How Rihanna has made a Vietnamese design go viral on Instagram

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Global coverage: How phones have found their way into every nook and cranny

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This Hanoi class teaches seniors how to picture moments no digital camera can

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Free at last? How retirement looks around the world

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The global booze trip: How the world drinks

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How cool for the summer are you?

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How Saigon's iconic Nguyen Hue Street has transformed over 150 years

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Donkey, ferry or scooter: How the world moves

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How to Watch NASA Broadcast Russia’s Progress 67 Spacecraft Launching and Docking on the ISS

Yahoo News The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will provide live video coverage of the launch and docking of a large Russian cargo spacecraft at the International Space

How Did Life Form? Astronomers Find a Clue at a Distant Star

Yahoo News The same week we learned that the human species may be older than was previously believed, it was disclosed that two teams of astronomers report that they have found molecules related to

‘Lies’ to ‘Lordy’: How the world’s front pages covered the Comey testimony

Yahoo News Former FBI Director James Comey’s public testimony was one of the most anticipated congressional hearings in recent memory — and newspaper front pages treated it as such. Focusing on

How SpaceX Launched a Chinese Experiment Into Space, Despite U.S. Ban

Yahoo News Where Congress sees security risks, private industry sees opportunity.

Knowing Yourself: How to Improve Your Understanding of Others

Yahoo News Developing a better understanding of yourself may also improve your capacity to better understand the thoughts and feelings of other people, a new study from Germany suggests. Researchers

How communities respond to terrorism – and overcome fear

Yahoo News As foreign correspondents for the Monitor with more than 40 years’ experience between us, that’s a question we’ve asked ourselves – and watched civilians grapple with, from Jerusalem to

How Learning to Read Rewrites the Brain

Yahoo News The researchers, to their surprise, observed changes in deep, evolutionarily old structures of the brain that were thought to be rather inflexible in adults. "What previously has been

How Vietnam got Trump's White House to open its door

Experts say the Southeast Asian country has been successful in 'pro-active diplomacy' by seeking multiple routes to Trump.

IBM shares details of how silicon nanosheets could revolutionize chip design

Yahoo News After a decade of research, IBM has announced that its implementation of stacked silicon nanosheets presents a better path toward the manufacture of 5 nanometer chips than the FinFET

Trump's troubles at home overshadow first trip overseas, 'New journey' for US-Saudi relations, Shift in US-Saudi relations more style than substance, How Rouhani's second term could differ from his first, One Belt One Road requires peace in South Suda

Yahoo News "There is undoubtedly a positive message being sent when a US president chooses Saudi Arabia ... as his first foreign destination...," writes Sheikh Mohammad Abdulkarim Al-Issa. "[W]ith

How cultural biases obscure women's true role in ISIS

Yahoo News One thing drove university graduate Emna from abandoning her middle-class life in Tunisia to carry the so-called Islamic State’s banner in neighboring war-torn Libya. Recommended: How

How an Icon of Evolution Lost Its Flight

Yahoo News In 1835, the Galapagos Islands shaped the thoughts of a young British naturalist named Charles Darwin, and helped inspire his world-shaking theory of evolution. For that reason, the

How the Trump administration’s secret efforts to ease Russia sanctions fell short

Yahoo News In the early weeks of the Trump administration, former Obama administration officials and State Department staffers fought an intense, behind-the-scenes battle to head off efforts by

Marriage can fight poverty – but how do you promote it?

Yahoo News At the Maclellan Shelter for Families, Gena Roberts Ellis stands in front of about two dozen residents, blending humor with what she views as an urgent mission: helping these families stay

ViaSat-2 launch: How today's small step for spaceflight is a giant leap for airplane Wi-Fi

Yahoo News Highspeed internet on transatlantic flights will take a step closer to reality today (1 June), as the ViaSat-2 communications satellite is launched into space. Built by Boeing Satellite

Nasa solar announcement: Just how close can we get to the Sun?

Yahoo News Nasa will announce a new and ambitious mission to the Sun, which will see one of the space agency's solar probes fly closer to the Sun than any other spacecraft ever has before. Nasa's

Is there a doctor in the kitchen? How culinary medicine reenvisions food

Yahoo News In her white lab coat and slacks, Maureen Villaseñor looked better suited to be handing out prescriptions at a clinic than talking salad dressing in a grocery store aisle.