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Image : Poland's opposition resolute on blocking parliament in row with government

Poland's opposition resolute on blocking parliament in row with government

person Orange Themes access_time Jan 10,2017

Yahoo News By Marcin Goclowski and Pawel Florkiewicz WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's centrist opposition said on Tuesday it will maintain its near month-long blockade of parliament's main hall if the ruling party tries to launch a new session this week,

Image : Sharnie Kimmorley: Tributes, support for popular ex-NRL star Brett and family

Sharnie Kimmorley: Tributes, support for popular ex-NRL star Brett and family

person Orange Themes access_time Mar 24,2017

Brett Kimmorley Wife, Sharnie Kimmorley, Brett Kimmorley Wife Cancer, Sharnie Kimmorley Death Sharnie Kimmorley: Tributes, support for popular ex-NRL star Brett and family “But all the decisions Brett made in footy, they were family decisions.”

Image : Mummy murderer's critical error revealed, after weeks of lies

Mummy murderer's critical error revealed, after weeks of lies

person Orange Themes access_time Mar 01,2017

Mummy murderer's critical error revealed, after weeks of lies While her two children slept, Gavare bludgeoned her elderly neighbour Vonne McGlynn to death, so she could steal the deeds to her home in December 2008. Angelika Gavare almost pulled off

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The next O'Reilly: Why young conservatives may not want a Papa Bear

access_timeApr 20,2017 chat_bubble_outline13

Yahoo News Papa Bear is gone from the airwaves. “Papa Bear” is Bill O’Reilly, of course – the 8:00 p.m. star who helped make Fox News the right-leaning network of choice. Comedian Stephen Colbert gave Mr. O’Reilly the nickname while shaping his...

Readers write: Merits of voting system, conservatives and climate

access_timeApr 01,2017 chat_bubble_outline21

Yahoo News This action would be learning the wrong lesson from the recent US presidential election. The Electoral College was designed to have the states choose the president. Equal state representation in some form was a key compromise at the...

Tim Allen, conservatives in Hollywood, and Nazi Germany

access_timeMar 23,2017 chat_bubble_outline19

Yahoo News Tim Allen feels it’s so tough to be a conservative in Hollywood, it’s like living in Nazi Germany. “Tim, have you lost your mind?” Steven Goldstein, the executive director of organization, said in a statement....

French conservatives in tailspin as François Fillon's candidacy sinks

access_timeMar 08,2017 chat_bubble_outline30

Yahoo News The French Republicans’ house of cards is tumbling down. Conservative François Fillon, who once seemed a sure bet to take the presidency in this spring’s election, is seeing his candidacy collapse under nepotistic boondoggles charges. ...

CPAC dismisses Richard Spencer: How conservatives are severing alt-right ties

access_timeFeb 23,2017 chat_bubble_outline33

Yahoo News Richard Spencer, a white nationalist and a leader of the so-called "alt-right" movement, says he has been booted from the Conservative Police Action Committee (CPAC) by organizers who disagree with his views. A controversial figure,...

Conservatives are 'hopeful but wary' going into annual gathering near D.C

access_timeFeb 22,2017 chat_bubble_outline22

Yahoo News The conference, which kicks off Wednesday just outside Washington, D.C., inadvertently found itself at the center of a scandal this weekend when a 2016 podcast interview with slated speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, in which the controversial...

Macedonia conservatives fail to reach deal with Albanians

access_timeJan 30,2017 chat_bubble_outline26

Yahoo News SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — Macedonia's conservative leader Nikola Gruevski has failed to reach a deal with his traditional ethnic Albanian coalition partner to form a new cabinet, minutes after the deadline expired at midnight Sunday....

Macedonia conservatives face tough coalition talks

access_timeJan 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline29

Yahoo News SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — Macedonian conservative leader has been formally granted a mandate to form the country's next coalition government following an early general election last month....

Partial re-vote challenges Macedonia conservatives' victory

access_timeDec 20,2016 chat_bubble_outline50

A Macedonian court ordered Tuesday that parliamentary elections be repeated at one polling station due to irregularities, in a development that could challenge the narrow victory of ruling conservatives. The December 11 vote was part of a European...

Conservatives seek ally in Trump in Western land disputes

access_timeDec 14,2016 chat_bubble_outline44

Conservatives who have long complained about the government's control of vast Western lands hope they will have a new ally in Donald Trump, who has sent mixed signals about how he might manage land and ......

Conservatives name Italian as candidate to head EU Parliament

access_timeDec 14,2016 chat_bubble_outline49

The centre-right European People's Party (EPP) nominated Italian Antonio Tajani as its candidate for head of the European Parliament to succeed German Socialist Martin Schulz, who has said he will step down in January. Tajani, 63, who was European...

Macedonia conservatives headed to slim electoral victory

access_timeDec 12,2016 chat_bubble_outline42

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — Nearly complete results in Macedonia's early general elections show the country's conservative coalition in a slim victory over its Social Democratic rivals, but with neither party winning enough parliamentary seats to form...

Ruling conservatives claim victory in Macedonian polls

access_timeDec 11,2016 chat_bubble_outline62

Skopje (AFP) - Macedonia's ruling conservative VMRO-DPMNE party claimed victory on Sunday following elections that pitted it, under the leadership of former prime minister Nikola Gruevski, against the opposition Social Democrats (SDSM)....

UK PM May's Conservatives retain seat in Sleaford by-election: Sky News

access_timeDec 09,2016 chat_bubble_outline36

(Reuters) - British Prime Minister Theresa May's ruling Conservative Party retained a parliamentary seat in a strongly pro-Brexit area on Friday, Sky News said, heading off a challenge from the anti-EU UK Independence Party. The election in Sleaford...

Merkel's conservatives back tougher rules on dual citizens

access_timeDec 07,2016 chat_bubble_outline37

BERLIN (AP) — Members of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party voted Wednesday to scrap rules that allow the children of immigrants to be dual citizens, a move opposed by party leaders and rejected by its partners in government....

Merkel seeks new term as leader of German conservatives

access_timeDec 06,2016 chat_bubble_outline55

BERLIN (AP) — Angela Merkel is seeking a new two-year term as leader of her conservative party, following her announcement last month that she will run for a fourth term as German chancellor....

French conservatives voting to choose presidential nominee

access_timeNov 27,2016 chat_bubble_outline33

PARIS (AP) — French conservatives on Sunday are choosing their nominee for next year's vital presidential election from among two former prime ministers with deep experience in government and differing views on how to prevent more terror attacks on...

French conservatives voting in first presidential primary

access_timeNov 20,2016 chat_bubble_outline44

PARIS (AP) — French conservatives were voting in a nationwide primary Sunday to choose their nominee for next year's presidential election, after a campaign marked by concerns about immigration and Islamic extremism....

Justice Thomas calls conservatives to continue Scalia's work

access_timeNov 18,2016 chat_bubble_outline43

WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says conservatives should make the work of the late Justice Antonin Scalia a "prologue" in the effort to limit the power of the courts and other branches of government....

Justice Alito rallies conservatives in tribute to Scalia

access_timeNov 17,2016 chat_bubble_outline43

WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito issued a rallying cry to conservatives Thursday in the wake of newfound strength following Donald Trump's election....

House Speaker Ryan pressured by conservatives, Trump backers

access_timeOct 30,2016 chat_bubble_outline43

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Paul Ryan is under fire from fellow Republicans upset with his messy political divorce from Donald Trump, with some threatening an effort to oust him....

Spain's conservatives to re-take power in end to crisis

access_timeOct 29,2016 chat_bubble_outline39

Spain turns the page on a 10-month political crisis Saturday as lawmakers ready to vote the conservatives back in power, although at the head of a government with unprecedented opposition. Aided by divisions among his rivals, Prime Minister Mariano...

UK Conservatives hold Commons seat vacated by ex-PM Cameron

access_timeOct 21,2016 chat_bubble_outline59

LONDON (AP) — Britain's Conservative Party has retained the seat in Parliament vacated by the former prime minister, David Cameron, but with a sharply reduced majority....

Conservatives hold Cameron's ex-seat but lose votes

access_timeOct 21,2016 chat_bubble_outline53

Britain's Conservatives on Friday held onto the seat vacated by former prime minister David Cameron, who resigned after the Brexit referendum, but the party saw its share of the vote slashed. Conservative candidate Robert Courts won the seat of...

British PM May's Conservatives see majority cut in Cameron's constituency

access_timeOct 21,2016 chat_bubble_outline62

British Prime Minister Theresa May's ruling Conservative Party held the parliamentary constituency vacated by David Cameron but saw its majority cut significantly as thousands of voters flocked to a pro-European Union opposition party. Former Prime...

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