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Image : Poland's opposition resolute on blocking parliament in row with government

Poland's opposition resolute on blocking parliament in row with government

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Yahoo News By Marcin Goclowski and Pawel Florkiewicz WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's centrist opposition said on Tuesday it will maintain its near month-long blockade of parliament's main hall if the ruling party tries to launch a new session this week,

Image : Sharnie Kimmorley: Tributes, support for popular ex-NRL star Brett and family

Sharnie Kimmorley: Tributes, support for popular ex-NRL star Brett and family

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Brett Kimmorley Wife, Sharnie Kimmorley, Brett Kimmorley Wife Cancer, Sharnie Kimmorley Death Sharnie Kimmorley: Tributes, support for popular ex-NRL star Brett and family “But all the decisions Brett made in footy, they were family decisions.”

Image : Mummy murderer's critical error revealed, after weeks of lies

Mummy murderer's critical error revealed, after weeks of lies

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Mummy murderer's critical error revealed, after weeks of lies While her two children slept, Gavare bludgeoned her elderly neighbour Vonne McGlynn to death, so she could steal the deeds to her home in December 2008. Angelika Gavare almost pulled off

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When is the next bank holiday? May, August and all the 2017 bank holiday dates

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When is the next bank holiday? May, August and all the 2017 bank holiday dates May Bank Holiday falls on May 1 this year. However, if you were able to do so- Thursday, April 13 could be your last day in work and you book holidays until Tuesday, May...

Bankrupt creditors may be aided to refund customers

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Vietnamnet - To-be-bankrupt financial and credit institutions may have to refund their individual customers using support loans from the State Bank of Viet Nam (SBV) and other financial firms....

The next O'Reilly: Why young conservatives may not want a Papa Bear

access_timeApr 20,2017 chat_bubble_outline13

Yahoo News Papa Bear is gone from the airwaves. “Papa Bear” is Bill O’Reilly, of course – the 8:00 p.m. star who helped make Fox News the right-leaning network of choice. Comedian Stephen Colbert gave Mr. O’Reilly the nickname while shaping his...

Why North Korea may be a threat to itself

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Yahoo News As the Trump administration continues to rattle a saber at North Korea, it should take note of a new survey by two economists at South Korea’s central bank. In interviews with hundreds of recent North Korean refugees, they found the...

Canada as international peacekeeper, US unilateral approach to North Korea may be a 'viable new alternative,' 'Righteous outrage' doesn't produce social change, To tackle terrorism, Saudi Arabia and Iran must resolve rivalry

access_timeApr 16,2017 chat_bubble_outline11

Yahoo News "A government so eager to get back into peacekeeping, to have Canada 'step up' and assume its responsibilities as a committed member of the United Nations, now hesitates at the water’s edge," states an editorial. "There are plenty of...

American isolationism? World signals it may no longer be possible

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Yahoo News Donald Trump, presidential candidate, was going to buck seven decades of American leadership and imperial engagement with the world by turning inward and implementing an “America First” foreign policy. Donald Trump, president of the...

The quality that may sway France’s election

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Yahoo News When young voters in France were recently polled about the main attribute they expect of a president, the vast majority said listening. The poll may help explain why the current favorite to win the coming presidential election is...

It may not be the White House, but Clinton declares she is 'out of the woods'

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Yahoo News Several months after losing the 2016 presidential election in a surprise result, Hillary Clinton may be ready to return to the political arena. On Tuesday, the former Democratic presidential candidate spoke to a packed house of 6,000 for...

Why the airline 'electronics ban' may not be discrimination

access_timeMar 22,2017 chat_bubble_outline29

Yahoo News While policy's timing and targeted locations have raised eyebrows, the scholars who study terrorism aren't quite ready to equate the new policy – which bans any electronics larger than a cellphone from being carried on flights departing...

Strategic investors may offload stake in SOEs sooner

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Vietnamnet - Strategic investors may be able to sell their shares in a State-owned enterprise (SOE) three years after the firm is equitised, according to the finance ministry....

Why Trump's budget may be 'devastating' to his supporters

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Yahoo News President Trump’s “skinny” budget proposal would make deep cuts in many government programs in the name of pruning the federal bureaucracy. "It's unacceptable,” says Rep. Hal Rogers (R) of Kentucky, whose district voted about 80 percent...

Trade offcials to meet in Vietnam in May to discuss TPP

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Vietnamnet - Trade officials from the eleven remaining members of the TPP will hold discussions in the coming weeks and ministers will meet again in May in Vietnam to continue debate over the TPP....

Motorcycle show to be held in Hanoi in May

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Vietnamnet - A wide range of motorcycle models manufactured by the world’s leading producers will be on display on a 10,000sq.m area during the Viet Nam Motorcycle Show 2017 (VMCS 2017). The event is scheduled in Ha Noi on May 4-7....

VN derivatives market coming in May or June

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Vietnamnet - Vietnam’s derivatives market will start operating in May or June in hopes it will improve Viet Nam’s securities market and attract more foreign investment, according to the Chairman of the State Securities Commission....

Jobs for panhandlers? Portland may pay them to clean city parks

access_timeMar 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

Yahoo News Homelessness has become a dramatically more serious problem in Portland, Me., over the past few years. Since 2011, the city's homeless population has increased by 72 percent, reaching nearly 500 people in January 2016, according to the...

Viet Capital may list in 3rd quarter

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Vietnamnet - Viet Capital Securities Corporation (VCSC) may list on the stock market in the third quarter of 2017, HCM Securities Corporation (HSC) said in a report on Monday....

Trade barriers may seriously affect Vietnam’s seafood industry

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Vietnamnet - A number of seafood companies have been dissolved or have halted operation, while trade barriers from import countries are expected to.pose challenges to Vietnam’s fishery sector....

To catch a terrorist: Why extreme vetting may be an outdated solution

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Yahoo News Extreme vetting may be a solution in search of a problem, according to an internal Homeland Security intelligence report. This result suggests a shift in the nature of the threat from Al Qaeda like "terrorism-directed" activity to the...

Trump administration says US may defy WTO rulings: What does that mean?

access_timeMar 02,2017 chat_bubble_outline30

Yahoo News On Wednesday night, the Trump administration released the 2017 Trade Policy Agenda to the public. The document, which was also sent to Congress, outlines a new approach to trade, with a focus on tougher bilateral trade deals which...

Forced to work? 60,000 undocumented immigrants may sue detention center

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Yahoo News A class action suit alleging that as many as tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants were coerced to perform free labor in a privately operated Colorado detention center has been given the green light to move forward in a federal...

Imported fruits may take over Vietnamese market

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Vietnamnet - Vietnamese consumers are favouring more imported fruits as spending last year reached over USD700m, that has put more pressure on the local businesses....

Japanese carmakers may leave Vietnam

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Vietnamnet - Some Japanese carmakers consider leaving Vietnam for other regional markets with better business prospects, said Takimoto Koji, the chief representative of the HCM City Office of the Japan External Trade Organisation....

Malaysia may release body of Kim Jong Nam to North Korea after probe

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Yahoo News Malaysia may release the body of Kim Jong Nam, the slain half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, to the next of kin through the North Korean embassy, Malaysia's deputy prime minister said on Thursday. Kim Jong Nam, who was...

Pentagon may recommend U.S. deploy combat troops in Syria: CNN

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Yahoo News WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Defense Department may recommend that the United States deploy regular combat troops to Syria for the first time to fight Islamic State militants, CNN reported on Wednesday. A small number U.S. special...

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