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BMW denies collusion on diesel emissions
Putin denies knowledge of Trump son-in-law back channel proposal
Ministry denies rice licence costs $20,000
Trump denies talk of Russian connection as 'non-sense'
Kremlin denies French election meddling, Macron camp renews charges
Cameroon champion of Africa again, denies Egypt 8th title
Court denies Trump request to immediately restore travel ban
Chile: Bachelet denies receiving campaign financing from OAS
Iran confirms missile test, denies breach of nuclear deal
Trump denies immigration restriction is 'a Muslim ban'
Indonesia denies peacekeepers tried to leave Sudan with arms
Qatar denies receiving invite to Astana talks on Syria
South Korea president's friend denies knowledge of Samsung's 2015 merger plan
EPA denies $1 billion-plus in claims from toxic Colorado mine spill
Nigeria's Jonathan denies receiving oil deal kickbacks
Ukraine's military denies Russian hack attack
Iran denies receiving Saudi invite for hajj talks
Man purporting to be Boko Haram leader denies Sambisa forest defeat
Trump team denies report saying sons selling access
Roberts denies plea to force Senate action on Garland
Friend of South Korea's Park denies charges as trial begins
Beijing denies US claim that China is synthetic drug king
Egypt denies Osama bin Laden's son entry
FDA denies bid to drop some warnings from tobacco pouches
Japan denies Chinese claim of dangerous fighter-jet conduct