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Ba Hoa Market – a venue for birds of a feather
Hue’s Thai Hoa Palace to undergo restoration
Thanh Hoa attracts US$6 billion in 32 investment projects
Thanh Hoa calls for US$5 billion investment
Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Sea Festival 2017 slated for June
Thanh Hoa intensifies A/H7N9 avian flu prevention
The ruins of ancient Hoa Phong Tower on the shore of Hoan Kiem Lake
Visiting Hon Ba Mountain in Khanh Hoa
Thanh Hoa aims to preserve relics, promote tourism
Khanh Hoa to launch “welcome club” for Chinese tourists
Khanh Hoa establishes Chinese tourist service club
Thanh Hoa: Nghi Son Economic Zone to be expanded
Thanh Hoa: Nghi Son Economic Zone expanded
PENM IV Germany seeks higher stakes in Hoa Phat Group
Vietinbank lends over $430 million for Hoa Phat's steel project
Hoa Phat Group plans to raise charter capital to $675.6 million
Over 580 delegates join APEC activities in Khanh Hoa
PM urges facilitating land clearance for Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park
Hoa Phat Dung Quat steel complex licensed in Quang Ngai
PM approved Hoa Phat's $3 billion steel project in Dung Quat EZ
Nha Trang–Khanh Hoa sea festival slated for June
Khanh Hoa tourism worries about heavy reliance on Chinese market
Thanh Hoa whale temple
Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park targeted to become an appealing destination to investors
Vietnamese steelmaker Hoa Sen ready to plunge $700mln into deep-water port