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Image : Poland's opposition resolute on blocking parliament in row with government

Poland's opposition resolute on blocking parliament in row with government

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Yahoo News By Marcin Goclowski and Pawel Florkiewicz WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's centrist opposition said on Tuesday it will maintain its near month-long blockade of parliament's main hall if the ruling party tries to launch a new session this week,

Image : Sharnie Kimmorley: Tributes, support for popular ex-NRL star Brett and family

Sharnie Kimmorley: Tributes, support for popular ex-NRL star Brett and family

person Orange Themes access_time Mar 24,2017

Brett Kimmorley Wife, Sharnie Kimmorley, Brett Kimmorley Wife Cancer, Sharnie Kimmorley Death Sharnie Kimmorley: Tributes, support for popular ex-NRL star Brett and family “But all the decisions Brett made in footy, they were family decisions.”

Image : Mummy murderer's critical error revealed, after weeks of lies

Mummy murderer's critical error revealed, after weeks of lies

person Orange Themes access_time Mar 01,2017

Mummy murderer's critical error revealed, after weeks of lies While her two children slept, Gavare bludgeoned her elderly neighbour Vonne McGlynn to death, so she could steal the deeds to her home in December 2008. Angelika Gavare almost pulled off

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The 'Thor: Ragnarok' Director Loves 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'

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The 'Thor: Ragnarok' Director Loves 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' “Set to the backdrop of 'Awesome Mixtape #2,' Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continues the team's adventures as they traverse the outer reaches of the cosmos. The...

The most famous pagodas in Vung Tau

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EN VietNamNet - A popular weekend escape from Saigon, Vung Tau rocks at weekends when beach-starved locals and expats descend in numbers, but it is relatively quiet during the week....

Juicero, the $399 internet-connected juicer, explained

access_timeApr 21,2017 chat_bubble_outline10

Juicero, the $399 internet-connected juicer, explained The internet has had a field day this week making fun of an internet-connected juicer called the Juicero. It was supposed to provide farm-fresh ingredients and save people the hassle of having...

Is the tumult of France's presidential race a sign of longing for lost grandeur?

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Yahoo News If there has been one constant in France's 2017 presidential campaign, it has been the repeated rise of the outsider who comes out of nowhere to scramble political assumptions and electoral math. The latest example is Jean-Luc Mélenchon....

The highest waterfall in Vietnam’s Central Highlands

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EN VietNamNet - Dasar waterfall, on the road between Da Lat and Nha Trang, is the ideal destination for those who want to be challenged by adventure and immersed in grandiose nature....

Southern goodness, till the last bite, the last drop

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EN VietNamNet - VietNamNet Bridge – We were in the mood for good southern food last week when we stumbled on to Mon Ngon Sai Thanh (Saigon Cuisine), a newly-opened restaurant in Ha Noi....

The next O'Reilly: Why young conservatives may not want a Papa Bear

access_timeApr 20,2017 chat_bubble_outline13

Yahoo News Papa Bear is gone from the airwaves. “Papa Bear” is Bill O’Reilly, of course – the 8:00 p.m. star who helped make Fox News the right-leaning network of choice. Comedian Stephen Colbert gave Mr. O’Reilly the nickname while shaping his...

The latest sanctuary city? Mexico City.

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Yahoo News On a recent Tuesday morning, scores of passengers disembarked from an unmarked plane and entered a back corner of Mexico City’s international airport through frosted glass doors. Since January, airplanes carrying between 130 and 135...

Building and promoting the values of Vietnamese brands

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Nhan dan - NDO – April 20 has been chosen as the official ‘Vietnamese Brands’ Day’ in accordance with the Prime Minister's decision ratified in 2008 to recognise contributions as well as encourage Vietnamese enterprises to continue to gain more...

The airlines that failed to take off in Vietnam

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Vietnamnet - The Malaysian budget airline AirAsia is now planning to operate in Vietnam after previous three attempts. This has been cited as proof to show the attractiveness of the market, but analysts say the Vietnamese sky may not be welcoming...

The twin goals behind North Korea's resolve on nuclear weapons

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Yahoo News The Trump administration has portrayed the US missile strike on a Syrian air field earlier this month as a sign its willingness to make tough decisions. “The logic is pretty simple,” says Wenran Jiang, an associate professor of political...

Vietnam plans direct air route to the US

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Vietnamnet - The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam is completing procedures and improving the local aviation industry's capacity in order to open a direct air route to the US....

The most profitable listed businesses in 2016

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Vietnamnet - There were 22 listed companies, or 3 percent of total listed businesses, which reported profits of VND1 trillion ($45 million) or higher in 2016. Some new names are expected to join the list....

Discover the special features of Hanoi Old Quarter

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EN VietNamNet - Visiting ancient Hanoi, interesting and full of energy, you will love the city at first sight. It is not as bustling at night as in Bangkok or as busy as Tokyo, but Hanoi has its own color with a history of over 4,000 years....

The world's greenest island

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Yahoo News At the outset of an interview with a Dutch journalist, Søren Hermansen apologizes for being tired. The reporter asks Mr. Hermansen how the Australians discovered him, a community leader on a Danish island half the size of Martha’s...

Vietnamese fresh fruit segment loses the domestic market

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Vietnamnet - The Vietnam fresh fruit segment is brimming with untapped potential for production and export, says the Vietnam Vegetable and Fruit Association, but has lost the domestic market over food safety concerns....

When artists are on the frontlines – of peace

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Yahoo News After seven decades of separation and frequent conflicts, the people of North and South Korea have grown so far apart that many observers say they can never reunite. Kang Chun-hyok, a well-known hip hop artist, thinks otherwise. A...

The power of super projects: Tuan Chau's proposals

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Vietnamnet - Tuan Chau Island 'King' Dao Hong Tuyen has caused quite a stir by suggesting a series of mammoth real estate projects in HCMC with total investment capital of VND65 trillion....

Vietnamese auto manufacturers swim against the stream

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Vietnamnet - Thanh Cong and Truong Hai are determined to export cars, despite a cut in import tariffs on cars scheduled to take effect in 2018....

Listeners can now 'feel the Bern' with new Sanders podcast

access_timeApr 14,2017 chat_bubble_outline15

Yahoo News Progressives who felt “the Bern” in 2016 can keep up with their preferred Democratic candidate anytime, anywhere, thanks to a new podcast from Bernie Sanders. The independent senator from Vermont released the first episodes of the...

Why is the Chinese government encouraging its citizens to report foreign spies?

access_timeApr 14,2017 chat_bubble_outline24

Yahoo News If you happen to be an expat living in Beijing, you’d better watch out. After previous campaigns reminding the public to be aware of foreign espionage around them, the Beijing Municipal National Security Bureau now offers cash rewards to...

Can the 'Charging Bull' sculptor control his artwork's meaning?

access_timeApr 14,2017 chat_bubble_outline13

Yahoo News When a three-and-a-half ton bronze bull was left without a permit in front of the New York Stock Exchange in the dead of night in 1989, its sculptor intended the beast to be a symbol of American strength and resilience in the face of the...

Amid Arkansas death penalty debate, concern for the executioners

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Yahoo News Behind a curtain on Monday, barring a last-minute stay, two Arkansas corrections staffers will each plunge a cocktail of drugs through a tube, not knowing which of the two doses will be lethal. To some, including Republican Gov. Asa...

Under-the-table fees block Vietnam enterprises’ way

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Vietnamnet - If embezzlement continues, breakthrough reforms initiated by local authorities will not bring the desired effects, Dang Dinh Dao from the Institute for Economics & Development Studies has said....

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