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Aluminium extrusion and galvanised steel escape Australia's anti-subsidy duties
US extends antidumping duties on shrimp imports from Vietnam
Thailand imposes anti-dumping duties on Vietnam steel sheet
Ministry imposes anti-dumping duties on steel from China
VN imposes anti-dumping duties on steel from China
Top Vietnam firms stress social duties
EU slaps China, Taiwan with steel anti-dumping duties
Ministry imposes safeguard duties on steel imports
Vietnamese steel pipe free from US anti-dumping duties
Justice suspends president of Brazil's Senate from duties
Egypt sharply increases customs duties as it seeks to curb imports
Australia may slap anti-dumping duties on Vietnam's aluminum products
Steel industry calling for safeguard duties on imports
HCMC may forgive $61 mln in unrecovered duties
HCMC may forgive $61mln in unrecovered duties
Temporary anti-dumping duties on steel from China, RoK
China threatens WTO case over U.S. steel duties
Higher duties fail to stop Vietnamese from guzzling beer
U.S. sets steep duties on imports of Chinese cold-rolled steel
Vietnam’s sole oil refinery asks to self-regulate import duties
Anti-dumping duties on Vietnamese fish too high