) sentenced two executives from its scandal-hit shipping industry to death for embezzlement, official media reported, the latest punishment meted out for the spectacular collapse of a state-run firm that

Image : Timbers loan Lucas Melano to Belgrano in Argentina

Timbers loan Lucas Melano to Belgrano in Argentina

person Orange Themes access_time Jan 09,2017

Yahoo News PORTAND, Ore. (AP) — The Portland Timbers have loaned midfielder Lucas Melano to Atletico Belgrano of Argentina.

Image : To Mosul and back: Sunni Arabs seek place in a shifting Iraq

To Mosul and back: Sunni Arabs seek place in a shifting Iraq

person Orange Themes access_time Nov 18,2016

By John Davison NEAR BASHIQA, Iraq (Reuters) - When Kurdish forces began rounding up his relatives and friends, 23-year-old Iraqi Omar Abdallah fled with his pregnant wife and four brothers to Mosul. At the time, life under Islamic State seemed

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Montreal master on mission to regain martial arts' credibility wins first fight in Vietnam

access_timeJul 13,2017 chat_bubble_outline19

En Vnexpress - Pierre Francois Flores knocked his opponent out with a kick to the head....

Nasa will launch first ever neutron star mission via SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket

access_timeJun 04,2017 chat_bubble_outline34

Yahoo News Nasa is all set to launch its first ever neutron-star mission, nearly 50 years after British astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell first discovered their existence. Nasa's Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer, or NICER, will be flown to the...

NASA's New Mission Involves Traveling to the Sun and People are Volunteering as Tribute

access_timeJun 03,2017 chat_bubble_outline36

Yahoo News NASA is flying beyond the moon and headed to the stars - or at least, the biggest star closest to Earth. NASA announced on May 31 that the Parker Solar Probe will fly through the sun's atmosphere and hopefully answer questions about...

Astronauts set to return after marathon ISS mission

access_timeJun 03,2017 chat_bubble_outline32

Yahoo News French astronaut Thomas Pesquet is due to return to Earth on Friday after a marathon 196-day trip that will fall just shy of a record space mission for a European. The world was a different place when Pesquet, Russia's Oleg Novitskiy and...

Purdue joins Microsoft in five-year mission to create topological quantum computer

access_timeJun 01,2017 chat_bubble_outline37

Yahoo News Microsoft’s big bet to build a usable quantum computer based on two-dimensional quasiparticles just got bigger. Purdue University says it has signed a five-year agreement with Microsoft to expand its role in an international quantum...

Tricky mission: Romanian govt seeks OK to some corruption

access_timeFeb 06,2017 chat_bubble_outline68

Yahoo News BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romania's government is on a high-risk mission: devise a legal and politically acceptable way to remove penalties for some types of official corruption....

Japan's troubled 'space junk' mission fails

access_timeFeb 06,2017 chat_bubble_outline57

Yahoo News An experimental Japanese mission to clear 'space junk' or rubbish from the Earth's orbit has ended in failure, officials said Monday, in an embarassment for Tokyo. Over 100 million pieces of garbage are thought to be whizzing around the...

Abbas opens Vatican mission, warns over US embassy move

access_timeJan 14,2017 chat_bubble_outline49

Yahoo News Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas warned Saturday that moving the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would "not help the peace process," as he opened a Palestinian embassy to the Vatican. Abbas held a private meeting with...

China aircraft carrier capabilities tested on latest mission

access_timeJan 14,2017 chat_bubble_outline56

Yahoo News BEIJING (AP) — China's sole aircraft carrier has returned home following a three-week cruise during which its combat capabilities were closely scrutinized....

Colombia says U.N. staff dancing with rebels 'distorts' peace mission

access_timeJan 05,2017 chat_bubble_outline49

Yahoo News Colombia's government on Wednesday asked a United Nations mission tasked with supervising the demobilization of Marxist FARC rebels to safeguard its neutrality, after the publication of a video showing UN staff dancing with rebels at a...

Motiejunas' new mission with the Pelicans: Get Davis open

access_timeJan 04,2017 chat_bubble_outline68

Yahoo News METAIRIE, La. (AP) — Donatas Motiejunas, the Pelicans' new 7-footer, might sound delusional to more cynical NBA observers....

US says shooting outside US embassy in Ankara, mission shut

access_timeDec 20,2016 chat_bubble_outline68

Ankara (AFP) - The United States on Tuesday closed its missions to Turkey for the day after a shooting incident overnight outside the American embassy in Ankara that followed the assassination of the Russian ambassador in the Turkish capital....

AU mission in Somalia says troops killed 6 at checkpoint

access_timeDec 19,2016 chat_bubble_outline92

The African Union mission in Somalia said Monday its troops had killed six people in a minibus which refused to stop at a checkpoint, responding to accusations it had gunned down civilians. AMISOM troops have been accused by local officials of...

SpaceX's 1st Mars Mission Won't Carry NASA Science Gear

access_timeDec 14,2016 chat_bubble_outline68

NASA doesn't plan to put any science instruments aboard SpaceX's first Mars mission, which could launch as early as 2018, agency officials said. NASA wants to wait until SpaceX proves it can pull off a soft landing on the Red Planet before...

Liberia asks UN to extend mission for another year

access_timeDec 08,2016 chat_bubble_outline62

Liberia's government has asked the United Nations to extend its peacekeeping mission in the west African country for another year, until the next president takes office. "Liberia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Lewis Brown, on...

Manuel Valls: man on a mission to save the French left

access_timeDec 02,2016 chat_bubble_outline89

Prime Minister Manuel Valls has a reputation for never ducking a fight. All eyes are on the Spanish-born premier after President Francois Hollande on Thursday took the country by surprise by saying he would bow out after a single tumultuous term...

European Mars mission funding approved even after test lander's crash

access_timeDec 02,2016 chat_bubble_outline74

European space agency (ESA) member states have approved another 450 million euros ($479 million) in funding for the ExoMars mission to the Red Planet, even after a test lander that was part of the program crashed in October, ESA said on Friday. The...

Nations OK European Space Agency's mission to Mars in 2020

access_timeDec 02,2016 chat_bubble_outline46

BERLIN (AP) — Nations have approved an additional 440 million euros ($469 million) to fund the European Space Agency's next mission to Mars....

Canada stays with U.N. South Sudan mission despite concerns: memo

access_timeNov 28,2016 chat_bubble_outline65

Canada has extended its small deployment of soldiers with the United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan this year despite concerns about its viability and soldiers' safety, an internal Canadian government memo showed. A senior official said...

Space Scientists Rally Support for 2020 Asteroid-Deflection Mission

access_timeNov 16,2016 chat_bubble_outline98

If a large asteroid were headed for a direct hit with Earth, humanity probably couldn't count on Bruce Willis and a nuclear bomb to save the world from certain doom, "Armageddon"-style. That's the possibility the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA...

German foreign ministry sees no change in commitment to Afghan mission after attack

access_timeNov 11,2016 chat_bubble_outline64

A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry on Friday said he did not believe Thurday's attack on the German consulate in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif would alter Germany's view about the need for continued aid to Afghanistan. "I...

Kenya withdraws first batch of troops from U.N. South Sudan mission

access_timeNov 09,2016 chat_bubble_outline122

The first batch of Kenyan troops who had served in a U.N. peacekeeping mission in South Sudan arrived home on Wednesday, after Nairobi ordered them to withdraw in response to the sacking of the Kenyan commander of the UNMISS force. Kenya said last...

Russia says U.N. South Sudan mission 'in ruins' after firing

access_timeNov 04,2016 chat_bubble_outline88

By Michelle Nichols UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Russia on Thursday criticized U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon's decision to fire a Kenyan peacekeeping commander in South Sudan as premature, saying the mission there was now "in ruins" after Kenya vowed to...

Canada minister heads to Africa to set peacekeeping mission

access_timeNov 04,2016 chat_bubble_outline60

As Canada considers where to send troops as part of a commitment to boost UN peacekeeping efforts, its defense minister will visit Mali and Senegal starting Saturday, the government said Thursday. Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan will spend four days...

UN agrees to press on with Colombia mission

access_timeNov 01,2016 chat_bubble_outline65

The UN Security Council agreed Monday to press on with the deployment of a new UN mission for Colombia that will monitor a ceasefire until a final peace deal is reached. The council endorsed recommendations from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to...

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