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Image : Why Nikki Haley's outlier status is useful for White House – up to a point

Why Nikki Haley's outlier status is useful for White House – up to a point

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Yahoo News What made the unvarnished criticism noteworthy was that it came not from the nation’s chief diplomat, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, nor from a State Department statement, but from the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley.

Image : 'Band of Brothers' veteran Edward Tipper dies in Colorado

'Band of Brothers' veteran Edward Tipper dies in Colorado

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Yahoo News LAKEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — Edward Tipper, a World War II paratrooper who was portrayed in the HBO series "Band of Brothers," has died. He was 95.

Image : Dear Zindagi movie review: Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan film is a kitchen sink ...

Dear Zindagi movie review: Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan film is a kitchen sink ...

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Dear Zindagi movie review: Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan film is a kitchen sink ... Dear Zindagi movie review: Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan film is a kitchen sink talkathon. Dear Zindagi movie review: Both Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt show spark but the

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Bomb in Egypt capital kills six police

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Bomb in Egypt capital kills six police

Cairo (AFP) - A bombing killed six policemen at a checkpoint in Cairo on Friday, the latest in a series of attacks in the capital targeting security forces and officials, state media reported.

The attack occurred in the western Talibiya neighbourhood of the capital, shortly before Muslim Friday prayers and when Cairo's streets are mostly empty, state television reported.

The bloodied bodies of several policemen could be seen at the blast site next to police vehicles that had been stationed there, an AFP photographer reported.

Police cordoned off the area with yellow tape as they searched for more explosives.

Militants have repeatedly attacked policemen and soldiers since the army overthrew Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013 and unleashed a bloody crackdown on his followers.

Most of the attacks are conducted in the Sinai Peninsula by a branch of the Islamic State group, which has killed hundreds of soldiers and policemen there.

But militants have also targeted security forces and government officials in the capital.

An Egyptian judge in one of the trials of Morsi, who was detained after his ouster, escaped unharmed last month when a car bomb exploded as he drove by.

That attack came days after a roadside bombing targeting a police convoy killed a passerby.

In September, militants set off a car bomb as the country's deputy state prosecutor was passing. He too escaped unharmed.

Most of the Cairo attacks in recent months have been claimed by two little known militant groups, Lawaa al-Thawra and the Hassam Movement.

Police say they are affiliated with Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood movement, which was banned months after his overthrow and listed as a terrorist organisation.

The Brotherhood, which espoused grassroots work and change through elections, denies it is involved in violence.

The group had been the country's largest opposition movement under veteran strongman Hosni Mubarak and dominated polls after his overthrow in 2011.

In 2012, it won a presidential election with its candidate, Morsi, whose divisive rule led to mass protests a year later that prompted the army to overthrow him.

Hundreds of his supporters were killed in protest clashes with police and the army in the following months.

The Brotherhood now operates as an underground and splintered movement, with some of its followers believed to have embraced attacks against policemen while others insist on non-violence.

Friday's bombing came days after the interior ministry said police killed three members of the Hassam Movement in the country's south, and weeks after it announced breaking up one of the group's cells.

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Having trouble getting a job as an older worker? This woman has some advice.

Two years ago, Elizabeth White hit a wall.For years she’d earned a six-digit income. Work was easy to find; she has a Master of Business Administration from Harvard and a master’s in international studies from Johns Hopkins University.But then everything changed. Organizations weren’t responding to her job applications. They weren’t impressed she’d worked for the World Bank and had run her own retail business. Would Google hire you? 10 test questions to find out [/url]"… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Ex-US president George H.W. Bush hospitalized: reports

Washington (AFP) - Former US president George H.W. Bush has been hospitalized yet again in Houston, local media reported Wednesday.The 92-year-old, who has seen his share of recent health incidents, had fallen ill but was in stable condition and "doing fine," his chief of staff Jean Becker told the Houston Chronicle.The former president was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital and is expected to return home in several days, although the reason for his hospitalization was not provided,… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Man who set Saigon house on fire admits being high on meth

A big crowd gathers on Bui Vien Street to watch the incident. Photo by VnExpress The man who set his house in Ho Chi Minh City's backpacker precinct on fire on Sunday has finally admitted that he used methamphetamine before committing the act. Nguyen Van Canh, 36, first told the police that he burnt a piece of paper and unintentionally caused the fire. But police ordered a drug test and the man eventually confessed that he had used the illegal drug. The test confirmed this. Canh lives with… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Birthplace of Rosetta Probe's Comet Pinned Down

The comet that Europe's Rosetta spacecraft orbited for more than two years was probably born in the realm of icy bodies beyond Neptune, a new study suggests.New analyses of the orbit of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko — on which Rosetta intentionally crash-landed on Sept. 30, ending the probe's historic mission — trace the object's origins back to the Kuiper Belt, whose most famous denizen is Pluto."These results come from computations of the comet's orbit from the present to the past, which is… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Police arrest man in New York City tourist stabbing

NEW YORK (AP) — Police have arrested a suspect in the random stabbing of a tourist in New York City earlier this month.Twenty-three-year-old Connor Rasmussen, of Puyallup (pyoo-AL'-up), Washington, was stabbed in the back of the head on Dec. 18.Police announced the arrest Wednesday of 20-year-old Steven Tlapanco on charges of attempted murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon.Rasmussen was attacked in the early morning hours, just blocks from popular tourist spots including… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

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