How to Watch NASA Broadcast Russia’s Progress 67 Spacecraft Launching and Docking on the ISS

Yahoo News The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will provide live video coverage of the launch and docking of a large Russian cargo spacecraft at the International Space

Trump critics, backers march around globe over climate and Russia

The marchings came as US Ambassador Nikki Haley made clear that 'President Trump believes the climate is changing.'

How the Trump administration’s secret efforts to ease Russia sanctions fell short

Yahoo News In the early weeks of the Trump administration, former Obama administration officials and State Department staffers fought an intense, behind-the-scenes battle to head off efforts by

Vietnam sends homeless man back to Russia after months of support

The 45-year-old Russian had wandered Nha Trang streets for years before a social welfare center took him in late last year.

‘A big reach’: Rumsfeld dismisses comparisons between Russia investigation and Watergate

Yahoo News “I don’t see any there there,” Rumsfeld, who served in multiple Republican administrations, added in an interview with Yahoo News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga. Rumsfeld, as the

130 million-year-old skull of unknown marine reptile species found in Russia

Yahoo News Paleontologists have found the remains of an unknown type of pliosauroidea - an extinct marine reptile - that lived alongside the dinosaurs 130 million years ago on the bank of the Volga

Kellyanne Conway on Kushner outreach to Russia: ‘Back channels like this are the regular course of business’

Yahoo News The White House counselor dismissed concerns over reports that President Trump’s son-in-law had proposed a secret back channel between Russia and the Trump transition team during a

Ukraine and Russia trade Twitter barbs, including a ‘Simpsons’ GIF

Yahoo News In an odd development in the fast-paced world of digital diplomacy, the country of Ukraine took a swipe at Russia using its verified Twitter feed and ended the exchange with GIF taken from

Special counsel appointed to investigate Russia-Trump ties: Three key questions

Yahoo News The Justice Department’s appointment of a special counsel to investigate ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russian officials should provide structure and some measure of order

As controversy swirls around Trump, Russia watches helplessly

Yahoo News When Russian President Vladimir Putin offered on Wednesday to provide Congress with a transcript of his foreign minister's controversial meeting last week with President Trump in the Oval

What Trump's intellligence-sharing with Russia may have cost the US

Yahoo News President Trump’s disclosure to Russian officials of sensitive intelligence provided by a US partner in the fight against the Islamic State threatens to put a chill on one of Mr. Trump’s

Trump revelation of intelligence to Russia: Three key questions

Yahoo News Reports that President Trump revealed secret information to Russia are the latest startling development in the deepening story of a US chief executive who continues to burst through the

FBI director is out. How does that affect Trump-Russia investigation?

Yahoo News In his short presidency, Donald Trump has taken many abrupt actions – but perhaps none more controversial than the sudden firing of FBI director James Comey. President Trump had the legal

What Comey's firing means for repairing strained US-Russia ties

Yahoo News The “Putin Not My President” signs had disappeared from Washington protests. In that light, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s meetings in Washington on May 10 with President Trump

How an art museum in Russia became the target of Kremlin police raids

Yahoo News It is not hard to find the influence of Nicholas Roerich in this city if you know where to look. Not that the 20th century mystic and artist is obscure here – among Russia's cultured

Jehovah's Witnesses as 'extremists': Court sharpens edges of Russia's religious space

Yahoo News There is no outward sign of awareness that Russia's Supreme Court has just banned the Jehovah's Witnesses as an "extremist" group on a par with terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al

Does Trump have a foreign policy? Mixed US messages leave Russia wondering.

Yahoo News Seldom in the strained history of US-Russian relations have signals seemed more dangerously crossed, or the misunderstandings more unfathomable, than they are right now, even as Secretary

US-Russia diplomacy: Why one airstrike does not leverage make

Yahoo News Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives in Moscow Tuesday with an unexpected card in his hand – after the US airstrike in Syria last week signaled President Trump’s willingness to use

Briefing: Trump, Russia, Rice – and now Nunes

Yahoo News According to a US intelligence report, individuals connected to Russian intelligence hacked into Democratic Party computers during the 2016 election campaign and leaked information in an

Did St. Petersburg bombing bring Russia's Syria intervention back home?

Yahoo News Terrorism returned to Russia's heartland Monday after a long period of what now appears deceptive calm, with a suicide bombing that killed at least 11 people, and injured 51, in the St.

Election meddling: When Russia returns, will the US be ready?

Yahoo News Allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election have raised lots of questions, from why so many Trump team members met with the Russian ambassador prior to inauguration

In tricky US-Russia climate, citizen diplomats and scholars do the talking

Yahoo News Washington was swarming with Russians last week. It is, after all, a relationship that affects the entire planet, regardless of what emerges from an FBI investigation into connections

Vietnam, Russia discuss anti-bribery in international business transactions

Nhan dan - NDO/VNA – Officials from Vietnam and Russia gathered in a workshop in Hanoi on March 28 to discuss measures to stop bribery among foreign public officials in international business

Pelosi, Schiff call for Nunes recusal from Russia probe

Yahoo News The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee says Chairman Devin Nunes (R) of California should step down from an investigation of alleged ties between President Trump's associates

Why is someone trying to shutter one of Russia's top private universities?

Yahoo News Generally, prestigious private universities with hundreds of students don't get shut down over fairly minor, six-month-old technical issues that have since been resolved. What appears to