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Image : In Saudi Arabia, Melania Trump opts to keep her head bare

In Saudi Arabia, Melania Trump opts to keep her head bare

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Saudi Arabia In Saudi Arabia, Melania Trump opts to keep her head bare RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Ignoring President Donald Trump's past admonition, U.S. first lady Melania Trump did not cover her head Saturday when they arrived in Saudi Arabia on the

Image : President Tony Tan, PM Lee offer condolences over Aceh quake

President Tony Tan, PM Lee offer condolences over Aceh quake

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Indonesia earthquake, Aceh Earthquake, Indonesia, earthquake President Tony Tan, PM Lee offer condolences over Aceh quake Rescue workers and police remove a victim from a collapsed building following an earthquake in Lueng Putu, Pidie Jaya in the

Image : Kasabian are playing two gigs in Wales to mark new album launch

Kasabian are playing two gigs in Wales to mark new album launch

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Kasabian are playing two gigs in Wales to mark new album launch During their tour, Kasabian - who already have four UK number one albums under their belt - will stop at two Welsh venues - first up will be the Venue Cymru in Llandudno before heading

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Will North Korea bring the US and ASEAN together?, Chibok girls freed but concerns remain, What did Erdoğan get out of talks with Putin?, Venezuelan opposition should seek common ground with Chávist loyalists, A bipartisan case for Comey's dismissal

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Yahoo News "Diplomatic relations between the US and countries in this region have often been hampered by different standards and interpretations of political integrity...," states an editorial. "At least on the black-and-white threat posed by an...

Last show for Ringling: Why it’s not really the end of the circus

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Yahoo News On May 21 the circus long promoted as “The Greatest Show on Earth” is closing down with a final performance in Uniondale, N.Y. – attended by no small dose of bittersweet nostalgia from fans and the media. Richard Bukowski can tell you. ...

What path forward for the GOP agenda?

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Yahoo News The window for Republicans in Congress to make significant progress on their agenda is closing fast, and a disorganized and crisis-riddled White House is not helping. At all....

Foreigner performs 'Feels Like the First Time' live on 'GMA'

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Yahoo News The band performs their classic song live from Times Square....

The place in America where (almost) no one drinks their tap water

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Yahoo News “[O]n the TV you see someone go to the faucet and get a drink of water, and it just makes me mad cause, you know, we can’t do that,” says Mr. Fannin, who buys two or three 24-packs of bottled water a month for drinking and cooking. For...

Will Vietnam be able to catch up with the 4.0 industrial revolution?

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Vietnamnet - Dang Viet Dung, managing director of Uber Vietnam, thinks Vietnam may not catch up with the revolution in the short term, while it remains a question in the medium term....

Change is coming with the 4th industrial revolution: experts

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Vietnamnet - Here are the opinions of business leaders on what the fourth industrial revolution has in store for Vietnam....

Impeachment - the 'I' word - and how it works

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Impeachment - the 'I' word - and how it works With the White House running damage control, and critics smelling blood, some Democrats have mentioned the "I" word - impeachment - as a possibility for the 45th president, although initiating the...

LaVar Ball, the $495 sneakers and the battle against basketball's status quo

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LaVar Ball, the $495 sneakers and the battle against basketball's status quo UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball had a lot invested in Tuesday night's NBA draft lottery. Ball, whose court vision and playmaking ability have drawn rave reviews, is a consensus...

Vietnam urged to prepare for the 4th industrial revolution

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Vietnamnet - The fourth industrial revolution is coming and Vietnamese enterprises simply must give it due regard....

In Macron, Germany sees an opportunity to aid France – and boost the EU

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Yahoo News There are few Europeans more hopeful over the election of Emmanuel Macron in France and its bearing on the European Union than those in the Pulse of Europe movement. The group that has been leading weekly pro-EU rallies since last fall...

A peace accelerator in the Mideast desert

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Yahoo News China and the United States reconciled decades ago through a table tennis match. Serbia and Albania have edged closer after putting on a production of “Romeo and Juliet.” India and Pakistan have talked of joint research on Himalayan...

What Trump's intellligence-sharing with Russia may have cost the US

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Yahoo News President Trump’s disclosure to Russian officials of sensitive intelligence provided by a US partner in the fight against the Islamic State threatens to put a chill on one of Mr. Trump’s priorities – the global effort to defeat Islamist...

Hoi An celebrates the 10 millionth tourists

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EN VietNamNet - The city’s culture and sports centre said Hoi An hosted 1.6 million tourists last year, a 34.14 percent increase from 2015....

Gatekeepers of the Trump revolution

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Yahoo News It was a somber scene in the GOP-controlled Senate. Republicans were set to blow up a historic Senate rule so they could bust through a Democratic blockade and confirm Neil Gorsuch for the US Supreme Court with just a majority vote. ...

VN tries to harness the change brought about by Industry 4.0.

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Vietnamnet - After missing the first three, Vietnam is now hoping to tap into the fourth revolution, though this requires action and not just words....

The back-up plan of domestic automobile manufacturers

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Vietnamnet - Contrary to all predictions, automobile manufacturers have set modest targets for this year’s business plans. After a two-year boom, the automobile market is expected to be more quiet in 2017....

The 'Avril Lavigne is dead' conspiracy is back again

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The 'Avril Lavigne is dead' conspiracy is back again Shortly after beginning work on her second album, the page claims that Avril fell into depression and was later found dead at her home by her record company. The company then began using Melissa...

Tech insight - the 'B-spec' Mercedes that put Hamilton on pole

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Tech insight - the 'B-spec' Mercedes that put Hamilton on pole For the first round of the F1 season's European leg in Spain, almost all the teams introduced major update packages to their cars. Nowhere are the stakes higher than at the front of the...

The hard lot of Vietnam’s shrimp industry

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Vietnamnet - Never before has Vietnam’s shrimp industry met such difficulties, as technical barriers have been used in large importing markets....

Hamas's new policy offers an opportunity, Does Trump really want to meet Putin?, Why the Philippines is no longer America's 'lackey,' How new US administration 'forces' Canada toward trade with China, Private companies should expand maternity leave

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Yahoo News "The release of [Hamas’s "Document of General Principles and Policies"] should be understood as a balancing act, an effort to allow pragmatism within Hamas to be presented publicly without undermining the movement’s ideological base,"...

How a European song contest offers a glimpse of the Russian psyche

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Yahoo News For most Americans, Eurovision is not of much interest. The 61-year-old song competition, a forebear of shows like American Idol, was originally started to underline a common sense of cultural identity among Europeans. Today, it is one...

Transfer pricing: the dark side of FDI

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Vietnamnet - Transfer pricing has been a serious problem in Vietnam, more so than in other economies....

He’s given at-risk young men the space to learn and grow

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Yahoo News When Richard Bienvenue finished graduate school, he took a position in the school system in Virginia’s Arlington County, working with at-risk youths. “The idea never left me ... working with these at-risk kids,” says Mr. Bienvenue, or...

The #BowWowChallenge mercilessly mocks the rapper for faking an Instagram post ...

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The #BowWowChallenge mercilessly mocks the rapper for faking an Instagram post ... Since Bow Wow was caught out, fans have mercilessly mocked the music mogul for his embarrassing slip-up. Many have decided to partake in the “Bow Wow Challenge”,...

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