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Image : Preventing low-oxygen response stops flare-ups in bone disorder

Preventing low-oxygen response stops flare-ups in bone disorder

person Orange Themes access_time May 03,2016

PHILADELPHIA, May 2 (UPI) -- Researchers found oxygen starvation of cells in patients with a rare bone condition is responsible for bone growth in muscles, which may lead to a treatment.

Image : Unforgettable experiences of foreign tourists to Vietnam

Unforgettable experiences of foreign tourists to Vietnam

person Orange Themes access_time Dec 14,2016

Riding bikes to rural villages, enjoying street food in Hanoi, learning to cook in Hoi An or watching Water Puppet shows are unforgettable experiences of foreign visitors to Vietnam.

Image : Premier League: Vardy's rags to riches rise a victory for the dreamers

Premier League: Vardy's rags to riches rise a victory for the dreamers

person Orange Themes access_time May 03,2016

In years to come when people recall how Leicester's City intrepid Foxes turned sporting logic on …

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AI may beat humans at everything in 45 years, experts predict

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline45

Yahoo News When will AI surpass human capabilities? A new survey, conducted by the University of Oxford and Yale University, draws on the expertise of 352 leading AI researchers to make an educated guess....

Climate deal pull-out may speed up damage to Trump property

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline28

Yahoo News PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement could accelerate damage to his family's real estate empire in the coming decades, especially his properties that lie just feet from the...

UK election deals May a crushing blow, blurring Brexit talks

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline19

Brexit talks are more uncertain than ever....

May's grip on power in doubt as UK election heads for stalemate

access_timeJun 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

Pound sterling falls sharply on unclear outcome....

Polls on eve of UK election suggest PM May will boost majority

access_timeJun 08,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

On eve of election, May tries to put focus back on Brexit...

It may soon be possible to accurately re-create facial images from memory

access_timeJun 05,2017 chat_bubble_outline18

Yahoo News Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have demonstrated that it is possible to recreate images of human faces based on the monitoring of macaque monkey brain cells....

Rich Kids and Drugs: Addiction May Hit Wealthy Students Hardest

access_timeJun 05,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

Yahoo News Teens who attend high-achieving schools in well-to-do communities may be more vulnerable to drug and alcohol problems than their less well-off peers, a new study from the Northeast U.S. suggests. Researchers found that by age 26,...

US may do less harm outside climate pact than in it: analysts

access_timeJun 02,2017 chat_bubble_outline17

This way, the Trump administration, heavily influenced by the fossil-fuel industry, will have less sway over the U.N. climate process....

Scientists may have found evidence of a parallel universe

access_timeJun 01,2017 chat_bubble_outline25

Yahoo News The idea that we might be living in just one of an infinite number of universes has been fodder for scientific debate and sci-fi movie plots for a long time, but coming up with evidence to support the theory has been hard to come by. Now,...

Cities may be 8 degrees Celsius hotter by 2100: study

access_timeMay 31,2017 chat_bubble_outline21

'For the worst-off city, losses could reach up to 10.9 percent of GDP by 2100.'...

Breakfast @ Tuoi Tre News – May 19

access_timeMay 19,2017 chat_bubble_outline21

Bao moi - Good morning from Tuoi Tre News!...

How Mueller appointment may calm a roiled Washington

access_timeMay 18,2017 chat_bubble_outline24

Yahoo News The appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel overseeing the agency’s Russia investigation adds a measure of integrity and calm during a time of tumult in Washington. It cools the nascent – and premature – talk...

What Trump's intellligence-sharing with Russia may have cost the US

access_timeMay 16,2017 chat_bubble_outline30

Yahoo News President Trump’s disclosure to Russian officials of sensitive intelligence provided by a US partner in the fight against the Islamic State threatens to put a chill on one of Mr. Trump’s priorities – the global effort to defeat Islamist...

PM to hold dialogue with business community on May 17

access_timeMay 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline42

Nhan dan - NDO - The dialogue between Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the business community is scheduled to take place on May 17 at the National Convention Centre in Hanoi....

Carlsberg & Habeco negotiations may be nearing conclusion

access_timeMay 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline24

Vietnamnet - Carlsberg CEO Cees’t Hart said on May 4 that negotiations with the Ministry of Industry and Trade over an additional stake in Habeco has been “hot, complicated, and cumbersome.”...

Bankrupt creditors may be aided to refund customers

access_timeApr 21,2017 chat_bubble_outline30

Vietnamnet - To-be-bankrupt financial and credit institutions may have to refund their individual customers using support loans from the State Bank of Viet Nam (SBV) and other financial firms....

The next O'Reilly: Why young conservatives may not want a Papa Bear

access_timeApr 20,2017 chat_bubble_outline102

Yahoo News Papa Bear is gone from the airwaves. “Papa Bear” is Bill O’Reilly, of course – the 8:00 p.m. star who helped make Fox News the right-leaning network of choice. Comedian Stephen Colbert gave Mr. O’Reilly the nickname while shaping his...

Why North Korea may be a threat to itself

access_timeApr 19,2017 chat_bubble_outline63

Yahoo News As the Trump administration continues to rattle a saber at North Korea, it should take note of a new survey by two economists at South Korea’s central bank. In interviews with hundreds of recent North Korean refugees, they found the...

Canada as international peacekeeper, US unilateral approach to North Korea may be a 'viable new alternative,' 'Righteous outrage' doesn't produce social change, To tackle terrorism, Saudi Arabia and Iran must resolve rivalry

access_timeApr 16,2017 chat_bubble_outline37

Yahoo News "A government so eager to get back into peacekeeping, to have Canada 'step up' and assume its responsibilities as a committed member of the United Nations, now hesitates at the water’s edge," states an editorial. "There are plenty of...

American isolationism? World signals it may no longer be possible

access_timeApr 13,2017 chat_bubble_outline64

Yahoo News Donald Trump, presidential candidate, was going to buck seven decades of American leadership and imperial engagement with the world by turning inward and implementing an “America First” foreign policy. Donald Trump, president of the...

The quality that may sway France’s election

access_timeApr 04,2017 chat_bubble_outline36

Yahoo News When young voters in France were recently polled about the main attribute they expect of a president, the vast majority said listening. The poll may help explain why the current favorite to win the coming presidential election is...

It may not be the White House, but Clinton declares she is 'out of the woods'

access_timeMar 29,2017 chat_bubble_outline28

Yahoo News Several months after losing the 2016 presidential election in a surprise result, Hillary Clinton may be ready to return to the political arena. On Tuesday, the former Democratic presidential candidate spoke to a packed house of 6,000 for...

Why the airline 'electronics ban' may not be discrimination

access_timeMar 22,2017 chat_bubble_outline59

Yahoo News While policy's timing and targeted locations have raised eyebrows, the scholars who study terrorism aren't quite ready to equate the new policy – which bans any electronics larger than a cellphone from being carried on flights departing...

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