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Montreal master on mission to regain martial arts' credibility wins first fight in Vietnam
Nasa will launch first ever neutron star mission via SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket
NASA's New Mission Involves Traveling to the Sun and People are Volunteering as Tribute
Astronauts set to return after marathon ISS mission
Purdue joins Microsoft in five-year mission to create topological quantum computer
Tricky mission: Romanian govt seeks OK to some corruption
Japan's troubled 'space junk' mission fails
Abbas opens Vatican mission, warns over US embassy move
China aircraft carrier capabilities tested on latest mission
Colombia says U.N. staff dancing with rebels 'distorts' peace mission
Motiejunas' new mission with the Pelicans: Get Davis open
US says shooting outside US embassy in Ankara, mission shut
AU mission in Somalia says troops killed 6 at checkpoint
SpaceX's 1st Mars Mission Won't Carry NASA Science Gear
Liberia asks UN to extend mission for another year
Manuel Valls: man on a mission to save the French left
European Mars mission funding approved even after test lander's crash
Nations OK European Space Agency's mission to Mars in 2020
Canada stays with U.N. South Sudan mission despite concerns: memo
Space Scientists Rally Support for 2020 Asteroid-Deflection Mission
German foreign ministry sees no change in commitment to Afghan mission after attack
Kenya withdraws first batch of troops from U.N. South Sudan mission
Russia says U.N. South Sudan mission 'in ruins' after firing
Canada minister heads to Africa to set peacekeeping mission
UN agrees to press on with Colombia mission