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Image : Vietnam among 18 countries where you don't have to leave a tip

Vietnam among 18 countries where you don't have to leave a tip

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Vietnam is one of 18 countries in the world where leaving a tip is optional, according to Business Insider, a US business and entertainment website.

Image : What Would You Do for $100 000 Prank - Social Experiment

What Would You Do for $100 000 Prank - Social Experiment

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What would you do for $100k? Amazing Response . JoeySalads asked Hot Girls what they would do with $100,000. Would they give him a blowJob or a fu*k.

Image : Cape Town's gay mosque provides rare haven

Cape Town's gay mosque provides rare haven

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Friday prayers at the People's Mosque in Cape Town looks like any other around the Islamic world, except in this South African city the imam is openly gay and the teaching promotes homosexual rights. It is a stance that provokes outrage from many

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US trade tsar warns scrapping TPP carries 'serious costs'

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US trade tsar warns scrapping TPP carries 'serious costs'

Lima (AFP) - US Trade Representative Michael Froman warned of "serious" strategic and economic costs from scrapping a major trans-Pacific trade deal Friday, as proponents lobbied hard to overcome president-elect Donald Trump's opposition.

Acknowledging that the fate of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, or TPP, is now largely out of the Obama administration's hands, Froman indicated he would continue to make the case that the deal is good for America.

"We are obviously at a point in time where this is a legislative process to get TPP through and it's really up to the Congressional leadership to determine if, when and how it's going to move forward," he said. "It's a political decision for them to make."

"Our argument is that inaction poses serious costs" he added, citing a recent study suggesting failure would cost the US economy around $94 billion in the first year alone.

Trade deals such as TPP and the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement featured heavily in the brutal US election campaign and many see Trump's victory as a repudiation of ever-deeper commercial ties.

Neither Trump nor his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton supported TPP during the campaign.

Free-trade supporters say the deals were made a scapegoat for the social and economic disruptions caused by automation and other far more potent trends.

"Globalization is a factor in our life, it's not going away," Froman said.

Some are still holding out a flicker of hope that pragmatism will trump the mogul's tough anti-trade rhetoric when he gets to the Oval Office.

The real estate billionaire's inexperience and seemingly divergent policy positions have led many in Washington to treat the president-elect as a blank canvas for their priorities, hoping he can be persuaded of the benefits.

Allies of the president-elect, including some in Congress and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, have voiced support for the deal.

"It's only been ten days since the election," Froman said. "Any new administration needs time to go through the transition process, appoint its people, get briefed up on the state of current policy and to make their decisions about where they want to go from here."

Some envisage the reopening of negotiations that would allow Trump to play dealmaker and claim to improve the pact.

Leaders of TPP countries are scheduled to meet in Lima, Peru on Saturday on the margins of an Asia-Pacific summit.

But some signatories are already looking at whether a Chinese-backed trade agreement might be more feasible than the Washington-led deal.

"TPP is obviously not the only game in town," Froman said. "It's a real risk that's playing out in real time."

Many believe a successful Chinese pact would strike major blow to US influence in the fast-rising region.

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Bomb kills 12 Iraq civilians fleeing Hawijah: officials

Kirkuk (Iraq) (AFP) - A bomb blast on Friday killed 12 civilians, among them women and children, who had fled the jihadist-held Hawijah area in northern Iraq, officials said.The deaths highlight the extreme danger faced by civilians trying to flee areas held by the Islamic State group, who may be targeted by the jihadists as they seek to escape and then have to navigate bombs the militants have planted.Hawijah is a town in Iraq's Kirkuk province that was seized by IS along with swathes of other… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

‘Heartbroken’ Hillary supporter goes for hike, spots Clinton doing the same thing

A “heartbroken” Hillary Clinton supporter decided to take her daughter for a hike in New York’s Westchester County on Thursday, a day after Donald Trump’s stunning victory over the former secretary of state in the presidential election. And she got quite a shock as they were coming off the wooded trail.“I’ve been feeling so heartbroken since yesterday’s election and decided what better way to relax than take my girls hiking,” Margot Gerster wrote on Facebook. “So I decided to take them to one… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Logistics key to Mekong Delta’s development: Deputy PM Hue

It was one of a series of conferences on a wide range of themes such as infrastructure development, climate change response and agricultural chains held in the past seven months aimed at developing the region. The deputy PM said the region possessed great potential for logistics development with an extensive network of waterways, but that currently up to 70% of goods for export must be transported to Ho Chi Minh by road, causing costs to soar. The strong growth of air passenger and freight… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Gov't announces new steps to protect airline consumers

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Transportation Department is proposing that airlines be required to refund fees when checked bags are substantially delayed.Among other steps to protect consumers, the department says it's issuing a rule that would force airlines to report flight delays by all the planes that fly under their banner. Major carriers haven't been including flights operated by regional carriers for the larger airline in their performance reports to the government. Consumer advocates say that… chat_bubble_outline Read More...

Man with knife, garrote arrested at Trump Tower

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