Where the gemstones sparkle in Hanoi

En Vnexpress - Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves would be right at home at this treasure trove, so keep an eye on your bling.

Lập An Lagoon, where sea and mountain meet

Huế City has long allured travelers with its poetic Hương River, juicy street food, proud imperial city and untouched Lăng Cô beach. Yet without Lập An Lagoon, a trip there is incomplete.

Yucky or yummy: Here’s where Vietnamese rat meat comes from

En Vnexpress - A highway on the outskirts of Saigon has been selling paddy rats for nearly a decade now.

Where the tombstones stood: Revisit Saigon's former graveyards

En Vnexpress - The city’s largest graveyard is going to be demolished to make space for skyscrapers, and it’s not the first to evict its occupants.

When home isn't where the heart is: Vietnam plans to 'export' unemployed graduates

En nexpress - The project is looking to send 54,000 unemployed graduates overseas by 2025 with projected cost of around $57.2 million.

The place in America where (almost) no one drinks their tap water

Yahoo News “[O]n the TV you see someone go to the faucet and get a drink of water, and it just makes me mad cause, you know, we can’t do that,” says Mr. Fannin, who buys two or three 24-packs of

The Latin American 'lab' where women are learning to code across the employment gap

Yahoo News Growing up, Adriana Jauregui always pictured herself having a career. “Without school, I was saying goodbye to my dreams,” says Ms. Jauregui, who tried to cobble together odd jobs, and

Where to relax during weekend if you are in Saigon

EN VietNamNet - Many young Saigonese always long for a place without earsplitting noises and with a tranquil space and poetic landscapes surrounded by rivers, lakes or green trees to escape the

North Korea's nuclear threat: Where do the US and China go from here?

Yahoo News For the Chinese, their proposal perhaps seemed obvious: North Korea would suspend its nuclear and missile tests in return for the United States and South Korea halting their annual joint

In a trustless world, where to find qualities of trust

Yahoo News As it has done for two decades, Fortune magazine has released its annual “100 Best Companies to Work For.” The rankings, based on a survey of some 232,000 employees in the United States,

Another day of flowers and speeches, but where is Russia's women's movement?

Yahoo News A day off work is seldom controversial in Russia. "Who needs this holiday?" says Alyona Doletskaya, former editor of the Russian edition of Vogue. Recommended: Sochi, Soviets, and

Where 'A Day Without a Woman' marches will be held in the US today

Yahoo News This Wednesday, the United States may find out. Coming off the heels of the Jan. 21 Women's Marches, which by some estimates drew more than 3 million participants across the US,

Where you can stop and smell the roses

EN VietNamNet - VietNamNet Bridge – It is not an ideal place for cultivating the delicate flowers, but a few passionate horticulturists have found ways to make the capital city a rose garden

Where next for Putin and Trump?, China: storming the seas by stealth, Nigeria's forgotten violence, The world must take a stand, Peace can prevail in Cyprus

Yahoo News “The latest flare-up of violence in Eastern Ukraine ... is not about changing the status-quo or a warming-up for ... another major escalation,” writes Vladimir Frolov. “It is an

BTS Fans on 'Not Today' Video: Where's Jin?

BTS Fans on 'Not Today' Video: Where's Jin? Fans of K-pop boy band BTS were treated with the release of their new music video, “Not Today,” earlier today, but some followers are scratching their

Arrest of abused immigrant unleashes debate: Where should line be drawn?

Yahoo News Last week, in the middle of a nationwide immigration sweep, federal agents surrounded an El Paso, Texas, county courtroom, a place where victims of domestic violence – women, mostly – go

Where Americans agree on Trump: He should be builder-in-chief

Yahoo News For several nervous days, the flooding at Oroville Dam in California presented the prospect of a catastrophic disaster. Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump branded himself

Hole is where the heart is for Chinese cave dwellers

Yahoo News While some residents are excited by the economic prospects of more tourists, others are unconvinced that the new transport will improve their lives in one of China’s poorest regions. The

Dow 20,000: What does it mean and where does it go?

Yahoo News With the Dow Jones industrials above 20,000, it's natural to ask what's going on and what, if anything, investors should do. Here are some answers to common questions that people have

New clash erupts at Brazil prison where 26 killed

Yahoo News RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A confrontation has broken out inside a Brazilian prison where 26 inmates were killed last weekend.

Where were the richest Vietnamese born?

Vietnamnet - The 500 richest Vietnamese stock billionaires as of December 31, 2016 had held VND167.362 trillion worth of stock assets, or $7 billion. Forty five of them are from Hanoi, holding 27.3

Brazil sees new uprising at penitentiary where 26 killed over weekend

Yahoo News By Pedro Fonseca RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - A new uprising has broken out at a prison in northeastern Brazil where 26 inmates were killed by a rival gang faction over the weekend,

Tam Dao: where heaven meets Earth

En Vnexpress - A two-hour ride from bustling Hanoi offers a sea of clouds, merry meals and a maze of hidden spots.

Where's 'Granny'? Oldest Orca Is Missing, and the Worst Is Feared

Yahoo News A killer whale thought to be over 100 years old and known affectionately as "Granny" has not been sighted in several months and is thought to be deceased. The orca was described as

Where's Drake On New Year's Eve 2017? He's Ringing In The New Year With A Show

Where's Drake On New Year's Eve 2017? He's Ringing In The New Year With A Show Rumors continue to swirl around the Drake-J Lo romance, with People reporting that the two are indeed in a