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Image : Qld alleyway rape accused set to seek bail

Qld alleyway rape accused set to seek bail

person Orange Themes access_time Jan 09,2017

Qld alleyway rape accused set to seek bail A man accused of raping a woman in a Brisbane alleyway nearly six years ago is set to apply for bail. The 32-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested in northern NSW in December, along

Image : Grab kicks off shuttle service

Grab kicks off shuttle service

person Orange Themes access_time Mar 02,2017

Grab kicks off shuttle service SINGAPORE – A new fixed-route shuttle service by ride-hailing app Grab kicked off on Thursday (March 2), allowing commuters to book a guaranteed seat on a van or bus. The new service called GrabShuttle will have 13, 23

Image : Defending champion Villanova stunned by Wisconsin

Defending champion Villanova stunned by Wisconsin

person Orange Themes access_time Mar 18,2017

Defending champion Villanova stunned by Wisconsin Top-seeded Villanova was bounced from the NCAA Tournament by eighth-seeded Wisconsin, which overcame foul trouble for two of its stars in the second half Saturday to upset the defending champions

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Does US need a new crime crackdown? Prosecutors see generational divide

access_timeMay 17,2017 chat_bubble_outline8

Yahoo News At the core of the debate over the role of prosecutors in keeping America safe, some experts and prosecutors believe, is a generational divide. Attorney General Jeff Sessions represents one view, epitomized by his decision to restore...

Hamas's new policy offers an opportunity, Does Trump really want to meet Putin?, Why the Philippines is no longer America's 'lackey,' How new US administration 'forces' Canada toward trade with China, Private companies should expand maternity leave

access_timeMay 12,2017 chat_bubble_outline17

Yahoo News "The release of [Hamas’s "Document of General Principles and Policies"] should be understood as a balancing act, an effort to allow pragmatism within Hamas to be presented publicly without undermining the movement’s ideological base,"...

FBI director is out. How does that affect Trump-Russia investigation?

access_timeMay 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline15

Yahoo News In his short presidency, Donald Trump has taken many abrupt actions – but perhaps none more controversial than the sudden firing of FBI director James Comey. President Trump had the legal right to oust Mr. Comey. Comey’s departure,...

What does ‘airport overloading’ mean for the economy?

access_timeMay 09,2017 chat_bubble_outline18

Vietnamnet - Everyone complains that airports are getting overloaded, but economists and businesspeople say this is a good sign that the national economy is robust....

Does Walter Scott verdict offer a path forward for justice in police killings?

access_timeMay 03,2017 chat_bubble_outline16

Yahoo News On Tuesday, a former police officer stood in a South Carolina court and pleaded guilty to a felony for shooting an unarmed man in 2015 – the first time that has happened in a string of high-profile deaths since 2014. In that light, “what...

Orlando Bloom tells John Boyega to find love before he gets too famous - does ...

access_timeApr 29,2017 chat_bubble_outline10

Orlando Bloom tells John Boyega to find love before he gets too famous - does ... Orlando Bloom gave some sound advice to John Boyega about the dating game - but what does it say about his own love life? The stars will be appearing on The Graham...

Does Vietnam have ‘more than enough’ hotels, resorts?

access_timeApr 25,2017 chat_bubble_outline24

Vietnamnet - While some economists say that Vietnam has too many hotels and resorts, others believe that Vietnam’s tourism infrastructure is still inadequate compared with the rest of the world....

Does Trump have a foreign policy? Mixed US messages leave Russia wondering.

access_timeApr 12,2017 chat_bubble_outline31

Yahoo News Seldom in the strained history of US-Russian relations have signals seemed more dangerously crossed, or the misunderstandings more unfathomable, than they are right now, even as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tried to chart a way...

US-Russia diplomacy: Why one airstrike does not leverage make

access_timeApr 11,2017 chat_bubble_outline37

Yahoo News Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives in Moscow Tuesday with an unexpected card in his hand – after the US airstrike in Syria last week signaled President Trump’s willingness to use military force to address egregious and deadly...

Does Syria U-turn show Trump is a man without ideology?

access_timeApr 10,2017 chat_bubble_outline32

Yahoo News President Trump’s Syria strike last week represented a remarkably abrupt reversal of position. Mr. Trump has long insisted that it would be a terrible idea for the US to get mixed up in Syria’s problems or try to oust the Assad regime. ...

Two dollar billionaires: does Vietnam need more?

access_timeApr 04,2017 chat_bubble_outline16

Vietnamnet - Experts hope that Vietnam's dollar billionaires will spur the development of several business fields and open new value chains....

Senate Title X funding vote: What does it mean for Planned Parenthood?

access_timeApr 03,2017 chat_bubble_outline20

Yahoo News Since 1970, federal funds from Title X have helped low-income women access family planning and reproductive health services through a range of organizations. Last week, the Senate voted 51 to 50 to repeal Obama-era guidance that...

Fighting famine in Yemen vs. aid for Saudis. Does the US have to choose?

access_timeMar 30,2017 chat_bubble_outline26

Yahoo News The Trump administration is moving toward deeper US military involvement in Yemen’s civil war – a conflict that has left the impoverished country in a dire humanitarian crisis and on the brink of famine. Indeed, as President Trump...

Infowars apologizes for spreading 'Pizzagate' theory. What does that mean for fake news?

access_timeMar 26,2017 chat_bubble_outline35

Yahoo News Infowars owner and long-time conspiracy theorist Alex Jones admitted that his site falsely reported and commented on the debunked “Pizzagate” controversy, a theory that alleged that Comet Ping Pong, a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant,...

Vietnam does not import meat from embattled Brazil plants

access_timeMar 25,2017 chat_bubble_outline28

Nhan dan - NDO - Officials have confirmed that Vietnam has not imported any meat from Brazil’s 21 meat-packaging plants under police investigation for allegedly selling unsafe products for years....

What does ‘multispeed’ Europe really mean?

access_timeMar 24,2017 chat_bubble_outline24

Yahoo News The Treaty of Rome, which gave rise to the European Union, is marking its 60th anniversary. One idea to boost the postwar project is the notion of a “multispeed” Europe.Q: What is a multispeed Europe? This idea, which is not new, got...

North Korea missile launch toward S. Korea failed. How often does that happen?

access_timeMar 22,2017 chat_bubble_outline25

Yahoo News The missile, launched from the eastern coastal town of Wonsan, “[appeared] to have exploded within seconds of launch,” the US Pacific Command said in a statement. American officials had been aware of the planned launch for several days,...

Does Germany owe 'vast sums' to US for NATO defense? Germany says no.

access_timeMar 20,2017 chat_bubble_outline39

Yahoo News Germany has flatly rejected a claim President Trump tweeted on Saturday morning, when he wrote that Germany owes “vast sums” of money to NATO and the United States for underspending. “There is no debt account at NATO,” German Defense...

Does Trump's budget really propose gutting Meals on Wheels?

access_timeMar 17,2017 chat_bubble_outline68

Yahoo News For many seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities, Meals on Wheels is a lifeline. “If it wasn’t for Meals on Wheels, I would go hungry,” Diane Burnett, a disabled woman in Los Angeles, told CBS Local, adding, “It’s security. The...

What does Trump's 2005 tax return reveal?

access_timeMar 15,2017 chat_bubble_outline21

Yahoo News Throughout the campaign and into the White House, President Trump has refused to publicly release his tax returns. In 2005, the documents indicate, Mr. Trump reported an income of $153 million and paid $36.5 million in income taxes. ...

Threats to China’s One Belt, One Road initiative, Latin America’s declining left, The shifting role of journalism, What does Trump mean for US role in the world?, Will ‘Scoxit’ follow ‘Brexit’?

access_timeMar 11,2017 chat_bubble_outline23

Yahoo News “Troubled ports in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, envisioned as part of China’s string of pearls linking the Eurasian heartland to the Middle Kingdom, exemplify political pitfalls that threaten Beijing’s ambitious One Belt, One Road project...,”...

What does Tillerson's low profile mean for US leadership on human rights?

access_timeMar 04,2017 chat_bubble_outline51

Yahoo News It has come to be called the incredible shrinking State Department in the month since Rex Tillerson took the reins as secretary of state. Traditionally the secretary of State has publicly unveiled the document – which issues a kind of...

Trump administration says US may defy WTO rulings: What does that mean?

access_timeMar 02,2017 chat_bubble_outline33

Yahoo News On Wednesday night, the Trump administration released the 2017 Trade Policy Agenda to the public. The document, which was also sent to Congress, outlines a new approach to trade, with a focus on tougher bilateral trade deals which...

Does Vietnam have 50 young self-made dollar millionaires?

access_timeMar 02,2017 chat_bubble_outline43

Vietnamnet - The Vietnamese representative for Facebook has made a shocking revelation that 50 young people, aged 19-20, have become self-made dollar millionaires....

Guaranteed paycheck: Does a 'basic income' encourage laziness?

access_timeMar 01,2017 chat_bubble_outline39

Yahoo News What would you do with a modest paycheck that showed up monthly, regardless of employment: Retire early? This question lies at the heart of the growingly popular but contentious topic of Universal Basic Income (UBI), which proposes...

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